Samsung QE1C QLED 4K Smart TV Review: Is it Really Worth Buying?

Samsung Q1EC QLED 4K Smart TV Review: Samsung has recently launched its new TV in the market- the Samsung QE1C. This new television model has been deliberately positioned alongside the Samsung Frame TV. With this, Samsung’s marketing team suggests that, much like the Frame, the QE1 is a budget-friendly QLED wonder. 

But is that true? Is Samsung QE1 really this good? In order to check Samsung’s bold claim, we embarked on a quest to unravel the truth and after testing this TV for a hundred hours, we have finally discovered the truth. Do you want to know whether this TV is worth the purchase? Scroll down to find this Samsung TV under 60000!


100% Colour Volume with Quantum Dot
Quantum HDR
One-click voice assistant key
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Smart features and sleek design redefine home entertainmentExperience brilliance with Samsung QE1C QLED TV 55 inch (QA55QE1CAKLXL). Quantum Dot …
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Model Number






Screen Size



Bezel Less


‎2.57 x 123.21 x 70.83 cm

Screen Resolution




Special Features

Universal Guide, Media Home, Tap View, Mobile Camera Support, Music Wall, Easy Setup, App Casting, Wireless DeX, SmartThings, Smart Hub, Web Browser, Works with AI Speaker


Tizen OS

Operating System

Other OS

Video Features

Quantum Processor Lite 4K, Pantone Validated for Colour Fidelity, 100% Colour Volume DCI-P3 tested by VDE, 100% sRGB & 86% DCI P3, Dynamic Tone Mapping, Quantum HDR

Dolby Vision


Audio Format

20 W speakers, Q-Symphony, Adaptive Sound, OTS Lite

Dolby Audio/Atmos


HDMI Ports



3 HDMI, Bluetooth, Optical Port, Wi-fi

App or Wifi Support


Gaming TV


Box Components

1 QLED TV, 2 Table Stand Base, 1 Remote Control

Mounting Type

‎Wall Mount & Table Mount


‎14 kg 700 g


₹ 64,990


1 year warranty

VM-One Rating
8.2Expert Score
VM-One Rating

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Connectivity Options

Box Content: Samsung QE1C QLED 4K smart TV Review

In The Box

2 Table stand base
1 Remote control

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Design and Build – Samsung TV under 60000

The Samsung TV delivers an exceptional visual experience through its air-slim, bezel-less design, eliminating the borders around the screen. This bezel-less design ensures that there is ample space for the viewers to immerse themselves in breathtaking visuals. Despite its lightweight plastic body, the TV doesn’t compromise on durability, ensuring long-lasting sturdiness while maintaining a sleek and contemporary appearance.


The mind-blowing slim and bezel-less design of your TV is a true masterpiece of aesthetics and engineering. It effortlessly integrates into your living space, appearing as though it’s part of the wall itself, a harmonious fusion of technology and interior design that sets a new standard in home entertainment.

Body and Back

The Samsung QE1C TV is accompanied by a robust plastic stand that enhances stability and adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the TV, making it a stylish and sophisticated addition to any living space. Furthermore, the back of this TV is where all the connectivity options are present. 

Overall, its looks are magnificent. This best Samsung 4K  TV showcases a bezel-less design, which gives it a premium look. There is no doubt that it is a mind-blowing addition to your home.


With the plastic stands included in the box, you also have the option of placing the Samsung Q1EC QLED 4K Smart TV on the table for a more modern and sleek look. 

Wall Mount

Not only can the TV be table mounted, but you can also wall mount it by following the guidance given in the user manual, that too is equipped in the box itself.

Remote Control

As per our Samsung Q1EC QLED 4K Smart TV review, this TV has a handy one-click voice assistant key that makes voice commands and navigation simpler, facilitating more accessible access to and management of your entertainment. The highlight of this remote control is that it is solar-powered. 

All Samsung’s higher-range TVs come with this particular remote control. It also provides specific hotkeys for well-known streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, and Zee5, guaranteeing quick and easy access to your preferred media.

Connectivity Options: Best Samsung 4K TV

In an era where our digital lifestyles continue to expand and evolve, the need for a comprehensive connectivity solution has never been more critical. And talking about Samsung QE1C, the best Samsung QLED TV, has ample connectivity options. It comes with both wired as well as wireless connectivity options. 

