Zebronics Jukebar 9102 Pro Review: Foray Into the World of Epic Sound


Zebronics JukeBar 9102 PRO review: What are your expectations when you install a sound system? That you get to experience an audio with the utmost clarity and immaculate sound, and why not? Everyone wishes that the soundbar they are opting for would offer the ‘cream of the crop sound stage, separation and audio quality.


And maybe your wish will come true with the Zebronics Dolby Atmos soundbar, which not only has a 5.1 channel but is also integrated with jet-set features. All the inclusion of the finest enhancement makes this new-age Zebronics Jukebar soundbar a pioneer at offering a proper sonic stage and makes it one of the best soundbars under 10K. Now that all things have been said, with our Zebronics Jukebar 9102 Pro review, we will foray into all the details to understand how this Zebronics soundbar allows you to explore authentic audio. 

Highlights :Zebronics JukeBar 9102 PRO Review

Zebronics Juke Bar 9102 PRO Review

(ZEB - Juke bar 9102 Pro Dolby)

₹ 11,999



VM-One Rating


Total Output
Virtual Surround

Design & Looks: Zebronics JukeBar 9102 PRO Review

This Zebronics soundbar shares a similar appearance and design with Zebronic’s standard offerings. The Zebronics soundbar has a sleek, grey metal grill on the front that adds to its upscale appearance. Its piano black finish at the top matches well with any type of interior design. Additionally, RGB lights—which are quite in trend—adorn both sides of the Zebronics soundbar. You may adjust or switch them on or off with a remote control or with the buttons present on the soundbar, according to the way you like it. 

With the buttons located on one side of the soundbar, you can manage the volume settings and turn the input on and off simultaneously. Furthermore, the connecting choices are all visible at the rear of the soundbar. Along with that, you will get a port to connect the subwoofer as well. 

Further, the built quality of the subwoofer is optimal, and it is 6.5 cm.

Note: A lot of you place the subwoofer on the table. But we recommend you please stop doing that. Setting the subwoofer on a table can hinder its performance and limit the bass impact. For a clear and authentic sound quality, it is recommended to position the subwoofer on the floor or a stable surface near the soundbar.


zebronics jukebar 9102 pro
Dolby Audio

What's In the Box: Zebronics Soundbar

As we were unravelling the Zebronics Jukebar soundbar, we found the following parts, which together complete the audio system:

Connectivity Options: Zebronics JukeBar 9102 PRO Review

The Zebronics soundbar comes with a number of sound-savvy connectivity options like Optical IN, AUX, HDMI (ARC), USB, Bluetooth v.5.0  to offer a seamless connection with your handy devices like tabs, cell phones and laptops and moreover the big entertainment system like T.V. 

Note: Please take note that the Zebronics Soundbar includes a wired subwoofer. In order to provide a smooth connection, the connector is provided at the back of the soundbar.

Connectivity Options

Remote Control : Zebronics JukeBar 9102 PRO review

The Zebronics Jukebar soundbar comes with a sleek remote that does all the necessary functions for controlling the soundbar. Its ergonomic design allows for quick access to various settings, such as volume control, playback options, and input selection.

Zebronics jukebar 9102
Remote Control

Speaker Output : Zebronics JukeBar 9102 PRO Review

The peak output of the Zebronics Soundbar is 240W, which results in a blast of power audio quality. Why? Do you not believe us? Well, you can listen to the testimony provided below.

Audio Quality: Zebronics JukeBar 9102 PRO Review

With the Zebronics Juke Bar 9102 PRO review, we got to experience a powerful surge of sound and the sharpest audio quality. The sharpness of the sound is on point—not too low and not too high—precisely what you want to hear. Now, what will happen if the sharpness is too high? 

If the sharpness is too high, it can result in a harsh and piercing sound that may be uncomfortable to listen to. It can also potentially lead to distortion or a loss of clarity in the audio. Just like it happened with our previous review of Boat Mystiq Soundbar, which produced a cacophony instead of pleasant music. Because of this horrendous experience, that soundbar landed on our list of non-recommended products.  However, the sharpness is adequate when using the Zebronics soundbar, as it is carefully calibrated to deliver a balanced and pleasing audio experience.

Note: Word of mouth says that this Zebronics Soundbar is the 2.1 channel version of the 5.1 channel soundbar. But it’s completely bogus and not a fact. This soundbar comes with 4 full-range drivers, which deliver the enchantment of sound.  

This Zebronics Jukebar Soundbar comprises four full-range drivers, which are oval-shaped and each 3.35 inches in size, providing you with auditory wonders. Moreover, you also gain the support of Dolby Audio. Now, holding a Dolby Audio licence implies that the full-range drivers are reproducing a wide range of frequencies in the same manner as their design and tuning mandate. That’s the reason we are currently obsessed with this soundbar.

Whether you focus on low frequencies in the sound or the background music score, you will perceive the same subtleties in the audio. You will be likely to pick up each tiny nuance and sound effect that is included in the audio. And that’s what makes this Zebronics soundbar the best soundbar under 10K.

Fighter Teaser


Bass Performance

During the Zebronics Juke Bar 9102 PRO review, we discerned that the bass is slightly overpowered for our liking. This indicates that you will get a rich bass that will shake the walls of your living space and reverberate in the entire room.

Note: You have to keep two things in mind. 

  • First and foremost, place the subwoofer on the floor. Do not put it above the console or TV cabinet you have built for the placement of any sound system. If you do so, the entire soundbar’s audio delivery will be compromised. 
  • Secondarily, you need to maintain a perfectly neutral bass setting. You can go as high as +3, +4, and +5, but you shouldn’t. If you keep it at zero, the bass will vibrate all the way through. 

