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Samsung Q60C Smart Qled TV: If you are looking for a television that offers a realm of visual enhancement, you might want to check out the Samsung Q60C Smart QLED TV. This is one of the best QLED TVs in India in 2023, according to our extensive testing and review. In this blog, we will give you a detailed and honest overview of this product, covering its features, performance, pros and cons. 

We will also compare it with the previous model and help you decide if it is worth your money. So, let’s get started with the newly launched Samsung Q60C TV review.


(QN55Q60C, 2023 Model)

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₹ 77,990



VM-One Rating


Connectivity Options

Box Content- Samsung Q60C Smart Qled TV

> In The Box

Ensure that all the things mentioned below are included in the box of the Samsung Q60C TV. You may also note that the items specified may vary depending on the geographical area.

  • Samsung 4K QLED TV
  • User Manual 
  • Warranty Card  
  • Samsung Smart Remote 
  • Remote Control & Batteries 
  • TV Power Cord 
  • Wall Mount Adapter x 2

Design & Build- Best QLED TV in India 2023

The Samsung Q60C Smart QLED TV has a fantastic look and design with minimal bezels, giving it a premium look, which is undoubtedly commendable. The design and build are so nominal that they practically blend into your walls. The TV design is perfect to leave an impression behind with its streamlined body and the legs so narrow that you cannot witness them. As you may also note, the legs of this TV are adjustable.

> Bezels

You get to see almost no bezels, which means Samsung Q60C Smart QLED TV have no to negligible bezels. Samsung calls it an air-slim bezel-less design that stands independently and you cannot see any hindrance of bezels on your TV. Talking about the design of the body, you can see the Samsung branding in the centre, which has a little bezel, which is completely fine.

Bezels-Samsung Q60C Smart Qled TV

> Body and Back

Overall, the body of this Samsung QLED TV 55 inch is made up of good quality, sturdy, and durable plastic. The back of the TV has a brushed look and it is made of plastic. 

Front Body-best qled TV in India 2023
Front Body
Back Body-best qled TV in India 2023
Back Body

> Stands

Samsung Q60C Smart QLED TV comes with a table mounting option, and you get sturdy stands made of plastic in the box itself. Table-mount your TV to give your living space a more modern and sophisticated look. However, the overall quality of the TV is average.


> Remote Control

The solar remote that comes with the Samsung QLED 4K TV is the perfect epitome of easier control and a greener future, as Samsung likes to depict it. Talking about the remote, you get various hotkeys decked up on the remote- Netflix, Amazon Prime, Samsung TV+, and Disney Hotstar. It is a solar-powered remote control that is not bad at all.  

You no longer have to use those harmful disposable batteries that are bad for our planet. The easiest swift is the solar remote, which comes with a solar back.  All that you have to do to charge the remote with solar energy by placing the solar panel side of the remote upwards. It can be done in a room that has lights on or in the natural sunlight. 

Not to mention, the remote has built-in voice control support via the Samsung Bixby, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant platforms.

Remote control

Connectivity Options- Samsung QLED 4K TV

The best Samsung QLED 4K TV has multiple connectivity options, making entertainment consumption much more hassle-free and convenient. You can easily find all the connectivity options at the back of the TV. The connectivity options provided are as follows:

Connectivity Options- Samsung QLED 4K TV
Connectivity Options

> Ports

You get 3 HDMI ports of which, port two has a 2.1 eARC connection, along with 2 USB ports, and a digital optical audio output. Some other interesting connectivity options that you can witness in the Samsung Q60C Smart QLED TV are the antenna output and LAN for connecting to the internet.

  • USB: You may use this port to playback media files or record live TV by connecting a USB drive or other device to the TV.
  • Optical: You may send digital audio data to an outside sound system using an optical connection connected to the TV.
  • Headphone: You may use this port to discreetly listen to sounds on the TV while wearing headphones or earbuds.
  • Ethernet: By connecting an Ethernet connection to the TV, you may use this port to access the internet.

