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Hisense U7K Mini LED TV Review: Explore Outstanding Picture Clarity

Hisense U7K Mini LED TV Review: See for yourself what it’s like to engulf yourself in stunning visuals with the Hisense U7K Mini LED TV. You’ll be astounded by the superb picture clarity on this state-of-the-art television and how it brings your favourite movies, shows, and games to life like never before. The Hisense 55 inch 4K TV utilises advanced technology to deliver deep blacks, vibrant colours, and incredible contrast, ensuring every detail is displayed with precision and accuracy.

With the Hisense U7K Mini LED TV review, experience a whole new level of entertainment as you dive into the world of high-definition visuals and stunning audio.


Mini LED, Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10, HDR10+, HLG format integrated.
Quantum Dot Colours
240 Full Array Local Dimming Pro
Bezel-less Floating Display Design
Integrated with AI Picture Optimisation software
8-bit FRC VA Mini QLED panel (only in 55 inches)
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Unleash the Hisense Tornado 55 Inch TV (55U7K). Vibrant Quantum Dot technology, powerful processor, and sleek design redefine your viewing …
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Model Number

55E7K Pro





Screen Size





31.3 x 123 x 77.7 Centimeters

Screen Resolution

4K, Full HD


8-bit FRC VA Mini QLED panel

Special Features

Hi View Engine, 240 Local Dimming Zones, Quantum Dot Color, 1000 nits Peaking Brightness, MEMC, ALLM VRR Supported, 49 Watts Output, 2.1 Channel with Bass Woofer



Operating System

Android OS

Video Features

HDR 10,HDR 10+ Adaptive, HLG, Dolby Vision, Dolby Vision IQ

Dolby Vision


Audio Format

‎‎49 Watts,Dolby Atmos ,DTS Virtual:X

Dolby Audio/Atmos


HDMI Ports



4 HDMI, with one HDMI (eARC), 3 USB with one 3.0 port, Optical, 5.1 Bluetooth, Dual-band Wi-Fi of 6E

App or Wifi Support


Gaming TV


Box Components

‎1 TV Unit, 1 Remote, 2 Table Top Stand, 1 Wall Mount Bracket, 2 AAA Battery, 1 User Manual, 1 Warranty Card

Mounting Type

‎Wall Mount & Table Mount


‎14 kg


₹ 60,999


3 years warranty

VM-One Rating
9.3Expert Score
VM-One Rating


Connectivity Options

Box Content: Hisense U7K TV India

With the beginning of the Hisense 55 inch 4K TV review, when we started to unbox the QLED TV, its sleek yet minimalist aesthetic and clean lines make it attractive and visually appealing to the eyes. Additionally, hisense 55 inch 4K TV build felt sturdy and well-made, further signifying its durability.

In The Box

During the unboxing of the Hisense 55 inch 4K TV, we discovered that it comprises all the necessary components neatly organised as mentioned below:

‎‎1 TV Unit
1 Remote
2 Table Top Stand
1 Wall Mount Bracket
1 User Manual
1 Warranty Card

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Design and Build –Best TV under 50000

With the beginning of the Hisense 55 inch 4K TV review, when we started to unbox the QLED TV, its sleek yet minimalist aesthetic and clean lines make it attractive and visually appealing to the eyes. Additionally, the 55 inch TV build felt sturdy and well-made, further signifying its durability.


The minimal bezels also give the TV a suave look, making it a stylish addition to any home space. Furthermore, the negligible bezels help reduce distractions and make users hooked solely on the content being showcased on the screen.

Body and Back

The body and back of the Hisense 55 inch 4K TV are designed with cable management in mind, providing a clean and organised appearance. Additionally, the sturdy plastic build of the body ensures durability and stability, making it suitable for various mounting options. 


The TV comes with a sturdy and adjustable metal stand that allows users to position the TV at their desired viewing angle easily. The stand also provides stability, preventing any wobbling or tipping over of the TV. Furthermore, the stand’s design complements the overall aesthetic of the TV, enhancing its modern look. 

