Boat Mystiq Soundbar: Best Boat Soundbar under 5000
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Boat Mystiq Soundbar: Know the Problems and Pitfalls

Boat Mystiq Soundbar: In this blog, we are going to delve into the Boat Mystiq soundbar, which isn’t as impressive as its high-end counterparts. Boat soundbars have become popular due to their sleek design and ease of use. However, not all models are created equally. The brand has definitely played a trick by luring people with a reasonable price point. 

We are not saying the soundbar is low quality, but we have better options on the market under this price range of the best soundbar under 10000. 

If you are looking for honest feedback on this lacklustre soundbar, you have landed on the right page. From poor audio quality to subpar connectivity, we’ll cover all the bases and help you make an informed decision. Let’s get to business before investing in this Boat wired soundbar.


100 RWS Surround Sound
2.1 Channel sound system
Entertainment EQ Modes: Music, Movies, News and 3D for a truly immersive listening experience
Bass and Treble Control
Bluetooth Soundbar with Wired Subwoofer
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Experience powerful audio with the Boat Aavante Bar Mystiq Soundbar.Featuring 100W RMS Signature Sound, Bluetooth v5.3, EQ modes, and remote …
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Model Number

‎Aavante Bar







Compatible Devices

‎‎Smartphone, Tablets, Televisions


86.5 x 7.8 x 6.8 cm

Connectivity Options

Optical Port,Bluetooth, USB, HDMI ARC,AUX

HDMI Ports


Special Features

Wireless, Bluetooth, Remote Control, USB Port

Audio Format

Dolby, DTS

App Support


Party Lights





Wired, Yes

Box Components

Aavante Bar Mystiq,Aux Cable,2* AAA Batteries, Remote Controls,User Manual,Warranty Card


4 kg 630 g


₹ 6,299


One-year warranty

VM-One Rating
7.2Expert Score
VM-One Rating

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Total Output

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Box Content: Boat Mystiq Soundbar

In The Box

Avante Bar Mystiq
AUX Cable
2 x AAA Batteries
Remote Control
Warranty Card

Design and Looks: Boat Soundbar under 5000

The Boat Mystiq Soundbar boasts a sleek and modern design with aesthetics to match your living area. 

Overall, this Boat soundbar never fails to deliver a pleasing design that will further embellish the home theatre setup, enhancing your decor altogether.

Connectivity Options: Soundbar Boat

All the connectivity options of the Boat soundbar under 5000 are given at the back of the soundbar for versatility and convenience. After a thorough Boat soundbar review, we found that it offers an array of connectivity options. The connectivity options provided are as follow: 

  1. HDMI ARC: Ensures seamless integration with compatible televisions for high-quality audio output. 
  2. AUX: Use the analogue audio to connect to other external devices.
  3. USB: Another alternative way to connect various audio/video sources. 
  4. Optical port: Great for improving the audio quality of the surround sound.   
  5. Bluetooth 5.3: Easily pair your smartphones, laptops, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices for wireless audio streaming. 

This extensive range of connectivity options allows you to enjoy an audio experience from different devices, making the Boat Mystiq soundbar a good soundbar for your entertainment needs.

Remote Control: Best Party Speaker under 20000

The Boat Mystiq soundbar is equipped with a remote control inside the box. It comes with a user-friendly design to provide convenient access to its various functions and settings. The buttons are clearly labelled for adjusting volume, changing audio modes, navigating through tracks, and controlling other playback options. 

The other dedicated buttons for Bluetooth pairing, input selection, and power on/off are also present. Not to forget that you can effortlessly manage the types of bass, treble, and other controls. The remote control adds to the overall experience of using the Boat soundbar under 5000. 

Speaker Output

The Boat wired soundbar delivers a total output of 100W RMS through its 2.1-channel configuration. It has left and right channels and an additional subwoofer, which is considerably more than enough for a small room. 

The vocals in the Boat Mystiq soundbar, particularly the female vocals, are very sharp.

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The subwoofer of the Boat Mystiq soundbar is designed to complement the soundbar and create a cinematic experience in your home. The only good part of this soundbar is that it can be a good Boat Bluetooth soundbar for watching movies.

The Boat Aavante Bar Mystiq Soundbar delivers a 100W RMS (Root Mean Square) power output through its 2.1 CH (channel) configuration. The subwoofer further enhances the audio output, providing deep and rich bass sounds that add depth and dimension to your audio experience. 