Software/ Tech Features and OS


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About Panel-Best Samsung 4K TV

The Samsung QE1C TV boasts a remarkable display featuring an 8-bit FRC VA ELED QLED panel, ensuring rich, vivid colours and sharp contrast. With dual LED backlighting technology (white and slightly yellowish), it delivers precise control over local dimming, enhancing brightness and contrast, resulting in a stunning visual experience. 

Brightness level

 This TV’s peak HDR brightness of 270 nits is what disappoints us the most. According to our Samsung Q1EC QLED 4K Smart TV review, not only did this low brightness result in the lack of details, but it also gave us an unpleasant experience with HDR10 content. 

Picture Quality: Samsung QE1C Review

Colour Optimization

This TV boasts a full sRGB colour gamut coverage of 100%, ensuring an accurate representation of colours within the standard spectrum. However, it’s important to note that its DCI-P3 ratio falls slightly short at 86%, indicating that it may not fully capture the extended colour range in the DCI-P3 colour space.

Colour Saturation

The blue colour of this Samsung TV was highly saturated. At times, it was overpowering other colours as well. Over-saturation blues create an illusion that there is more brightness in this TV. However, that is not true.


It comes with 4000:1 contrast, which is equivalent to awesome blacks. There is no doubt that this TV shows fantastic blacks. In fact, all the VA panels have a strong foot when it comes to blacks.

High Dynamic Range

The high dynamic range of this TV is good, but due to the lack of optimum brightness, the HDR performance of this TV completely fails.

Viewing Angles

Just like all VA panels, the viewing angles of this TV are not that good. You will witness a significant level of colour and brightness loss when viewing this TV from the extreme sides.

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OTT Performance: Best Samsung QLED TV

This best Samsung 4K TV supports HDR10, HDR10+, HR10 Adaptive and HLG support. We tested the HDR10+ performance of Prime Video, and as per our Samsung QE1C review, it was just average. It missed out on so many details. Due to the lack of brightness, we could not see good colours and fine details. The panel has insufficient light to illuminate and show you all the colours. 

Just like all other Samsung TVs, this TV also lacks the support of the Dolby Vision video format. Its dynamic range is good, but due to the shortage of brightness, it falls short of showing details and lively colours.

STB Performance: Samsung QE1C QLED 4K Smart TV Review

SD & HD Channels

We played the content via a set-top box, and the upscaling of SD and HD channels was pretty good. We were satisfied with its upscaling capabilities.

USB Playback

The upscaling of 720p, 1080p, and 4K content playback was executed seamlessly, delivering a visually satisfying experience.

Audio Quality-Samsung TV under 60000

The audio quality of a TV does matter, but it shouldn’t be the criterion to buy one. We buy a TV to watch content and movies on it. Therefore, the primary thing to consider while buying a TV should be its picture and not audio quality.

Speakers wattage & audio format support

It comes with a 20W speaker and Q-symphony feature. This means that if you attach Samsung’s Q-Symphony soundbar to the TV, both the soundbar and the TV’s speakers will work together to produce more audio.

But what do you need that for? A soundbar’s audio alone is enough to rock your room, so what do you need the TV’s volume for? The Q-Symphony is undoubtedly an amazing feature, but think whether you really need it or not!

Audio Quality Overall

Overall, This best samsung 4K TV audio quality is fantastic. It delivers absolutely clear dialogue. However, you should not expect cinematic audio out of this TV. These 20W speakers deliver good quality and clear and crisp audio.

Gaming Experience-Best Samsung 4K TV

It comes with an HDMI 2.1 eARC port, which implies that you get an auto-low latency mode (ALLM). You also get the support of HGiG, but does it matter? Well, it would have if there was a good level of brightness.

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Warranty and Guarantee – Samsung QE1C QLED 4K Smart TV Review

Warranties indicate the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s quality. A longer warranty often suggests that the manufacturer believes the product will last and perform well over time. The best Samsung 4K TV comes with a one-year comprehensive warranty on the product and one year additional on the panel.

Final Verdict

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Watch Video: Samsung QE1C QLED 4K Smart TV Review


Both 4K and QLED are good panels. You can select between the two depending on your requirements and preferences.

Well, both Samsung and LG have many TV models. Both are equally good. You can select any TV model based on your preferences and needs.

A TV’s durability depends on how you use and keep it.

No. Samsung QE1C is not worth buying for Rs 70,000.

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