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Sony 74K vs. 80K vs. Samsung Crystal Neo: A Detailed Comparison

Are you confused about which best 55 inch 4k TV in India to buy? If yes, keep on reading this blog where we compare Sony 74k vs. 80k vs. Samsung Crystal Neo to let you know which of them is worth your money. Here, we are going to compare every detail of the TV and not only the picture quality, which will give you better guidance through the products. All three TVs have their own pros and cons which make them different from each other. 

Now, scrutinise the entire blog leading to the end to see the comparison of sony bravia 55 inch TV, Sony 80K 55 inch, and samsung crystal 4k neo tv to know which is the best 55 inch 4k TV in India.


Sony X74K
4K Ultra HD Resolution delivers a stunning picture quality
Offers a 178-degree wide viewing angle, so the picture looks great from almost any angle.
Equipped with 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports to connect various devices.
It features an open baffle speaker with Dolby audio and a clear phase for clear and powerful sound.
Enhances picture quality with 4K HDR, Live Colour, and 4K X Reality Pro for lifelike detail and texture.
Motion Flow XR100 improves the clarity of fast-moving objects on the screen.

Box Content: Sony 74K vs. 80K vs. Samsung Crystal Neo

The table gives you the list of things that you’ll receive inside the TV box. 

Sony X74K
1 Warranty Card
1 AC Power Cord
1 Remote Control
1 Table-Top Stand
1 User Manual
2 AAA Batteries

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Design And Build: 

Sony X74K
Plastic Body
Plastic Stands 
Sturdy Quality
Thin Bezels


The Samsung Crystal 4K Neo TV has a smart remote control with a voice assistant that supports Alexa and Bixby. The remote also has keys for easy use – Netflix, Prime Videos, and Samsung TV Plus.

The Sony X74K has a Bluetooth-enabled infrared remote control that also has keys -One Click Google Assistant, YouTube, Netflix, YouTube Music, and Prime Videos.

Sony 80K TV is equipped with an infrared remote with hotkeys- ‎One Click Google Assistant Youtube, Netflix, YouTube Music, and Prime Videos.


The bezels of all three TVs are of good quality and have a modern look. Yet, the Samsung Crystal Neo has slim bezels; the Sony X74K has thick bezels compared to the other two TVs, which doesn’t look bad. On the other hand, the Sony X80K has negligible bezels, giving it a premium appearance.

Sony X74K
Sturdy & Modern 
Doesn’t look bad

Body And Back

All three TVs Sony 74k vs. 80k vs. Samsung Crystal 4k Neo Tv have backs and bodies made up of plastic. The quality of the plastic is not bad and the build of the TV is sturdy.


The Samsung Crystal Neo comes with a plastic stand for table mount. Likewise, the Sony X74K also has a stand made up of sturdy plastic. But, Sony X80K has a good quality metal stand which is more likeable than a plastic stand.

Wall Mount

Samsung Crystal Neo comes with a mini wall-mount support and VESA wall-mount support. On the other hand, Sony X74K and Sony X80K come with both the wall mount and table mount support.

Sony X74K
Wall Mount Support 
Table Mount Support

Connectivity: Sony 74K vs. 80K vs. Samsung Crystal Neo

The connectivity options provided in these TVs are good. Let us look at the table content to get an idea about Sony vs. Samsung TV which of these has better and user-friendly connectivity?

Sony X74K
3 HDMI ports
2 USB ports
Optical Audio Port
Headphone Jack
LAN port
Bluetooth 5.0
Dual Band WiFi


Among Samsung Crystal Smart TV vs. Sony 80 vs. 74k, Samsung Crystal Neo and Sony X74K have 3 HDMI ports with one eARC port whereas Sony X80K has 4 HDMI ports with one eARC. Samsung comes with 1 USB port, and the Sony X74K and Sony X80K have 2 USB (Sony X80K has 2.0 and 3.0) ports. All three TVs have optical audio ports, but both the Sony TVs have headphone jacks, on the other hand, the Samsung Crystal Neo doesn’t have it.


Samsung Crystal Neo and Sony X80K have Bluetooth 4.2 and Sony X74K has Bluetooth 5.0 support.  All the three TVs mentioned have the support of dual-band Wi-Fi.


The wireless connectivity options given in these TVs give you hassle-free entertainment. Further, Samsung Crystal Neo and Sony X80K have Bluetooth 4.2 Support on the contrary Sony X74K has Bluetooth 5.0 support.