We enjoyed it more when we tuned it to -2, which is the appropriate level as the bass you get in this soundbar is heavy bass. Whatever the case, this soundbar is a gift for music buffs who adore bass more because it produces rich, punchy bass.

Clarity/High Notes

In our earlier Zebronics Juke Bar 9102 PRO review, we discussed how adequate sharpness is instrumental to its immaculate audio quality. In a similar vein, with the sufficient sharpness of the Zebronics soundbar audio, you can clearly hear the high notes. And what happens when you get high-note delivery with clarity? You get to listen to precise mid-notes as well, whether they are produced by females or males. This intensifies the overall auditory experience and allows for a more engrossing soundstage.

For your comprehension, you can hear how well-defined the mid-notes are in the audio file below. Listen to it carefully because that’s how you are going to know the difference between a high-quality audio system and a mediocre one. 


Did you hear the sharpness in the mid-notes or the vocals? When you listen to the vocals carefully, you will get to know that every single word is delivered crisply and clearly. And the crispness is all you need. It adds a level of definition to the sound, making it easier to appreciate the nuances in the music or dialogue. Due to the accurate reproduction of bass, vocals, and high notes, this Zebronics Soundbar allows for a more immersive and enjoyable listening experience. It brings out the depth and richness of the music, enhancing the overall quality.

On the other hand, a mediocre audio system or a soundbar that delivers cacophony-like music or is built to deliver loud wedding songs can be quite unpleasant and daunting to listen to. Honestly, you don’t need that. You require an audio system that can deliver clear and balanced sound. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the music or dialogue without any distractions or harshness in the sound. With a high-quality audio system like this Zebronics Jukebar soundbar, you can truly appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship behind the recordings, enhancing your overall enjoyment of the listening experience. 

Doesn’t all this make it the best budget soundbar under 10000? It certainly seems like the Zebronics soundbar is the top contender for the title. With its ability to deliver clear and precise high and mid notes, it provides a nuanced listening experience that is hard to beat in its price range.

Surround Sound

When the Zebronics Jukebar 9102 Pro review was in motion, we got to experience a remarkable cinematic experience with the 5.1 virtual surround sound feature. But that is where the fun ceases because you won’t experience a true surround sound but rather merely a virtual effect. Nonetheless, what’s going to greet you is a natural sound that fills your room, providing a sensory feast and enveloping you in the movie or music you’re enjoying.

Pros & Cons - (Detailed)

  • The tuning of the Soundbar & Subwoofer is impeccable, and the precise sharpness of the audio is what makes it the best soundbar under 10K.
  • The four full-range drivers of the Zebronics Jukebar Soundbar are magical in delivering immersive sound quality that fills the entire room.
  • The bass is precise in this Zebronics Soundbar, delivering more details than before. It delivers a Surround too.
  • The crisp & clear vocals of this Zebronics Jukebar Soundbar bring an added level of depth to any audio experience
  • The only drawback we faced during the Zebronics Jukebar 9102 Pro review was the inclusion of a wired subwoofer. If it were a wireless subwoofer, it would have provided more flexibility in terms of placement and reduced clutter

Key Specs

Speakers Drivers

  • Subwoofer 16.51cm
  • Sound bar (5.5 x 8.5) cm x 4

Audio Output

  • Subwoofer 120W
  • Soundbar 30W x 4
  • Total 240W

Specs and Features

  • Dolby Audio
  • LED Display and RGB Lights
  • Volume/Media Control
  • Wall Mountable
  • Sound Bar with Quad Drivers
  • Glossy Finish

Included Components

  • Soundbar 1 U
  • Subwoofer 1 U
  • Remote Control 1 U
  • Input cable 1 U
  • QR Code Guide 1 U
  • Wall mount fasteners 1 U

Weight & Dimensions

  • 5.8 Kilograms
  • 17.3 x 98.5 x 40.2 cm

Connectivity Options

  • Optical
  • USB
  • AUX
  • Bluetooth


      ₹ 11,999.00

Warranty and Guarantee: Zebronics JukeBar 9102 PRO review

The Zebronics Jukebar Soundbar comes with 1 year of warranty from the year of purchase, which is a plus for users, providing them with the ease of getting it serviced free of charge

Final Verdict : Zebronics JukeBar 9102 PRO Review

We had a great time listening to music on this audio system, and that brings our Zebronics Juke Bar 9102 PRO review to a close. The sharpness of the sound was noteworthy, and the audio quality was flawless. You’ll understand what we’re trying to explain when you get this Zebronics soundbar and listen to the audio content for yourself. Moreover, the high-note and mid-note delivery is out of this world, creating a truly immersive listening experience. Last but not least, the Dolby Audio integration and licencing make this Zebronics Jukebar Soundbar the best budget soundbar under 10000.

zebronics soundbar
Zebronics Jukebar 9102 Pro Dolby

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FAQs: Zebronics JukeBar 9102 PRO review

Zebronics is a reputable brand in the electronics industry, offering top-tier products that include soundbars.

To reset your Zebronics Juke bar, you can follow these steps: 

  1. Locate the reset button on the soundbar.
  2. The second method involves holding down the reset button for ten to fifteen seconds, or until the soundbar’s LED lights come on.

This will indicate that your soundbar has been reset. 

When comparing Sony and Zebronics, the better choice depends on your personal preferences and requirements.

When considering trust in Zebronics, it is vital to do thorough research and read customer reviews to gauge the performance and durability of the particular sound system being referred to.

Some of Zebronics’ competitors are Logitech, JBL and BoAt, giving the brand a tough competition for delivering top-tier soundbars.

The price of Zebronics 9400 Pro in India may vary depending on the retailer and any ongoing promotions or discounts.


















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