> Wireless

Also, you get Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.2 under the category of wireless connections that you get with Samsung QLED TV 55 inch. It supports Bluetooth 5.2 and has dual-band Wifi support making things more considerable and approachable. 

> App

According to the newly launched Samsung Q60C Smart QLED TV review, this TV delivers a crystal-clear and immersive viewing experience. Further, the best QLED TV in India 2023, is equipped with SmartThings app to let you monitor and connect your smart devices and appliances directly from a smartphone. This app ensures that you experience hassle free operations of your home devices via built-in hub.

> Software

Similar to the other Samsung higher models, you get the same old Tizen OS in this Samsung Q60C TV but with a few changes. It has a simpler interface with fewer animations and is user-friendly. You can watch a variety of shows and movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+Hotstar, YouTube, and more. In addition, you can enjoy free content with Samsung TV Plus including over 100 channels of live and on-demand content. 

Intelligent mode settings or the room correction feature is not part of the Samsung Q60C TV’s interface. Additionally, navigating the menus feels smooth and easy.

NOTE: This TV was bought by us in August and we started filming its True View in November. After doing the Samsung Q60C TV review, we got to know about the exact quality of this TV. Since then, the TV has been updated 2 times, which has made the interface faster, unlike the other Samsung TVs.   

About Panel- Best TV under 60000

You get an 8-BIT FRC VA ELED Panel. It is an ELED panel with a peak brightness of 415 nits. The TV has a good QLED panel with dual LED backlighting. So, when Samsung makes premium range QLED TVs, they give you two types of LEDs- one is normally white and the other one is yellow. Because of this, you get a good colour range because in one basic colour be it red, blue, or green, you get a lot of variations. The variation of colour is better because of the dual LED. 

Dual LED is an innovative and accurate technology that automatically adapts according to the content you are consuming to offer accurate and sharp contrast. The TV being a VA panel has a good contrast ratio, which came to be 3760:1 in our testing. And anything between 3700:1- and 3800:1 is a good contrast ratio. 

NOTE: Although the contrast ratio was not declared by Samsung, we found it in our testing.

Color Gamet of Display
Brightness Test-best 4K TV 55 inch
Brightness Test

Picture Quality- Best 4K TV 55 Inch

The best Samsung QLED 4K TV is a smart TV that delivers a crystal-clear and immersive viewing experience. The Samsung Q60C has some of the best picture quality under this price range.

> Colour Optimization

The colours portrayed in this are rich because of the contrast, to see good colours you need good contrast. The contrast is very important to show you the natural colours. 

  • The colours of this TV are nice and poppy, the colours are vibrant and lively. 
  • The colours are not natural and it is quite clear. The colours are a bit oversaturated. We particularly could witness the oversaturation of blue in the basic out-of-the-box profile, which is alright. 

In DCI-P3 testing which is validated by the VDE organization, it has 100% colour volume. But in our testing, the results were not the same. It is 100% sRGB, but when we checked the DCI-P3 it was 86% not 100%.

Generally, when we go to the premium range of Samsung TVs we expect the colours to be natural, but we cannot see that in this TV.  

As per our Samsung Q60C TV review, the colour optimization is such that you witness no banding. We tested it in the difficult of the difficult scenes and we can surely say that in case of banding, it is improved from the previous model.

> Colour Saturation

We cannot say that the colours of this TV are natural, as you can see the oversaturation of colours. Particularly, we found the prominent oversaturation of the blue colour which is the basic out-of-the-box profile. In the premium range of QLED TVs, we expect a natural colour profile.

Colour Saturation-best qled TV in India 2023
Colour Saturation

> Blacks

Because of the brilliant contrast ratio, the blacks of this TV are equally nice and you can experience the deepest blacks, so you can always expect good things from this TV.

