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My name is Vineet Malhotra, and I am a tech enthusiast based in New Delhi, India. VM-One is my YouTube channel where I give you unbiased and honest reviews of latest gadgets, smartphones, devices, and accessories. You will find my reviews different than the rest, because I try to focus on things that a normal user is looking for in their desired gadget, without ignoring its technical aspects. After thoroughly using the gadget for a while, I will tell you every relevant detail you need to know about your favorite gadget, in my layman style. With so many Smartphones and Gadgets releases from every manufacturer every month, and with so many choices available in the market, it is becoming harder to choose the right one for ourselves.  Not to worry! On my YouTube channel VM-One, I will also upload a list of Top 5 gadgets to choose from.


Support my work by subscribing to my YouTube channel VM-One, and spread a word if you like my videos. Also hit the bell icon next to any of my videos, so you get notifications of my new video directly in your inbox. Keep watching this place and my YouTube channel VM-One for honest and detailed gadget reviews, information, tips, and discount alerts.


What makes me unique

When most reviewers have a bias towards certain brands, I work without any sponsorship or tie-up. I buy all the gadgets and smartphones for my review, in order to tell you everything about them, in my layman style. And if I don’t purchase any particular gadget (obviously I can’t buy everything), then I make sure to use it thoroughly before I give you my review. With my reviews one thing is guaranteed, I will always be completely honest, without any bias for any brand.

What I do it for?

I work tirelessly, without any sponsorship, in order to give my viewers and readers quality reviews of gadgets. If you like my work, then please subscribe to my YouTube channel and spread a positive word among your circle. 

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