Know How to Clean Your Air Conditioner Like a Genius
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Know How to Clean Your Air Conditioner Like a Genius

How to Clean Your Air Conditioner: Most homes across India have ACs, so knowing how to clean an air conditioner is a skill that many of us need to know—especially at this point of the year. As we approach the summer months, your thoughts may be turning towards switching on the air conditioner again and again, but thinking about how to clean your AC is a sensible step to take. Here, we give you a quick guide that will help you know how to self-clean your air conditioner.

Following these methods regularly could save you a lot of money in the long run – and ensure your AC runs smoothly during the season. Here’s what you need to know.

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Learn How to Clean Split Air Conditioner: How to Clean Your Air Conditioner

 Turn the Power Off

Before cleaning your air conditioner, you should ensure that you have removed its power supply. This will ensure your device remains safe and doesn’t suffer electrical damage.

Clean a Water Tank-How to Clean Your Air Conditioner

  Clean the Filters

The most accessible but most valuable step is cleaning your air conditioner filters when learning about how to clean split air conditioner. If you notice any signs of damage, we recommend removing them and buying new filters. 

To ensure good airflow, sanitize or replace the filters twice annually because dirt, hair, and dust can block them.”

Clean the Filters-How to Clean Your Air Conditioner

  Clean the Condenser Coils

Next, on our list of how to self clean air conditioners is to tackle the condenser coils. So first, remove the top and side panels to reach out to the AC’s condenser coil, and then use a soft brush or a special coil brush for the best results. However, warn that this step comes with extra caution.

The coils are extremely delicate, and even the small pressure can bend and damage them.”

Clean the Condenser Coils-How to Clean Your Air Conditioner

  Clear the Condenser

Condensers play a very important role in the cooling process; you must clear all leaves or trash that have found their way inside the air conditioner. Also out any excess water present inside the AC.

“Make sure that there aren’t any leaves or trash inside that can restrict the flow of your AC.

Clear the Condenser-Split Air Conditioner Cleaning

   Antifungal Spray

Further in the writeup on how to clean an air conditioner know about the antifungal spray for air conditioners. It helps prevent the growth of fungus in the machine’s inside components. Used to purify the coils and fins, where toxins are most likely to form.

“Make sure that spray sits for at least 5 minutes.”

Antifungal Spray-Split Air Conditioner Cleaning

   Flush the Drain Lines

When everything is done properly, we remove the indoor pipe from the outside AC units. Then, we use a pressured flush kit to clear all the obstructions in the drain line.

Flush the Drain Lines-Self-Clean Air Conditioner

   Auto Clean Air Conditioner

It cleans and dries the inside of the indoor air conditioner unit. To keep the air conditioner in healthy condition and maintain the purity of the air in your home.

“ That mode option is not for every air conditioner; It works on specific ones.”

Auto Clean Air Conditioner-How to Clean Your Air Conditioner

   Test Your Results

After learning about split air conditioner cleaning and working on it ensure that all the air conditioner units are dry, that no components are lost, and that they work properly.

Test Your Results-How to Clean Your Air Conditioner

   Clean the Exterior

Finally, give that AC a refreshing makeover by wiping it down outside. This goes for your outdoor air conditioning unit, too. Remember to brush away dust, leaves, and trash regularly and keep it clear of objects that can obstruct its airflow.

Clean the Exterior- How to Clean Your Air Conditioner

Tips to Maintain Your Air Conditioner: How to Clean Your Air Conditioner

  • Cleaning or replacing the air filter regularly helps to increase the air conditioner’s life.
  • Remember that all the windows and doors will be hooked tightly; otherwise, it will damage your air conditioner.
  • Before turning on the electricity, make sure every component of the air conditioner is clean. and efficiently. If you find this guide helpful and want to look into other educational “How-To’s,” visit our website. We are constantly adding a fresh technique and hints to help you find the best AC.
  • Regularly check the insulation around the copper pipes to ensure your air conditioner runs efficiently
  • Even the hot outdoor temperature can significantly impact your outdoor unit’s efficiency in cooling your home. Install some shade over the unit. However, make sure the shade doesn’t block airflow.
  • Conclusion: Split Air Conditioner Cleaning

    Clean an air conditioner is critical, especially before summer begins and scorching hot days become the norm. During the summer, your air conditioner works overtime, especially if you like staying cool by staying inside. So I hope you learned all the methods to clean the air conditioner. Let me show you some of the top air conditioners in 2024 that will help you make your choice more wisely

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     FAQs: Self-Clean Air Conditioner

    What’s the best way to clean an air conditioner?

     The detailed guide above provides quick and effective tips on cleaning your air cooler at home.

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