Blacks-best TV under 60000

> Features

The Samsung TV is also Pantone-validated for Colour Fidelity, not to mention that the Samsung Q60C TV is the world’s first TV to receive this validation. The colour fidelity ensures that you experience a more accurate and hassle-free watching experience. 

> High Dynamic Range

You get HDR, HDR 10+, HDR 10+ Adaptive, and HLG support in this panel. This TV does not support Dolby Vision like other Samsung TVs.

Saying that HDR 10+ is a video format made by Samsung we expect it to enjoy the best in Samsung TVs, which was not the case with this TV. 

OTT Performance- Samsung Q60C Smart Qled TV

The OTT apps are pre-downloaded in the Samsung TV plus, you cannot expect anything extravagant. You’ll see all the downloaded apps and its tiles, also you get free suggestions and some free live channels.

Amazon Prime

Video Format Support

We found in the Samsung Q60C TV review, that it supports all the video formats except for Dolby Vision. Not to mention that the Samsung Q60C can play Dolby Vision content. Further, the HDR capabilities of the Samsung Q60C are not as good as you might want them to be. Because of this, you cannot see the details and variations. But overall it is alright. You can watch the HDR content with this kind of brightness.

> Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, YouTube

The content that we played on Amazon Prime was not clear and we expect Samsung’s premium range TVs to offer that clarity. On the other hand, when we played Dolby Vision content on Netflix, it performed wonderfully.

STB Performance- Best QLED TV in India 2023

If we connect the set-top box to this TV and look at normal SD channels, then we don’t find any problem with the picture quality. 

Talking about the HDR Tone Mapping and Quantum HDR, the tone mapping feature in this Samsung TV is beautiful. This means that the TV optimises the colour scene by scene. The details in the shadows, the details in the bright scenes because of which you will get an amazing visual experience are just stunning. 

Any TV that goes beyond 450 nits has the best upscaling capabilities and this TV only has 415 nits. But it has the benefits of HDR Tone Mapping, which do make up for its low brightness in many places.

STB Performance- Best QLED TV in India 2023
STB Performance 2- Best QLED TV in India 2023

> SD & HD Channels

  • The content played on SD channels is not good enough to make you satisfied, because of the upscaling done by Samsung in the HDR content. 
  • The upscaling capabilities in HD channels are really impressive. And you won’t experience any inconvenience of any sort.        


It has 20W down-firing speakers with a Q Symphony feature. When the adaptive sound is turned on, it is not as good as the amplified sound. The overall audio quality of this TV is quite satisfactory, but nothing extraordinary.

> Audio Quality Overall

The sound profile of this TV is moderate and well-balanced, referring to all the dialogue delivery being crisp and clear. The sound is not very loud, you can definitely consider connecting a good soundbar with this Samsung QLED 4K TV if you are someone who enjoys loud audio.

> TV with a Soundbar experience

The TV comes with good audio quality but if you are someone who is expecting or wants a cinematic experience from the Samsung QLED TV 55 inch then consider opting for a good soundbar.

Gaming Experience- Samsung QLED 4K TV

A perfect option for all the average gamers out there, the TV offers Auto Low Latency Mode because of which you get a good gaming experience. Also, the presence of HGiG support makes sure you get an HDR gaming experience. We have no complaints about the gaming modes of this TV.

Gaming Experience- Samsung QLED 4K TV
Gaming Experience

Let’s find out if this TV is downscaled or upgraded from the previous model-Q60B

  • The audio quality of the Samsung Q60B was 40W, whereas the Samsung Q60C TV comes with 20W audio.
  • The predecessor of Samsung Q60C QLED TV offered Dolby Atmos which is not the case in the present model.
  • The gaming features provided in the Q60C model are comparatively less than the Samsung Q60B TV. You don’t get HDR 10+ gaming anymore.
  • The Samsung QLED 4K TV has a Motion Xcelerator but the Samsung Q60B TV has Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro.

 All-in-all, the predecessor of Samsung Q60C i.e Samsung Q60B still stands as a better choice as it has better features.

