Samsung Crystal Vision 4K Smart TV Review: Escape to the World of Entertainment


Samsung Crystal Vision 4K Smart TV: Are you ready to experience a world of visual entertainment filled with stunning clarity and vibrant colours? With the Samsung Crystal Vision 4K Smart TV, one can immerse in a truly captivating viewing experience and immerse oneself in the beauty of lifelike visuals. The existence of bona fide Crystal Vision technology enhances every detail and nook, bringing out the true essence of every scene.

With this best 4K TV under 40000, users can quickly discover their preferred streaming services and experience a wealth of material right at their fingertips courtesy of its smart capabilities. So, put an end to dull and flat visuals and get ready to plunge into the realm of augmented entertainment with the Samsung Crystal Vision 4K Smart TV. In this blog, let us together find out whether all the claims made by the brand are actually correct or it is yet another marketing strategy. 




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Connectivity Options

Box Content-Samsung Crystal Vision 4K Smart TV

>In The Box

  • LED TV (1 No.)
  • Power Cord (1 No.)
  • Remocon (1 No.)
  • Stand Left (1 No.)
  • Remote (1 No.)

Design & Build-Samsung Crystal Vision UHD TV

The Samsung Crystal Vision UHD TV is a sleek and contemporary television with a narrow bezel and a clean, sophisticated appearance that fits in with any space. The stand and body of the TV are both made of robust plastic, which ensures durability.

This model is available in various sizes, ranging from 43 to 65 inches, to fit your needs and available space. The 55-inch model has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and supports Ultra HD (4K).

Design & Build-Samsung Crystal Vision UHD TV
Design & Build


The frame design is similar to Samsung Crystal Vision, the thin frames are very precise, the Samsung Crystal Vision 4K 55 inch TV frames are negligible. You can see the subtle branding on the bezels of Samsung Crystal Vision UHD TV.


>Body and Back

The body and back of the Samsung Crystal Vision 4K Smart TV are made of plastic, with a matte black finish. Additionally, the back body incorporates a cable management system that neatly conceals the wires behind the stand.

Front Body-Samsung Crystal Vision 4K Smart TV
Front Body
Back Body


The Samsung Crystal Vision 4K iSmart series does come with a stand, which is made up of plastic. You can conveniently use the stand to table mount your TV. The V-shaped stands ensure that the TV stands securely.

Stands-Samsung Crystal Vision 4K iSmart series

>Wall Mount

Not only can the TV be table mounted, but you can also wall mount it by following the guidance given in the user manual, that too is equipped in the box itself.

>Remote Control

A remote with voice assistance features is equipped with this TV, unlike the Samsung Crystal iSmart. Additionally, it comes with solar charging. The remote control is decked up with necessary hotkeys: Samsung TV Plus, Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, and Prime Video.

Connectivity Options-Samsung Crystal Vision 4K iSmart Series

The multiple connectivity options this provides make the TV more accessible and hassle-free. You can simply connect all your devices to the TV and enjoy your favourite content using these options. Not only can you connect the wired devices, but the wireless devices can also be connected conveniently in Samsung Crystal Vision 4K iSmart series.

Connectivity Ports


All the connectivity options are provided on the right side at the back of the Samsung Crystal Vision TV. 

  • The HDMI 1 port which also supports (an enhanced Audio Return channel) can be used to connect the external sound system to the TV. 
  • The presence of HDMI 2 allows ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), allowing you to connect your game consoles and experience a lag-free game. 
  • If you want to enjoy HDR gaming then connect your game console via HDMI 3; it is there to enhance your visuals.


The wireless connectivity options make the TV more approachable because it’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi other wireless connectivity options that make it easier for you to connect your device easily to the TV. 

The SmartThings app allows you to use your smartphone to control the TV and other connected devices. With an optional smart grid camera, you can make video chats on the TV using the Google Meet app.

  • USB: You may use this port to playback media files or record live TV by connecting a USB drive or other device to the TV.
  • Optical: You may send digital audio data to an outside sound system using an optical connection connected to the TV.
  • Headphone: You may use this port to discreetly listen to sounds on the TV while wearing headphones or earbuds.
  • Ethernet: The presence of the ethernet port makes the Samsung Crystal Vision TVseamlessly integrate with the internet service provider.


