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Best Soundbar Buying Tips: Guide on How to Buy Soundbar in 2024?

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Types of Soundbars: Best Soundbar Buying Tips

People just go up and buy a soundbar, not knowing about their types. Yes, the soundbars are divided into two kinds: one is active, and the other is passive. In our best soundbar buying tips guide, we will explain the differences between the two.

Active Soundbar

An active soundbar can be immediately linked to your TV or other audio devices and comes with built-in amplifiers. The active soundbar’s integrated amplifiers produce a crisp, strong sound that enhances every conversation, explosion, and musical piece. The active soundbar will take your entertainment to a whole new level, whether you’re playing intensive video games or viewing your favourite movies. 

Passive Soundbar

A passive soundbar allows for the option of upgrading or replacing the amplifier or receiver separately, providing more versatility in the long run. This type of soundbar is ideal for those who prefer to have more control over their audio setup and are willing to invest in separate components for a tailored audio experience. 

Let’s Explore the Significance of the Soundbar: Best Budget Soundbar

A soundbar performs extraordinarily well when set up in your living space. With the wonder of providing an ambience of music, a soundbar offers many significances to your home space that are listed below in this best soundbar buying guide of 2024.

  • Enhance your entertainment to the max, whether you are listening to music, watching your favourite content, or playing a game.
  • It is simple to set up and link to your TV, typically using a single cable or wireless connection.
  • It doesn’t take up much space and can be positioned on the wall, beneath, or above your TV.
  • It can use sophisticated audio processing methods to produce a virtual surround-sound experience.
  • It can handle Bluetooth and other wireless networking protocols, allowing you to stream music from your phone or other devices.
  • A subwoofer, a separate speaker that amplifies the bass in the sound, may be included.
  • What are the Features of a Good Soundbar?

    Your TV or other audiophile-grade electronics will sound better with the help of the best soundbar in India. Some of the features in our best soundbar buying guide that you may want to look for when buying a soundbar are mentioned below: 

    Number of channels

    This refers to how many speakers or audio signals the soundbar can produce. For example, a 2.1-channel soundbar has two speakers and a subwoofer, while a 5.1-channel soundbar has five speakers and a subwoofer.

    Supported formats

    This refers to the types of audio and video formats that the soundbar can decode and play. Some of the most common formats are Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, 4K passthrough, and PCM.


    This refers to the methods by which you can link your soundbar to your television or other electronics. The most popular connectivity choices are AUX, HDMI, Bluetooth, and optical. The best option is HDMI since it supports high-quality video and audio formats, providing a seamless and immersive audiovisual experience.

    Night and Voice Modes

    When in night mode, the dynamic range of the sound is compressed, making loud sounds quieter and quiet sounds louder so you can enjoy the sound without disturbing others. On the other hand, voice mode enhances the clarity and volume of dialogue, making it easier to hear what the characters are saying.

    Remote Control and Voice Assistant

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    Factors to Consider Before Buying a Soundbar: How to Buy Soundbar in 2024

    Audio Signature

    When purchasing the best soundbar in India, look for its unique sound signature rather than focusing only on its Max output or affordable price. An inexpensive soundbar will do the trick if you need to improve the TV’s audio quality. If the only requirement is Bass from the Soundbar, then one should look at a Budget Soundbar of less than 10000. However, if you are an audiophile and value high-quality sound reproduction, it is worth investing in a soundbar with a more balanced audio signature.

    How Much You Should Spend?

    When considering how much to spend to buy the best soundbar in India, you must think about your budget and the level of audio quality you desire.

  • Extra bass soundbars, soundbars with high clarity, and the best 5.1 Soundbar in India are available for up to 10,000. That means the soundbars are between 5000 to 10000 in price range.
  • One could receive greater clarity and output between 10 and 20K soundbars.
  • According to the best soundbar buying guide, the output might not increase after 20K, but the clarity and richness would.
  • You spend more for clarity if you want to hear every detail in the audio and comprehend how each beat was created. The bass will have more depth and detail, which is more critical than an amplified bass in the soundbars, which are more expensive than 20k.

    Always remember that you can buy the best soundbar under 10000. However, more expensive soundbars typically come with better sound quality and more elaborate features.

    More output or peak range

    Every soundbar has a peak range between 80 and 90 volume, where all frequencies receive their maximum power, and the soundbar sounds its best. You won’t be satisfied with the audio quality of a higher-output soundbar if you purchase one just because it has a great output. The effectiveness of a driver is significant. In comparison to a low-efficiency driver in a high-production soundbar, a high-efficiency driver in a low-output soundbar will yield superior output and clarity.

    Channel Vs 5.1 Channel

    One vital factor to consider before buying a soundbar is the number of channels it offers. A 2.1-channel soundbar consists of two speakers and a subwoofer, providing a good audio experience for smaller spaces or for rooms up to 300 sq. ft.. On the other hand, a 5.1-channel soundbar includes additional surround speakers, creating a more immersive surround sound experience suitable for larger spaces or with a room size of more than 300 sq. ft. So, a comparison between a 2.1 soundbar and a 5.1 soundbar is incorrect as they cater to different room sizes and audio preferences.

    Portability and Placement


    According to the best soundbar buying guide, when purchasing a soundbar, one should take three factors into account: soundstage, separation, and surround sound. A good 5.1 soundbar should be able to achieve all three, but a 5.1 system should only be purchased if the area is more than 250 square feet and at least 15 feet wide. It is important to consider the size and layout of the room before buying a soundbar. A smaller room may not require a 5.1 system, and a compact soundbar may be sufficient for achieving good sound quality.

    Dolby or DTS

    End Note: Best Soundbar Buying Tips

    Best Budget Soundbar: We’ve wrapped up the best soundbar buying tips guide with everything you need to know before making your purchase. From understanding the different types of soundbars to comparing their features and performance, we’ve tried to cover everything in this best soundbar buying guide of 2024. Now, armed with this knowledge of the best soundbar in India, you can confidently choose and see the ideal soundbar that will improve your audio quality and make your entertainment more engaging.

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    What to look out for when buying a sound bar?

    Choosing a soundbar requires considering size, design, compatibility with your audio setup, and connectivity options like Bluetooth or HDMI. 

    What is the difference between 3.1 and 5.1 soundbar?

    The main difference between a 3.1 and 5.1 soundbar is the number of channels and speakers they have. A 3.1 soundbar typically has three front channels (left, center, right) and one subwoofer, while a 5.1 soundbar adds two rear speakers for a more immersive surround sound experience. 

    What is the best soundbar to pair with a subwoofer?

    When looking to pair a soundbar with a subwoofer, it is crucial to consider compatibility and audio quality. 

    What is a good sound bar for home?

    When looking for a good soundbar for home use, it is essential to assess factors such as audio quality, connectivity options, and design. 

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      First of all thankyou for sharing valuable reviews with so much details and explanation. It really helps 🙂

      I wanted to have your guidance on choosing a soundbar. I have a room size of just about 220 Sq feet. As advised by you that 5.1 system is not recommended for such small room sizes, i want to get the best Sound experience with Dolby Atmos effect under this space. I have a budget of upto 1 Lakh. I had shortlisted bose 600 + bose base module Or LG SC9S. Please recommend me the best option out of the two. Alternatively if you have any other recommendation please let me know.


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