The wired subwoofer, which can be connected separately, adds punch to the low-frequency sounds, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer a more immersive and powerful audio experience. Overall, the Boat Aavante Bar Mystiq Soundbar’s speaker output is impressive and ensures that you get an immersive and cinematic audio experience.

Audio Quality: Boat Wired Soundbar

When we checked the audio quality of the Boat Mystiq soundbar, we found that it sounded terrible and not up to the mark. What is the basic rule of audio quality in the soundbar? It should deliver a clear and balanced sound with minimal distortion. However, this is not the case here. The sound quality is so poor that it is difficult to enjoy any kind of audio content. 

Even if the soundbar had overpowered bass, it is acceptable, but the brash audio quality you hear from this soundbar is simply unbearable. It lacks clarity and depth, making distinguishing between different instruments or vocals in a song quite hard.

Additionally, the EQ modes do little to improve the overall sound quality, as they only seem to enhance certain frequencies without addressing the underlying issues. 

You don’t get the idea that all the frequencies are balanced from this, though. We found that the soundbar’s tuning isn’t working properly. If this had been adjusted correctly, it would have been great. Boat tried to add additional clarity, but the effort failed. 

When we connect the TV to this soundbar, expecting a passable output is problematic. We do not dispute that the soundbar will disperse sound across the room. You will be able to hear the voices, and as watching movies is the only thing that makes this soundbar work well, the sound quality won’t bother you too much. 

Overall, the soundbar fails to deliver on its promise of clear and balanced sound, leaving much to be argued regarding audio enjoyment.

Bass Performance

Have you ever driven past a street listening to loud music on an Auto (tuk-tuk)? We would best characterise it as “Jhintak music,” as it has a loud, booming sound that lacks clarity and depth. The soundbar is not up to par for individuals who like a more sophisticated and immersive audio experience; perhaps those who are more into “hip-hop” forms of music would find it appealing. 

Plus, there is no lower bass. Due to the lack of lower bass, the overall bass performance is subpar. The lesser bass performance further detracts from the overall enjoyment of the audio.

Clarity High Notes: Boat Bluetooth Soundbar

The Boat Aavante soundbar claims to deliver precise and crisp sound, especially in the high-frequency range. Also, the soundbar features two full-range drivers and two tweeters to produce high-pitched notes and high frequencies without any distortion, respectively. 

When we tested this product, the high notes of the soundbar were so sharp that the female vocals would irritate you. And definitely, you would not want to listen to this 100W soundbar at 100% volume. This does not usually happen with many soundbars. It occurs because the power output was given to high notes rather than to the clarity of the soundbar. 

Additionally, it is not balanced on high notes; the Boat Bluetooth soundbar increases the power from the mid-notes. So here in this soundbar, instead of giving power to the high notes, they gave power to the female vocal. From there, more power went to high notes, because of which the female vocals will irritate you. 

You will not enjoy the male vocals because there is no adequate power given to them. The extra power from the male vocals shifted to the female vocals. Henceforth, we were not satisfied with the clarity and high notes of this Boat Aavante soundbar. 

Note: The mid notes come after the lower notes, i.e., the lower and upper bass. Male and female vocals are the two sorts of middle notes, and then in the line are high notes. What Boat has done is that they have supplied extra power to the female vocals, due to which they have become sharper than they actually are. Now, this extra layer of sharpness added to the female vocals will irritate you when you hear female voice and instrumental music.

Warranty and Guarantee: Boat Mystiq Soundbar

The product comes with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. You can simply contact the Boat service centre or the customer helpline number of the Boat with the original invoice and warranty card.

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Verdict: Boat Soundbar under 5000

Finally, we came to the end of the blog on the Boat Mystiq soundbar, and after extensive research on the product, we would not recommend buying it. Saying that, if you are someone looking for a good soundbar under a budget, then you might want to consider Zebronics Juke Bar 8700, Zebronics Juke Bar 1000, Zebronics Juke Bar 9750, LG Soundbar SC9S, and many others. Furthermore, after reading the writeup, deciding whether you want to invest your money in this soundbar is up to you. For more interesting and genuine reviews, visit our website. Lastly, please drop them down in the comments for further suggestions and queries. 

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Watch Video: Boat Mystiq Soundbar Review on Youtube

FAQs: Boat Mystiq Soundbar

The price of Aavante Bar 1160 in India is Rs. 11,999.



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