Remote Control

The Hisense TV remote comes with hotkeys for quick access to popular OTT services such as Netflix, YouTube, YouTube Music and Amazon Prime Video. These hotkeys allow users to easily launch their favourite apps without navigating through multiple menus. Additionally, the remote’s simple yet stylish design makes it visually appealing to the user’s eyes.

Wall Mount

In the Hisense U7K Mini LED TV, we discover that easy options are also available for those who prefer to mount the TV on the wall. The TV is designed with VESA compatibility, allowing for easy installation on a variety of wall mounts. This provides flexibility in positioning the TV and frees up valuable space in the room. Additionally, the TV’s slim profile ensures a sleek appearance when mounted on the wall.

Connectivity Options: Hisense 55 Inch 4K TV

The Hisense U7K Mini LED TV comes with a plethora of connectivity options with Bluetooth v5.1 and dual-band Wi-Fi of 6E, which makes it a stellar choice and allows you to connect to your favourite streaming services and external devices easily. Additionally, it offers multiple HDMI ports and USB inputs, providing flexibility for connecting gaming consoles, soundbars, and other peripherals.


During the review of the Hisense 55 inch smart TV, we discovered the TV is equipped with a variety of ports.

The Hisense 55 inch 4K TV has two USB ports, with one USB port being kept at  3.1 and an optical port. This allows seamless connection to gaming consoles, laptops, and streaming devices. The TV also supports ARC (Audio Return Channel) technology, enabling a simplified setup with compatible soundbars or home theatre systems.


The Hisense 55 inch 4K TV is equipped with wireless connectivity, allowing you to easily stream your favourite shows and movies without the hassle of cords or cables. With its dual-band Wi-Fi 6E support introduces a new change in the TV, making it a versatile and convenient option for all your entertainment needs.


With a number of OTT apps like Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, and YouTube Music, the Hisense 55 inch 4K TV also surprised with a new addition of the Hotstar App. Now, one can easily download and access these apps directly from the TV’s VIDAA OS. Furthermore, the Hisense team is also working on bringing in the Jio Cinema app by November 2023; people can enjoy the content provided by the Jio Cinema app.

Software/ Tech Features and OS

The Hisense 55 inch 4K TV also comes with built-in smart features, allowing you to personalise your viewing experience. With the TV’s software, you can easily navigate through different apps and settings, making it user-friendly and intuitive.


The Hisense 55 inch 4K TV also features a user-friendly VIDAA OS, which provides a smooth and efficient interface for accessing all your favourite apps and content. With VIDAA OS, you can easily switch between different streaming services, adjust picture settings, and even control other smart devices in your home. Its intuitive design and customisable layout make it easy to find exactly what you want, enhancing your overall TV viewing experience.


The Hisense 55 inch 4K TV supports casting through Chromecast and Apple Airplay, which allows you to stream content from your tech devices or directly to the TV screen, providing a convenient way to enjoy your favourite content. One can easily stream media from compatible apps or mirror their device’s screen with a few taps or clicks, expanding their range of entertainment options.

Voice Assistant

With a voice assistant like Google Assistant or Siri, you can control the Hisense 55 inch 4K TV using your voice. Also, it comes with an in-built VIDAA assistant, allowing you to navigate through menus, search for content, and adjust settings effortlessly. This hands-free control adds an extra level of convenience and makes the TV experience even more user-friendly.

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About Panel-Best QLED TV under 50000

In the Hisense U7K Mini LED TV review, the TV panel is a standout feature. With its Mini LED technology, the U7K offers exceptional contrast and brightness levels. The panel’s 240 full array local dimming zones further enhance the picture quality by providing deep blacks and vibrant colours. Additionally, the 100% sRGB and 98% DCI P3 colour gamut ensure accurate and lifelike colour reproduction, making for a truly immersive viewing experience.

Brightness level

Although the peak HDR brightness of hisense 55 inch 4K TV is stated to be 1000 nitswhen tested further, the brightness was only 450 nits. Despite this, the 450 nits still provided a bright and vibrant display because the screen was exceptional, with high contrast and accurate colour reproduction. 