Warranty & Guarantee- Best TV under 60000

The best QLED TV in India 2023, the Samsung Q60C Smart QLED TV comes with a one-year comprehensive warranty on the product and an additional warranty on panel provided by the brand from the date of purchase.

Pros & Cons - (Detailed)

  • The blacks are very good with an excellent contrast ratio of 3800:1. Samsung is the master in offering the best of the best blacks. Needless to say, the blacks of the Samsung Q60C TV are impressive.
  • Due to the rich contrast, you get variations in colours and blacks.
  • ELED panels are Samsung’s speciality, this is a fantastic ELED panel because of which you get to see good colours. The colour response of the panel is nice.
  • The HDR10+ performance is impressive. Even though it doesn’t come with the support of Dolby Vision format, still, it performed really well when we played the Dolby Vision content on Netflix during the newly launched Samsung Q60C Smart QLED TV Review.
  • There was no motion blur or motion lag on this TV.
  • The gaming experience that TV provides is awesome with the ALLM and HGiG support.
  • The audio quality is good, we have no complaints regarding the audio quality although it could have been better.
  • We bought the Samsung QLED TV 55 inch for Rs. 84,000 from the official website of Samsung, which is not value for money.
  • With fewer features than the predecessor, the features in the present model are toned down and it is not worth the money we are paying.
  • Due to the lack of brightness, the TV does not perform that well in darker scenes.

Key Specs


  • Air Slim design 
  • Plastic Body
  • Plastic Stand


  • 8.8″D x 48.5″W x 29.4″H


  • 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)
  • Refresh Rate 60 Hz
  • Motion Xcelerator Technology
  • MEMC


  • HDR
  • HDR 10+
  • HDR 10+ Adaptive 
  • HLG Support


  • Tizen OS 
  • App Casting
  • Alexa, Google Voice Assistant; & Bixby


  • Quantum Dot technology 
  • Quantum Processor LIte 
  • Motion Xcelerator 
  • Dual LED 
  • Object Tracking Sound Lite 
  • Samsung Gaming Hub 
  • Multiple Voice Assistants


  • Samsung Gaming Hub 
  • ALLM 
  • HGiG

RAM & Storage

  • 2 GB RAM & 8 GB Storage
  • Free 2 GB


  • OTS Lite
  • Q-Symphony 
  • Bluetooth 
  • Adaptive Sound


  • HDMI
  • USB
  • Ethernet
  • Bluetooth

Samsung Q60C Smart Qled TV

      ₹ 77,990

Price-Samsung Q60C Smart Qled TV

The Samsung Q60C Smart QLED TV comes at an affordable price of 77,990/- and offers great features and performance.

Price-Samsung Q60C Smart Qled TV
Samsung Q60C Smart Qled TV

Final Verdict- Best 4K TV 55 Inch

Samsung Q60C Smart Qled TV: After going through the entire blog it can be said that the Samsung Q60C TV has to be a considerable choice under the category of the best TV under 60000. But, we don’t think that the TV is value for money as the previous model performs equally well. If you have a higher budget you can consider other TVs that are available in the market. Also, if you found this write-up interesting and helpful, refer to our other blogs on our website. Lastly, for any queries or suggestions feel free to drop your comments below.

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FAQs- Best QLED TV in India 2023

You should consider buying Samsung QLED TVs if you want clear image quality or AI to enhance the picture quality of the content you are consuming. Another great reason to go for Samsung QLED TV is the sharp contrast and true blacks. 

Samsung Q60C was launched in 2023.

The current price of the Samsung Q60C is Rs. 63,990. However, the price is subject to change.

When comparing Hisense and Samsung, it ultimately depends on the individual’s requirement. Both brands offer a range of TV models with varying features and performance levels.

The major difference between Samsung Q60C and Samsung Q70C is that Q70C is a gaming TV whereas Q60C is a 4K TV with 60 Hz gaming.


















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