Samsung v/s Electrolux Refrigerator: The Ultimate Comparison

Samsung v/s Electrolux Refrigerator: In the realm of household appliances, refrigerators stand as indispensable fixtures, crucial for preserving perishables and enhancing culinary experiences in this Samsung v/s Electrolux Refrigerator. Among the myriad choices available in the market, two stalwarts emerge as contenders for consideration: the Electrolux 537L 1 Star 2023 Model and the Samsung 530L 1 Star 2023 Model. In this comparison of refrigerator brands in India, we delve into the features, performance, and suitability of these refrigerators to aid you in making an informed choice tailored to your needs. But before we jump onto the comparison, let’s understand one thing!

In the side-by-side category of refrigerators, most brands release either 1-star or 2-star models. There are no 5-star models in this category. Now the question is: what exactly sets apart the power consumption of these 1-star and 2-star models? According to our meticulous research and analysis, the maximum difference in power consumption will only be 100 units, translating to roughly Rs 800 in additional electricity costs annually. This mere difference won’t impact you in the long run, but buying the wrong refrigerator will lead to high levels of dissatisfaction. Furthermore, are you willing to invest an extra Rs 10,000 solely for a 1-star higher energy efficiency rating?


Electrolux 537L 1 Star 2023 Model
Taste Auto Lock
FlexStor function
Auto Humidity Control
Even Temperature Technology

Box Content: Samsung v/s Electrolux Refrigerator

In The Box

Sonos Beam 2 Soundbar
1 Refrigerator Unit
1 User Manual
1 Warranty Card

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Build and Design: Samsung v/s Electrolux Refrigerator

Regarding build quality, both the Samsung and Electrolux refrigerators stand on equal footing in our Samsung v/s Electrolux refrigerator comparison. These appliances boast strong and sturdy bodies, indicative of their robust construction. Notably heavy, both models come with durability and reliability. However, there are some differences in their dimensions. 

  • The Samsung refrigerator boasts greater height, offering ample vertical storage space.
  • The Electrolux refrigerator prioritizes width, providing expansive room for horizontal storage needs.
  • This dimension contrast caters to varying preferences and spatial constraints, allowing you to opt for the model that best aligns with their storage requirements and kitchen layout.

    Food For Thought: Double Door Refrigerator

    Do you need a convertible refrigerator? In order to find the answer to this question, let’s first understand what are convertible refrigerators and what benefits do they bring to the table?

    Convertible refrigerators allow you to convert your fridge into a freezer and vice-versa. But the question is- Do you really need that? Is there ever a time when you need a 500L freezer? 

    Capacity: Double Door Refrigerator

    In addition to their impressive build quality, the Samsung and Electrolux refrigerators offer comparable capacities for both their fridge and freezer compartments. With approximately 400 liters of fridge capacity and around 130 liters of freezer capacity, these appliances ensure ample storage space to accommodate various food items and frozen goods.

    This equilibrium in capacity results in a fridge-to-freezer ratio of 75:25, striking a balance between fresh food storage and frozen food preservation.

    Food For Thought: Samsung refrigerator double door

    Do you actually need a side-by-side refrigerator? Let’s analyze their differences. In a double door refrigerator, the ratio of fridge and freezer is 75:25.

    Whereas, side-by-side, the fridge to freezer ratio is 60:40. Therefore, rather than getting manipulated by fancy stuff, we highly recommend you make a decision based on your needs. 

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    Compressors: Samsung v/s Electrolux Refrigerator

    Both the refrigerators are equipped with inverter compressors. But as per our Samsung v/s Electrolux refrigerator comparison, here are a few differences-

  • Electrolux has named its compressor as “NutriFresh Inverter Compressor” and Samsung calls it “Digital Inverter Technology”.
  • Samsung refrigerator is a convertible refrigerator, but Electrolux is not.
  • During our review, we tested these refrigerators for around three months, where we witnessed both the cold and hot weather. And even during the cold weather conditions, we used its freezer to store multiple things, which is how we came to know that the convertible technology is absolutely useless.

    Quality of the Shelves: Samsung v/s Electrolux Refrigerator

    As stated by the specifications, both refrigerators come with toughened glass shelves. But here is the catch. In our thorough comparison of Samsung vs Electrolux refrigerators, we discovered that the toughened glass shelves of the Samsung refrigerator double door are a little bluish, whereas Electrolux had absolutely neutral and transparent toughened glass shelves.

    Does this colour difference have a huge impact? Is it a mere difference of colours, or is there something more associated with it? The answer is- this colour difference reflects the quality of the plastic being used. 

  • The blue colour of plastic implies that Samsung’s toughened glass shelves are of a slightly lower quality. The best type of plastic is always colourless, which we saw in the Electrolux refrigerator.
  • When we unboxed them for the first time, we noticed a slightly foul smell of plastic from the Samsung refrigerator, but there was no such smell in the Electrolux refrigerator. 
  • These two analyses define that the Electrolux refrigerator has a better quality of toughened glass shelves as compared to that of Samsung.

    Space Management: Samsung v/s Electrolux Refrigerator

    The space management of both these refrigerator under 60000 is highly optimized. They have ample space for a family consisting of five to eight members. So what is the difference then?