The lower brightness level of 450 nits might disappoint those expecting the advertised 1000 nits. However, the screen’s exceptional contrast and accurate colour reproduction compensated for this limitation, resulting in a visually pleasing and vibrant display experience.

Picture Quality: Hisense U7K Mini LED TV Review

The picture quality of the Hisense U7K Mini LED TV is top-notch, and the combination of an exceptional 10400:1 contrast ratio and 240 full-array local dimming zones results in a visually stunning and stimulating viewing experience. The most important thing about the 10400:1 contrast ratio is that it allows for deep blacks and vibrant colours, enhancing the overall picture quality. Additionally, the 240 full-array local dimming zones ensure precise control over backlighting, further improving clarity and detail in both bright and dark scenes.

Colour Optimization

The Hisense U7K QLED TV offers advanced colour optimisation features, allowing you to adjust and fine-tune the colour settings according to your personal choice. By this, you can relish the perfect balance of vivid and accurate colours, amplifying the overall TV-watching experience even further.

Colour Saturation

The evaluation of colour saturation during the Hisense U7K Mini LED TV review is a bit over-saturated, despite not looking bad at all. In addition, it enhances the picture quality and exceptional vivid hues that bring images to life. However, you can customise your colour saturation according to your ideal if you feel the colours are over-saturated. Isn’t that a fantastic thing?


The blacks on the Hisense U7K Mini LED TV are intense and rich, creating a stunning contrast that enhances the overall picture quality. With its advanced dimming technology, the U7K ensures that even the darkest scenes are displayed with precision and detail, allowing you to fully appreciate every shadow and nuance in your favourite movies and shows.

Quad-core processor

The Hisense U7K Mini LED TV is equipped with a powerful Quad-core processor that optimises every frame, delivering sharp and vibrant images. This advanced technology enhances the clarity and detail of each scene, bringing your entertainment to life with stunning visuals. Additionally, the picture processor also helps to reduce motion blur, ensuring smooth and seamless on-screen action for an immersive viewing experience.

High Dynamic Range

The Hisense U7K Mini LED TV supports advanced HDR technologies, which enables a wider range of colours and higher contrast for more realistic and lifelike images. Furthermore, the Hisense U7K Mini LED TV’s state-of-the-art HDR technology allows for improved detail and brightness of both dark and bright scenes, making for a more captivating viewing experience.

Viewing angles

The viewing angles are also improved with this Hisense U7K QLED TV, allowing for a clear and vibrant picture even when viewing from the sides or at an angle. This ensures that everyone in the room can enjoy the same high-quality visuals, no matter where they are seated.

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OTT Performance: Hisense U7K TV India

The OTT performance is also exceptional on this hisense 55 inch 4K TV. Its powerful processor and advanced streaming capabilities allow you to seamlessly access and stream your favourite content from various Over-the-Top (OTT) platforms. Whether binge-watching a series or streaming a live sports event, the TV delivers smooth and lag-free performance, providing an immersive entertainment experience.

Video Format Support: Best TV under 50000

The TV supports a wide range of video formats, including HDR 10, HDR 10+ Adaptive, HLG, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Vision IQ. This ensures you can enjoy stunning visuals with enhanced contrast, vibrant colours, and lifelike details. Whether you’re watching a movie or playing a video game, the TV’s compatibility with these formats enhances the overall viewing experience and brings your content to life.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and YouTube

The watching experience on these platforms is further enhanced by the TV’s support for video formats such as HDR 10, HDR 10+ Adaptive, HLG, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Vision IQ. This means that you can stream your favourite shows and movies in high quality, with rich colours and sharp details. Whether binge-watching a series or exploring new content, the TV’s compatibility with these popular streaming services ensures a captivating viewing experience.

STB Performance: Hisense 55 inch 4K TV

The STB performs remarkably well on the Hisense 55 inch smart TV. It provides a seamless and smooth viewing experience thanks to a powerful processor and quick refresh rate. The STB’s picture quality has also been improved, resulting in vivid colours and fine details, enabling viewers to enjoy a variety of content, from films to sports, on the TV with breathtaking clarity and realism.