Samsung Crystal Neo, Sony X80K, and Sony X74K all have dual-band WiFi. The TVs can connect to 2.4GHz or 5.0GHz depending on your needs. 


Sony X80K has 4 HDMI ports unlike Sony X74K and Samsung Crystal Neo which has only 3 HDMI ports each.


Also, Samsung Crystal Neo has 1 USB port, and no headphone jack & LAN port whereas Sony X74K and X80K have 2 USB ports each with headphone jacks and LAN ports.

Software: Best 55 Inch 4k TV in India

These smart TVs come with different software which makes it easier to access all the entertainment platforms, which can easily be done with good internet speed. 

Operating System

Samsung Crystal Neo comes with Tizen OS, which has fewer apps, but it has Samsung TV+, which shows free movies and free shows. The Samsung Crystal Neo QLED TV is equipped with Quantum Dot Technology which enhances the colour accuracy and brightness of the TV. 

Sony X74K and Sony X80K have Android 10 Google OS, giving you unlimited content. You can stream a wide range of content from different OTT platforms in one place. The Samsung Crystal Neo QLED TV is equipped with Quantum Dot Technology, which enhances the colour accuracy and brightness of the TV.


The Samsung TV comes with a built-in Google Assistant, Bixby, and Alexa that gives you hassle-free control. However, the Sony X74K and Sony X80K come with additional built-in Chromecast, Apple Airplay, and Apple Homekit casting features along with Google Assistant. Each one of these TVs can be easily cast using your phone.

Voice Assistant

The Samsung Crystal 4k Neo Tv is equipped with multiple voice assistants, it supports Google Assistant, Bixby, and Alexa.In the same way, the Sony X74K and the Sony X80K have voice control support ‘OK Google’ and Alexa.

Panel: Sony 74K vs. 80K vs. Samsung Crystal Neo

Samsung Crystal Neo has an 8-bit Samsung Crystal Neo has an 8-bit FRC VA Panel and supports HDR10, HLG, and HDR10+. On the contrary, the Sony X74K and Sony X80K have an 8-bit FRC IPS DLED Panel and only support HDR 10 and HLG. Also, the brightness of the Samsung Crystal Neo is 325-330 Nits, which is not the best as compared to the Sony X74K with a brightness of 470 Nits and the Sony X80K with a peak HDR brightness of 525 Nits, the best amongst the three.

Picture Quality: Sony 74K vs. 80K vs. Samsung Crystal Neo

The picture quality of a TV defines if that TV is worth spending on or not. We thoroughly check the picture quality mentioned here let us check on these TVs in detail.

Color Optimization

The colour profile is more toward the natural side. The colours in Samsung Crystal Neo are- the one billion true colours feature makes the picture look realistic, but they have some saturation present. Sony X74K has vividness of colours with the colours almost close to natural, the colour palette ensures that you witness every detail displayed on the screen. Sony X80K has one of the best colour optimisation capabilities; the colours pop out due to the presence of HDR.

Color Saturation

Samsung Crystal Neo has an oversaturation of colours, the green is oversaturated, which doesn’t look bad at all. Whereas Sony X80K and Sony X74K have slightly oversaturated colours that can be neglected.


Both Sony X74K & Sony X80K come with an IPS panel, which doesn’t portray the deepest blacks as VA panels, but the blacks of these TVs are good due to the presence of the contrast enhancer technology. The Sony X80K also has an additional frame-dimming feature to improve the blacks. The blacks are not the best but are satisfactory.

Samsung Crystal Neo has a VA panel, which implies that it displays the deepest blacks with a contrast ratio of 4000:1. The blacks of this panel are commendable.


The Samsung Crystal Neo TV is equipped with the Crystal 4K processor and Contrast Enhancer Technology, which ensures to display of life-like pictures and dynamically adjusts the depth of the contrast respectively.

Similarly, the 4K HDR technology in Sony X74K provides you with a natural colour profile; not only does this TV also have advanced imaging technology for portraying vivid and bright colours. The Sony X80K has 4K HDR and Triluminos PRO to provide us with natural life-like colours with deep contrast while the Object-based HDR technology analyses the colours of every object and displays perfect contrast.

HDR(High Dynamic Range)

The peak HDR Brightness of the Samsung Crystal Neo 4K TV came to be 325-330 nits in our testing, with all the details giving you the feeling of being part of the scene from the comfort of your sofa. Comparatively, the Sony X74K has better peak brightness than the Samsung Crystal Neo; in our testing, the brightness was 450 nits. The Sony X80K has the best peak HDR brightness of 525 nits. Overall, all the three TVs have super bright panels.