  • The Electrolux refrigerator comes with one extra shelf compared to the Samsung. We can also say that a shelf is missing from the Samsung refrigerator.
  • Samsung has expanded the space of the vegetable box but at the cost of that one extra shelf. This implies that you won’t be able to keep many bottles or tall utensils in your refrigerator, which is a huge drawback.
  • Smart Capabilities: Samsung v/s Electrolux Refrigerator

    In our Samsung v/s Electrolux refrigerator comparison, we found that both refrigerators come with smart capabilities. Samsung refrigerator double door features a digital panel conveniently located on the door, granting users access to various convertible modes directly from outside the refrigerator.

    Similarly, the Electrolux refrigerator is equipped with its own digital panel on the door, offering users seamless operation of the entire appliance with just a few taps or swipes.

    This integration of digital panels underscores the commitment of both brands to provide intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, allowing consumers to effortlessly manage and customize their refrigeration experience to suit their needs.

    Electrolux: Refrigerator Under 60000

  • Taste Autolock and Auto Humidity Control features in Electrolux refrigerator work together to control the moisture. In case of excess moisture, Taste AutoLock works and removes the excess moisture through a membrane. When the moisture is less, Auto Humidity Control works and pours moisture on the fruits through the same membrane, thereby increasing the life of your food and vegetables. Most refrigerators come with this moisture control technology, but it works with the help of a slider. However, in Electrolux, the same process takes place but with a membrane, which makes all the differences and improves this process multifold. 
  • The Even Temperature technology in Electrolux refrigerators uses separate vents for all areas to provide even cooling. Electrolux has provided one blower for each shelf, implying that cool air will be evenly circulated across the entire refrigerator.
  • The Flex Store features help you adjust the space according to your requirements. You can remove the shelves from one place and keep them in another, according to your usability. Such flexibility in space management is incredible.
  • Samsung: Best Double Door Refrigerator in India

    Samsung’s convertible technology uses Twin Cooling Plus technology. Twin Cooling Plus uses two coils, one for the freezer and the other for the fridge.

    Whenever you convert your fridge into a freezer, the coil for the fridge stops working, and vice versa. This is how the convertible mechanism of the Samsung refrigerator double door works. 

    Warranty and Guarantee: Samsung v/s Electrolux Refrigerator

    Electrolux 537L 1 Star 2023 Model
    Electrolux Refrigerator costs Rs 64000 and comes with a one-year product warranty and a ten-year warranty on its compressor.

    Samsung v/s Electrolux Refrigerator

    Electrolux 537L 1 Star 2023 Model
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    • Deals
    Style and Functionality The Electrolux 573L Double Door refrigerator (ETE5700C-A) an optimal fusion of style and functionality. It features a …
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    Model Number





    Double Door


    500L & Above


    Auto Defrost

    Star Rating

    1 Star

    Annual Energy Consumption

    337 Kilowatt Hours Per Year

    Special Features

    TasteLockAuto Technology, FlexStor Function, EvenTemp Functions, TasteGuard Deodorizer, NutriFresh Inverter

    No of Shelves


    App or Wifi Support




    Box Components

    Egg Tray, Metal Tray


    72.3 x 79.6 x 182.5 Centimeters


    96 kg


    ₹ 64,000


    1-Year Standard Warranty, 10 Years Warranty on Compressor

    9.5Expert Score
    VM- ONE Rating


    Fridge & Freezer Ratio
    Energy Consumption
    Build Quality
    Shelf Management
    • More Space in the Fridge
    • More Shelves in the Door (FLEX DOOR)
    • Taste Guard Tech with Activated Carbon
    • No Cons

    Key Specs: Double Door Refrigerator

    Key SpecsElectrolux 537L
    Model NumberETE5700C-A
    TypeDouble Door
    Capacity573 L (500L & Above)
    DefrostAuto Defrost
    Star Rating1 Star
    Annual Energy ConsumptionN/A
    Special FeaturesTasteLockAuto Technology,FlexStor Function,
    EvenTemp Functions,TasteGuard Deodorizer,
    NutriFresh Inverter,
    No of Shelves4
    App or Wifi SupportNo
    Box ComponentsEgg Tray,Metal Tray
    Dimensions72.3 x 79.6 x 182.5 Centimeters
    Weight96 kg
    PriceRs 64000
    Warranty‎1-Year Standard Warranty,
    10 Years Warranty on Compressor

    Final Verdict: Samsung v/s Electrolux Refrigerator

    After thoroughly analyzing every aspect of our Samsung v/s Electrolux refrigerator comparison, we have come to the following conclusions-

  • The quality of the toughened glass shelves of the Electrolux refrigerator is better than that of Samsung’s toughened glass shelves.
  • The Flex Door feature of the Electrolux refrigerator provides immense flexibility when it comes to storage.
  • The Samsung refrigerator double door is an ideal option if you are a vegetarian and would like to store more vegetables. Its large vegetable box provides you with ample space to keep all the vegetables.
  • Electrolux’s Taste Guard Technology with Activated Carbon prevents the mixing of the smells of different food items.
  • Samsung’s convertible modes are suitable. They are quite handy when you go on a vacation for, say, at least two months. Under such scenarios, you can use the vacation mode to preserve your food items.
  • Before making a decision, you should first analyze your needs. Understand your requirements and expectations from a refrigerator. Only then you will be able to choose the best double door refrigerator in India in 2024. 

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    Is Electrolux a good brand for fridges?

    Electrolux refrigerators are known for modern and sleek refrigerator designs. Its models boast advanced features like automatic ice makers, water dispensers, and smart connectivity.

    We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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