Tizen OS, a smart platform that enables you to browse and view content from multiple streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, YouTube, and more, powers the Samsung Crystal iSmart UHD TV 2023. Additionally, you have access to Samsung TV Plus, a no-cost subscription with over 100 channels of live and on-demand content. The GameFly app allows you to download and play games on your TV.

Software/ Tech Features & OS


Samsung Crystal UHD TV under 50000 runs on Tizen OS, which is a fast and friendly operating system that allows you to access various applications and content. Easily navigate menus and settings with  Smart Hub,  a one-stop solution for all your entertainment needs. You can also customise the Smart Hub to your liking and access your favourite programs and channels with one click.  You get the ability to see live channels too for free. 

One of the most impressive features of this TV is the built-in IoT hub with Calm Onboarding, which allows you to seamlessly sync Samsung devices as well as third-party and IoT devices to the TV. Additionally, with IoT Hub, you can control your smart home device, check your health data, the weather, and more. You can also use Smooth Onboarding to set up your device quickly and easily. 

The new Samsung 55-inch 4k Smart TV 2023 model also supports several voice assistants such as Bixby, Alexa, and Google Assistant. You can use your voice to search for content, check TV settings, ask questions, and more. You can also switch between different voice assistants according to your preferences.


About Panel-Best 4K TV under 40000

The Samsung Crystal Vision 55-inch TV 2023 is 4K Ultra HD and has 8 BIT FRC VA ELED panels, which is excellent. Compared to the previous versions, Samsung has significantly optimised the panel’s performance. The TV’s resolution is 3840 x 2160, with a 60 Hz refresh rate. Simply put, the refresh rate is the number of times the display resets the image per second. The higher your display’s refresh rate, the less time will pass between each individual video frame being displayed on the screen. The ELED panel of this TV is very good, but the brightness of the panel is significantly low.

>Brightness level

When we tested the brightness of the TV, the peak HDR brightness of this TV came to 230 nits. Because of this, you also get a lot of video format support- HDR, HDR 10+, and HLG.

Brightness Level

Picture Quality-Samsung TV under 40000

The picture quality of the TV does not have a lot to offer; you won’t encounter a lot of details in this TV, because of the low brightness that this TV portrays. 

>Colour Optimisation

The colour optimisation of the Samsung Crystal Vision UHD TV is not satisfactory. As the details are not very clear, they will not show you the variation in the picture. You cannot expect a cinematic experience with this TV. When we tested the colour optimisation of this TV, it was disappointing. 


The quality of black in this Samsung 55 inch TV is good, experiencing quality black due to the impressive contrast ratio. But, the details in the black, the variation in it, and also the dark and light of the black are not visible. The reason being the same, a low brightness panel of the TV.

>Colour Saturation

All three colours in the TV are oversaturated, particularly we found that the oversaturation of blue is peculiar. You may also know that whenever the blue colour of the TV is oversaturated, it seems that the panel is very bright because of the illusion that our eyes get. But we need to understand that a TV with 230 nits brightness cannot perform well.

Colour Saturation-Samsung Crystal Vision 4K iSmart series
Colour Saturation


The TV claims to have a Crystal 4K processor, a Dynamic Contrast Enhancer, and Live Colour, but all these features are just another marketing gimmick as there are no improvements in the picture quality. 


You can’t expect a good HDR in this Samsung Crystal Vision 4K Smart TV because of the low brightness displayed on this TV. Because of this, you cannot see the details and the variations in the colour.

OTT Performance-Samsung Crystal Vision 4K Smart TV

The OTT apps are pre-downloaded in this Samsung Crystal Vision 4K iSmart series, not to mention that you cannot make a lot of changes and a lot of customisation cannot be done in this TV. There is limited suggested content in this OS, and this is a very common thing in all the Samsung TVs. 

Amazon Prime-best 4K TV under 40000
Amazon Prime
Netflix-best 4K TV under 40000

Video Format Support

The Samsung Crystal Vision 4K Smart TV supports all video formats because of its low brightness. It supports HDR 10 and HLG. The TV does not support Dolby Vision but can play Dolby Vision content like any other TV, even a 32-inch TV that does not support Dolby Vision can play Dolby Vision content equally nicely. But you won’t enjoy the content that much.

>Other Features

  • You can use Microsoft Office 360 on this TV through your laptop. 
  • The ALLM in the TV is good for gamers who face negligible lags for about 8-9 hours, which makes this TV appropriate for an average gamer.