 SD & HD Channels

The SD channels were lacking clarity and detail, making it difficult to fully enjoy the viewing experience. The picture quality could have been better compared to HD channels, resulting in a viewing experience that could have been more engaging and immersive. Additionally, the Hisense 55 inch 4K TV’s HD channel compatibility guarantees that you may have a viewing experience with sharp images and vibrant colours that bring every scene on the screen to life.

Upscaling capabilities

The Hisense 55 inch smart TV upscaling capabilities are quite impressive, enhancing the picture quality to HD resolution. This means that even if you’re watching content that isn’t originally in high definition, the TV will upscale it to provide a visually pleasing experience. While the upscaling of SD may not be as perfect as native HD content, it still greatly allows you to enjoy your favourite shows and movies with enhanced clarity and detail.

USB Playback

Since the Hisense 55-inch 4K TV supports USB playback, users can easily connect their USB devices to the TV and enjoy their favourite movies, TV shows, or music directly on the big screen.

720P, 1080P, & 4K Content Playback

720P, 1080P, & 4K content is supported by the Hisense 55 inch 4K TV, ensuring you can enjoy your favourite movies and shows in stunning high definition. Whether you’re streaming content online or connecting a Blu-Ray player, you’ll be able to experience crisp and clear visuals with vibrant colours.

The TV’s advanced technology upscales lower-resolution content to enhance the picture quality, providing a more immersive viewing experience. No matter what content you prefer, this TV covers you with its versatile playback capabilities.

Audio Quality: Best QLED TV under 50000

The audio quality in the Hisense 55 inch 4K TV is just as impressive as its visual capabilities. You can enjoy immersive and crystal-clear audio with built-in speakers and advanced sound technology. Whether watching an action-packed movie or a dialogue-heavy show, the TV’s audio system delivers rich and dynamic sound that enhances your viewing experience. Additionally, the TV also supports external audio devices, allowing you to connect your favourite soundbar or home theatre system for an even more immersive audio experience.

Speaker Wattage and Audio Format Support

With 49-wattage audio output on the Hisense 55 inch smart TV, it’s possible to anticipate an immersive and powerful sound experience. On top of that, TV supports multiple audio formats, such as Dolby Digital and DTS Virtual:X, ensuring that you can enjoy your favourite movies and shows with enhanced audio quality. Whether you’re watching an action-packed blockbuster or a quiet drama, the Hisense smart TV delivers crystal-clear sound that enhances your viewing experience.

Audio Quality Overall

The audio quality overall is top-notch, providing rich and detailed sound across all frequencies. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or listening to music, the TV’s audio capabilities will elevate your experience to new heights. Additionally, the TV’s advanced audio processing technology enhances dialogue clarity and spatial sound, creating a more immersive and realistic audio environment.

TV with a Soundbar Experience

During the Hisense 55 inch 4K TV review, we were blown away by the immersive audio quality when we connected the TV to the soundbar. The soundbar enhanced the overall viewing experience, delivering crisp and clear sound that perfectly complemented the stunning visuals of the 55 inch 4K TV. It truly felt like we were in a movie theatre, completely immersed in the action on screen.

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Gaming Experience-Hisense U7K Mini LED TV Review

While carrying out the Hisense U7K Mini LED TV review, we found the gaming capabilities of the TV to be exceptional. 

With these features, gamers can enjoy stimulating gameplay with minimal delays and a high level of responsiveness.

Warranty and Guarantee

We felt secure knowing that any potential problems with the TV would be covered by the manufacturer’s 3-year warranty starting from the date of purchase. Additionally, the guarantee ensured that we could enjoy our Hisense 55 inch 4K TV without worrying about any defects or malfunctions for an extended period of time.

Final Verdict

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Watch Video: Hisense U7K Mini LED TV Review on Youtube


The market is filled with several great options for the best TV under 50000; one should always go for what’s suitable to their preference.

The price of the Hisense U7K TV in India depends on the specific model. It is recommended to check online platforms to get the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

There are several options for the best 55 inch TV under 60000; however, comparing specifications and doing thorough research to determine which TV best suits your individual requirements is advisable.

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