Zebronics 9750 Soundbar Review- 5.1, Dolby Atmos

At the time of its launch, the Zebronics 9750 5.1 soundbar received positive reviews from users and experts alike for its powerful sound output, versatile connectivity options, and affordability compared to other 5.1 soundbar systems in the market.
While the Zebronics 9750 5.1 soundbars may not be the latest model in the market, it is still a popular choice among consumers looking for an affordable home theatre system that delivers quality audio performance. If you are interested in purchasing the Zebronics 9750 5.1 soundbar, this soundbar is perfect.

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Cinematic Dolby Atmos ExperienceThe Zebronics 9750 Soundbar system offers cinematic Dolby Atmos experience with a 5.1.2 surround sound system, …
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Model Number







5.1 & Above

Compatible Devices

‎Laptop, MP3 Player, Television, Tablet, Smartphone


102.4D x 50.2W x 25.2H Centimeters

Connectivity Options

Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB, Optical, HDMI

HDMI Ports


Special Features

Surround Sound, Remote Control, Deep Bass, USB Port, Multi Connectivity

Audio Format


App Support


Party Lights





Wireless, Yes

Box Components

Satellite–2 units, Sound Bar–1 unit, Input cable–1 unit, Remote control –1 unit, Subwoofer–1 unit, Wall mount bracket with fastenerse


‎11 kg 800 g


₹ 17,999


1 Year Warranty

VM-One Rating
7.9Expert Score
VM-One Rating


Total Output

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Box Content: Zebronics 9750 Soundbar Review

In The Box

‎‎Satellite–2 unit
Sound Bar–1 unit
Input cable–1 unit
Subwoofer–1 unit
Wall mount bracket with fasteners
‎‎Remote control -1 unit

Looks of Zebronics 9750 Soundbar Review

A grey metal grill is given on the front and top with four buttons to control power, volume, and input options. Amazon and their official website show five drivers in front, but you get three drivers (2 are fantastic upward-firing drivers).
The same looks are carried forward in surround channels- metal grill and piano finish. The design of the surround channels is the same, but the drivers are different. Zebronics did cost-saving by keeping the same design but changing drivers. Drivers are the real deal.

Connectivity Options

You get 1 HDMI eARC port (fantastic). HDMI eARC port in this budget will directly decode Dolby atmos. You get USB, an optical port Bluetooth 5.1 support.
You don’t get an excellent quality remote control, but Zebronics has provided better remote controls. However, you get controls of surround channels, subwoofer, and treble. You don’t get free headphones.


Place the surround channels as per the position of your ears. The wireless surround channels must be connected via wire. The subwoofer must be connected to the soundbar with a wire, which is a small con. You get a passive subwoofer.

Result of Audio Tests during Zebronics 9750 Soundbar Review

You get bass, mids, and trebles too. All in all, its audio experience is fantastic even when we kept all the things in front. Surround channels should not be placed at the front. We did that only to make Zebronics 9750 soundbar review.

Its audio is powerful. Soundbar has 225W, each surround channel has 75W and subwoofer has 150W power. People with 400 sqft rooms can go for it. Its audio quality is fulfilling. This 5.1 soundbar has two upward-firing speakers placed at a certain angle (not 90°). The audio hits the ceiling and returns, which gives a magical effect. Forward-firing speakers deliver beautiful mids.

The Quality of the Dialogue

You hear all dialogue. If you have an eARC port on the TV, then the soundbar will display an eARC badging, confirming successful decoding. You will see Dolby atmos being displayed in Netflix HD content too.

Result of Audio Test- Movies- Zebronics 9750 soundbar review

You must have heard the surround effect in the background despite surround channels being placed with the soundbar. If not, then listen to the audio files that we have provided. The surround effect you get is magical. These surround channels are perfectly tuned.

That is why we recommend only a few 5.1 soundbars. But this soundbar is perfect. These surround channels deliver exactly what you should get. Surround channels need to play a higher surround frequency range, and they do it beautifully. Mids or vocals will be heard less. Bass will be negligible (best). The subwoofer and front drivers deliver bass, and the soundbar delivers mids.

In Zebronics 9750 soundbar review, we found that it is perfectly integrated. Place all the devices appropriately for the best experience. There are no lags. They will create a perfect sound stage like a home theatre. All of this guarantees maximum enjoyment.

In the audio tests during Zebronics 9750 soundbar review, the soundbar, subwoofer, and surround channels were placed close. But audio clips were recorded with four mics and perfect placements. After merging them, we uploaded them on the drive. You will hear the authentic audio experience from those recorded audios.

This soundbar costs Rs 23,000.

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Warranty and Guarantee: Sony HT-S400 Soundbar Review

1 Year Warranty

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  1. How to purchase your open box products

  2. If we connect it to Zebronics pixaplay projector can we get immerse sound &Dolby Atmoss , if not which projector/ which sound bar will give immersive effect in a 310 Sft room

  3. If I connect this Zebronics 9750 5.1 sound bar to Zebronics pixaplay projector can I get Dolby Atmoss and immersive feeling in 310 sft room.
    If not what are other alternatives for both sound bar and projector

  4. Can u suggest rhe best settings of bass treble center surround for juke bar 9850 pro dolby atmos

  5. 1. Do we feel surround sound effects in Dolby Atmos speakers if it(audio file) encoded in DTS: X format.
    2. Can we feel surround sound experience with DTS:X speakers if the video is encoded in Dolby Atmos?

  6. Hello, My tv doesn’t support eARC but support ARC. Can i get dolby audio and surrounded sound in this soundbar. And how can i get dolby atoms if my tv doesn’t support Atoms.can i buy this soundbar

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