Viewing Angles

The viewing angles of Samsung TV are really good. There is a visible colour loss of 15%-20% at extreme sides.  Despite being a VA panel, the colour pay displayed is amazing. Conversely, for the Sony X74K & the Sony X80K despite the IPS panel, there is no loss of colour. The IPS Panel provides you with good viewing angles.

OTT Performance: Sony 74K vs. 80K vs. Samsung Crystal Neo

The Sony X74K and 80K both have Google TV. The presence of Google TV provides access to many streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Videos, Disney+ Hotstar, and others. The platform also allows you to download apps from the Google Play Store. 

Samsung Crystal Neo, on the contrary, has Tizen OS which is a smart TV platform which allows you access to various OTT services- Netflix, Prime Videos, Disney+ Hotstar, and others. Here, you can download other apps from the Samsung App Store.

Video Formats

The Samsung Crystal Neo 4K TV has an  8-bit FRC VA panel which is super bright. It supports HLG, HDR10, HDR10+. The presence of HDR10+ enhances the performance of HDR10. The completion of HDR10+ will exceed your expectations; it is that good. You may note that this TV does not support Dolby Vision content, yet interestingly it has exceptional HDR performance. 

Adversely, both Sony X74K and Sony X80K have 8-bit FRC IPS DLED panels and support HLG & HDR10. Unlike Samsung Neo, they do not support HDR10+ but have not compromised on Dolby Vision content, portraying the minutest details. Also, these TVs are inadequate in providing Dolby Vision Support.

OTT Platforms

The Content service provided by the Samsung Crystal Neo is impeccable. Enjoy your favourite content by streaming Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, Apple TV+, and many other apps. Most apps can be conveniently directed by the hotkeys decked up in your smart remote. 

Similarly, you can watch all your favourite content on the Sony X74K and Sony X80K, but what makes these TVs different from Samsung Crystal Neo is that you can create your favourite content watchlist. 

Set Top Box Performance

In our testing of Samsung Crystal Neo’s STB performance, it was neither bad nor good, but the SD & HD content can be consumed on this Tizen OS TV. Likewise, both Sony TVs have good SD & HD channel display qualities.

Upscaling Capabilities

The powerful 4K upscaling in Samsung Crystal Neo ensures that you consume content in 4K resolution, and the color mapping technology makes the visuals more sophisticated. 

The upscaling of 720 p content in the Sony X74K is commendable.  

Further, the Sony X80K has an Object-based HDR and does appreciable upscaling of the setup box content. 

Both Sony X74K & Sony X80K have impressive upscaling capabilities. The upscaling of SD content in this TV under this price range is worth every penny. The HD upscaling is also amazing. 

USB Playback

The upscaling of HD (720p) and FHD (1080p) content is good in the Samsung Crystal Neo TV; it is neither too impressive nor disappointing.

The 4K content played via USB does not support Dolby Vision and HDR. The upscaling of the 720p and 1080p content played via pendrive is great.

Other Features: Sony 74K vs. 80K vs. Samsung Crystal Neo

We are not done yet talking about the features of Sony 74k vs. 80k vs. Samsung Crystal Neo, these TVs come with a few other features, so let us take a glance.

Sony X74K
This Sony TV has XR Motion flow, ensuring smooth and precise details in a fast-moving sequence.
During the Sony 74k review, we found that it also has a Parental Lock feature by which you can watch the screen time and other activities of your kids.

Audio Quality: Sony 74K vs. 80K vs. Samsung Crystal Neo

In our tests, we found the sound quality of the Samsung Crystal Neo to be average, and the speaker is perfect for a small room. The Q Symphony feature of this TV allows the TVs and soundbars to play simultaneously without actually muting the TV’s sound.

The audio quality of the Sony X74K is better. Natural and clear sound can be experienced due to the Clear Phase Technology present in this TV. The sound quality is good for a medium-sized room. Dolby Audio Support gives a multi-dimensional audio experience.

Sony X80K has balanced multi-dimensional sound with X-balanced speakers. It has immersive surround sound for a richer, fuller, and better experience. This TV can produce punchy bass with the clarity of the sound intact with the ClearAudio+.

Speaker’s Wattage & Audio Format Support

Samsung TV has 20W downward-facing speakers with Dolby Digital support.