STB Performance-Samsung Crystal Vision UHD TV

The picture quality of the SD & HD channels is just average, as Samsung is expected to deliver good HD channel performance. Not to mention, solely on the basis of good SD & HD channel capabilities, we cannot recommend this Samsung Crystal Vision 4K Smart TV.

STB Performance 1
STB Performance 2-Samsung Crystal Vision UHD TV
STB Performance 2

Audio Quality-Samsung Crystal Vision 4K iSmart Series

A very special feature is included in this TV, which is a Q-symphony feature. Let us talk about the audio quality of this TV in detail.

>Speaker's wattage & audio format support

The 20W speaker is part of this TV and is enough to hear all the dialogues clearly. You don’t need to spike the volume levels by 80-90% to get a clear voice.

>Audio Quality Overall

The overall audio quality of Samsung Crystal Vision 4K Smart TV is satisfying. The sound of the TV is balanced and clear with decent bass and treble, efficient for small-sized rooms.

>TV with a Soundbar Experience

Although The Q-Symphony feature allows you to use both the TV speakers and the soundbar simultaneously, providing an immersive sound experience. The OBS Object Tracking Sound feature enables you to hear the sound from where the action is happening on the screen. Yet, 

If you are looking for a cinematic experience, you’ll have to connect your Samsung Crystal Vision 4K iSmart series with a good soundbar.

Warranty & Guarantee

You get a one-year comprehensive warranty on the product and a one-year additional warranty on the Panel, which is a good point on Samsung Crystal Vision 4K Smart TV.

Pros & Cons - (Detailed)

  • The ELED panel of this Samsung Crystal Vision 4K 55 inch TV is mind-blowing.
  • Although this Samsung Crystal Vision TV does not support Dolby Vision, you can play all the Dolby Vision content without any hassle.
  • In our testing, the contrast ratio came to be 3400:1, which is another great feature of this TV.
  • The low brightness level of this Samsung Vision TV disrupts the viewing experience.
  • The details in the blacks and the variations are not clear, because you need more brightness to show the variation and details in black.
  • The TV is not capable of showing HDR content.
  • All three colours are oversaturated in this TV, especially you will encounter the oversaturation of Blue, which gives the illusion of a bright panel.
  • Samsung Crystal Vision 4K Smart TV doesn’t support HGiG.

Key Specs


  • Slim bezels 
  • Plastic Stands


  • 3840 x 2160
  • 4K Ultra HD


  • Auto Low Latency Mode

Vedio Features

  • Crystal 4K Processor
  • Pur Color & Contrast Enhancer
  • Filmmaker Mode
  • PC on TV
  • Samsung TV Plus
  • Mega Contrast UHD Dimming
  • Smart Grid Camera (optional)


  • 8 BIT FRC VA DLED Panel
  • Peak HDR Brightness 350 Nits
  • HDR 10+, HDR10 and HLG Support
  • Contrast 3400:1


  • Tizen OS
  • Bixby, Alexa, Google Assistant

RAM & Storage

  • 2 GB RAM & 8 GB Storage
  • FREE 2.5 GB


  • 20W Speakers
  • Q-Symphony
  • OBS Object Tracking Sound
  • Buds Auto Switch
  • Adaptive Sound


  • 3 HDMI (1 eARC)
  • 1 USB
  • Optical
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Dual Band WiFi

Samsung Crystal Vision 4K Smart TV

      ₹ 45,490

Price-Best 4K TV under 40000

The Samsung Crystal Vision 4K Smart TV comes at an affordable price of  ₹ 45,490/- and offers a great value for its features and performance.

Final Verdict-Samsung Crystal Vision UHD TV

Here we come to the end of this blog, where we review the Samsung Crystal Vision 4K Smart TV, and tell you if it is worth your money or not. After reading the write-up you can tell that this TV is not recommended by us. But you can find a better smart TV in this price range with better features. For such explicit True-View, visit our website and also feel free to drop down your queries and suggestions in the comments below.

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There are many good and considerable options available in the market under 40,000. The Samsung Crystal iSmart can be one of the choices.

Read our blog to find some of the best smart TVs in India 2023 that too under a budget.

No, the Samsung Crystal Vision UHD TV is not worth buying, there are many good options in the market under this price range that can be considered. Read our blog above to know better. 


















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