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Slip On Your Party Shoes And Bash With Zebronics Juke Bar 8700 Pro

Zebronics Juke Bar 8700 Pro: No matter where we are, the sound of music has an immense power to stir up our senses and whisk us away to a place of pure joy and euphoria. And nothing can channel this aural experience in a better way than a soundbar. To put it quite simply, with the new-age Zebronics soundbar, the language of music is uttered with the most extraordinary clarity and accuracy. 

Not only that, Zebronics has done a remarkable job of moulding the soundbar with colossal sound capabilities. The sound of Zebronics Juke Bar 8700 Pro is so sonorous that it will transport you to a state where every note and beat can be felt deep within your soul.

So, are you ready to slip on your dancing shoes and bash? Let’s dive deeper into a detailed blog post on the Zebronics 8700 soundbar and absorb all the features it has to offer.

Why is The Zebronics Jukebar 8700 Pro a New-Age Soundbar?

Due to the major modifications that were made to the drivers of Zebronics’ most recent soundbar, the new Zebronics Juke Bar 8700 soundbar is now referred to as a new-age soundbar.


160-watt output RMS
13.33 cm Wireless subwoofer with dual drivers
Multi-connectivity and LED display
Control option panel on the side of the subwoofer
A Virtual 5.1 soundbar with Dolby Audio
Wall mountable soundbar
It comes with a fully functional remote control
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Fantastic Sound ChannelThe ZEBRONICS Juke Bar 8700 PRO is a powerful home entertainment system with a 160W wireless subwoofer, 13.33 cm driver, …
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Model Number







5.1 & Above

Compatible Devices

‎‎TV, Laptop ,Tablets


Subwoofer: 15 x 25 x 35 cm
Sound bar: 75 x 6.85 x 7.5 cm

Connectivity Options

HDMI ARC, AUX, USB, Bluetooth v5.0

HDMI Ports


Special Features

Wireless, Bluetooth, Remote Control, USB Port

Audio Format


App Support


Party Lights





Wireless, Yes

Box Components

QR code guide, Sound Bar, Input cable, Wall mount bracket with fasteners, Power adapter, Subwoofer, Remote control


4 kg 630 g


₹ 6,999


One-year warranty

VM-One Rating
8.9Expert Score
VM-One Rating

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Total Output

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What is inside the Box? Zebronics Juke Bar 8700 Pro

When the Zebronics Juke Bar 8700 Pro Soundbar was unpacked, it came with every piece of equipment required, as mentioned below, for a complete sound system setup.

QR code guide
Sound Bar
Input cable
Wall mount bracket with
Power adapter

Connectivity Options

The Zebronics Juke Bar 8700 Pro soundbar has all the connectivity options, ranging from HDMI (ARC) and optical input to AUX and Bluetooth 5.0. It offers versatile connectivity options to ensure compatibility with a wide range of devices, which makes it the best Zebronics party speaker on the market.

Remote Control

In addition to having a simple, comfortable-to-hold design, the Zebronics soundbar boasts a fully functional remote control that makes it simple to change tracks, adjust volume, and adjust other sound settings. 

Speaker Output

The Zebronics Juke Bar 8700 Pro produces a fantastic 160-watt peak output by perfectly balancing the 90-watt output of the subwoofer and the 70-watt output of the soundbar to provide clear, crisp sound. A thrilling and captivating aural experience is what the Zebronics party speakers promise to deliver, making them perfect for any party or gathering.

Audio Quality

First of all, the Zebronics Juke Bar 8700 Pro soundbar is licenced with Dolby Audio technology, which means that you can expect sharp and clear audio quality. However, is it true that you actually get such good audio? An audio file featuring a sample recording made with the Zebronics Juke Bar 8700 Pro soundbar is included below for your reference.

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Bass Performance

Zebronics Juke Bar 8700 Pro design is sleek but a bit tall, so we thought that it wouldn’t deliver the bass performance expected from a soundbar of its size. However, upon testing the Zebronics Juke Bar 8700 Pro, we were pleasantly surprised because the bass output was so punchy and powerful that it exceeded expectations. The soundbar managed to fill the room with deep, rich bass that added a whole new dimension to the audio experience. It truly proved that looks can be deceiving, as its tall design did not hinder its ability to deliver impressive bass performance.

Note: The audio samples in this blog post are at zero-level bass, so to hear the Zebronics Juke Bar 8700 Pro’s true bass performance, turn the volume up to +5. At that point, the bass will seem to be so intense that it will make your walls tremble with its powerful vibrations. However, because the audio tuning is appropriate, you don’t need to turn up the bass.

Furthermore, the finest feature is that the music never sounds out of proportion when the bass and subwoofer outputs are increased. Many soundbars on the market affect the audio quality when the treble and bass are adjusted because the frequencies become out of balance. However, this is not the case with the Zebronics Juke Bar 8700 Pro soundbar.

The Zebronics Juke Bar 8700 Pro soundbar maintains a perfect balance between the treble and bass frequencies, ensuring that the audio quality remains exceptional even when the bass and subwoofer outputs are increased. Moreover, the Zeb soundbar is the ultimate gift for bass lovers and those who enjoy thumping music and bass that makes them groove with its rhythm, which makes it the best Zebronics party speakers under 7,000.

Clarity High Notes

The clarity you get in the Zebronics Juke Bar 8700 Pro is supreme; the question is, how did this happen? This happened because of the twin oval drivers. The twin oval drivers used in the subwoofer are 2×3.35 inches. Now, the two oval drivers are full-range drivers. This means that they are capable of producing high notes, mid notes, and low notes with equal precision and clarity. Whether you’re listening to delicate melodies or powerful beats, the Zebronics Juke Bar 8700 Pro delivers exceptional performance across all frequencies, which makes it the best Zebronics sound bar under 10000. 

Note: Although the Zebronics Juke Bar 8700 Pro Soundbar is a 2.1-channel system with a primary speaker and a subwoofer for increased bass, it makes a claim to provide a virtual 1.5. The Zebronics Juke Bar 8700 Pro Soundbar will enhance your movie-watching experience or music-listening sessions, even though it might not offer the full surround sound experience.

Warranty and Guarantee

You will not enjoy the male vocals because there is no adequate power given to them. The extra power from the male vocals shifted to the female vocals. Henceforth, we were not satisfied with the clarity and high notes of this Boat Aavante soundbar. 

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Final Verdict: Zebronics Juke Bar 8700 Pro

The new-age Zebronics Juke Bar 8700 Pro Soundbar, which features the Dolby Audio signature, is without a doubt the pinnacle of the company’s offerings. For a soundbar that costs between 7,000 and 8,000 INR, people can expect a level of sharpness and clarity in the audio that will astound them. This soundbar’s bass is yet another incredible feature; it generates powerful, rich tones that enhance the entire listening experience. Hello, bass lovers! This soundbar is definitely for you; it will force you to don those dancing shoes on and hit the dance floor with a bash. Lastly, this soundbar’s cinematic experience is unparalleled, making it the best Zebronics soundbar under 10000. 

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Watch Zeb 8700 Soundbar Review On Youtube


The pricing depends on the retailer and the ongoing promotions that are occurring, it’s better if you check the e-commerce site for accurate price information. 


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