Contrarily, the X74K also has 20W Open baffle Speakers, whereas the Sony X80K has 20W X-balanced Speakers. 

Overall Audio Quality

The overall audio quality of the Samsung Crystal Neo 4K TV is average but performs top-notch with good-quality soundbars. On the other hand, the Sony X74K and Sony X80K cover all ranges of sound- lower, middle, and higher frequencies, at the same time, if you need a cinematic experience go for a soundbar.

TV with a Soundbar Experience

Samsung Crystal Neo has an ordinary sound system that can be enhanced by using a Soundbar, you may also note that the company asks you to buy Samsung’s Q Series Soundbars. But any soundbar works fine. While the Sony X74K and the Sony X80K have good speakers, if you want cinematic sounds then you can opt for a soundbar.

Warranty And Guarantee: Sony 74K vs. 80K vs. Samsung Crystal Neo

Samsung Crystal Neo comes with a 1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer from the date of purchase and 1 one-year additional on-panel, on the other hand, the Sony X74K and Sony X80K come with only 1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer from the date of purchase.

Sony 74K
  • Product
  • Specification
  • Deals
Optimal Clarity and DetailsThe Sony Bravia 55 Inch TV boasts an X1 4K Processor (KD-55X74L), delivering clear and detailed images with 4K X …
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Model Number






Screen Size





8.4D x 124.3W x 72.9H cm

Screen Resolution



8 Bit FRC IPS DLED Panel

Special Features

Google TV, Watchlist, Voice Search, Google Play, Chromecast, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Additional Features: Apple Airplay, Apple Homekit, Alexa


‎Google TV

Operating System

Other OS

Video Features

Dolby Vision


Audio Format

20W, Dolby Audio

Dolby Audio/Atmos


HDMI Ports



3X HDMI,2X USB ports,1X ethernet, 1X AV input,1X antenna, Bluetooth 5.0, Dual-band WiFi

App or Wifi Support


Gaming TV


Box Components

1 LED TV,1 AC Power Cord,1 Remote Control, 1 Table-Top Stand,1 User Manual, 2 AAA Batteries

Mounting Type

‎Wall Mount, Table Mount




₹ 55,990


1 Year Warranty

9Expert Score
VM-One Rating


Connectivity Options
  • Dolby Vision is not supported, but it can be achieved externally.
  • The colors displayed are punchy and vivid due to the 4K-X Reality Pro technology.
  • Satisfactory blacks considering it is an IPS panel. This TV can be used in both the bright and dark rooms. No budget TV can match the fantastic HDR performance of this Sony Bravia 55 inch TV.
  • The Sony 74L 55 Inch TV needs more improvement in HDR; the HDR performance of the Sony Bravia 55 inch 4K smart TV could be enhanced further to provide more natural and realistic colours.
  • This TV is not the best for gaming as it lacks ALLM.

Key Specs

Key SpecsSony 74k 55 Inch TV
Model NumberKD-55X74K
Screen Size55 Inch
Dimension8.4D x 124.3W x 72.9H Centimeters
Screen Resolution4K
Special Features
SoftwareGoogle TV
Operating SystemGoogle TV
Video FeaturesHDR 10,HLG
Dolby VisionNo
Audio Format20W SpeakersOpen Baffle Speaker,Dolby Audio ,
Clear Phase,
Dolby Audio/AtmosYes
HDMI Ports
Connectivity ‎3 HDMI 2.1(1 eARC),2 USB,Optical,Bluetooth 5.0,
LAN port,Headphone Jack,Dual Band WiFi,
App or Wifi SupportYes
Gaming TVARC, eARC
Box Components1 LED TV,1 AC Power Cord,1 Remote Control,
1 Table-Top Stand,1 User Manual,
2 AAA Batteries
Mounting TypeWall Mount,Table Mount
Weight‎13.9 kg
Warranty1 Year 

Final Verdict:

This was all about the detailed comparison between Sony 74k vs. 80k vs. Samsung Crystal Neo; after keeping these TVs on the contrary, we found that the Sony X74K is better than the Samsung Crystal Neo and on the other hand Sony X80K is finer than the Sony X74K. We recommend that if you have a higher budget, you consider buying a Sony X80K. We hope the difference between these TVs is clear and you are out of the dilemma about which TV to buy.

Watch Video:


We bought and tested both the TVs side by side and we found that Sony X80K is definitely a better choice. Also, the Sony X74K is a good TV in this price range. For a detailed comparison between both TVs read the blog written above. 

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