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A high-end TV, the Samsung QN90B QLED is the successor to the Samsung QN90A QLED. It is a member of Samsung’s Neo QLED TV series for 2022. It combines quantum dot colour technology with a Mini LED backlight to provide higher brightness levels. They provide more precise control of the local dimming zones. It stands between the Samsung QN95B QLED, which includes Samsung’s external One Connect box, and the Samsung QN85B QLED, which offers comparable performance with an ADS panel.

It features Samsung’s Tizen OS smart interface, which has a wide range of apps and games, just like other Samsung Televisions. The addition of capabilities, such as support for Google Duo, which enables video conversations with up to 32 people right on your TV by connecting a supported webcam to the TV, is Samsung’s main focus this year.

samsung qn90b tv review
Samsung Q90B TV 65 Inch | Samsung QN90B Price India

Samsung QN90B TV 65 Inch

Other Sizes

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samsung QN90B TV 65 Inch

₹ 1,99,990


    Samsung QN90B TV

    samsung q90b 65 inch tv review

    Looks 9
    Panel 10
    Connectivity Options 10
    OS 8
    Colors 9
    Audio Quality 8


    • Excellent Panel with Fantastic Peak HDR Brightness
    • Great Colors and Great Blacks
    • HDR10+ content looks amazing
    • No Reflections in the Panel whatsoever


    • Lacks Dolby Vision Support
    • Adaptive Mode (Auto Brightness)
    • Default Filmmaker Mode
    • Wobbles on Stand

    Looks- Samsung QN90B TV Review

    The Samsung QN90B offers a contemporary, elegant appearance with its minimal bezels and slim stand. The sturdy central stand looks fantastic and takes up very little room, and the overall design is very similar to the Samsung QN90A QLED.



    The centre-mounted stand doesn’t occupy much room on your table despite being rather weighty and compact. The TV might easily wobble because of the stand’s diminutive size.

    samsung Q90B tv stand


    The TV’s back is made primarily of plastic, but it has subtle horizontal etched lines that give it the appearance of brushed aluminium. To help with cable management, horizontal channels span the entire width of the TV and connect to parallel channels in the stand.

    Remote Control

    remote control - samsung q90b
    Remote Control-Best QLED TV in India (Picture Credit: Samsung)

    Although the remote is compact and simple to use, it only has a small number of buttons, so most adjustments must be made through the TV’s menu system. Unfortunately, you cannot remap the four quick-access buttons for the most popular streaming providers to your favourites. The remote can be recharged via a USB-C connection or the solar panel on the back (sold separately).

    Although the Samsung QN90B is compatible with several voice assistants, such as Bixby, Google Assistant, and Alexa, it doesn’t have a hands-free mode, so you must use the remote. Voice controls function nicely and let you open applications, switch inputs, or alter specific settings.

    Connectivity Options

    connectivity Options - samsung Q90B
    Connectivity Options (Picture Credit: Samsung)

    It has 4 HDMI, 2 USB, an optical port and other ports. The 4 HDMI ports are ARC (1 eARC and one 4K@120hz). You get Bluetooth 5.2 and dual-band wifi. 

    Up to 4k @ 120Hz, the Samsung QN90B supports all standard resolutions.

    Displaying 4k @ 120Hz signals correctly is possible without problems, such as resolution halving.

    With eARC support, the Samsung QN90B can send high-quality, uncompressed audio from a connected source to your soundbar or home theatre system. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support any DTS formats, which is unfortunate because UHD Blu-rays frequently use DTS for their lossless audio tracks.

    Operating System- Samsung QN90B TV Review

    It has the latest version of Tizen OS. The Tizen OS 2022 version is quick and simple to operate. Instead of the bar that was present in the previous version, the interface now takes up the entire screen. Your favourite material is more straightforward to find as a result.

    It supports Google Assistant, Alexa and Bixby. Almost all OTT apps are pre-downloaded. Built-in apps cover the most popular streaming services, and Samsung’s app store also has a vast range of other apps. Also, it works with Google Duo, which enables webcam-to-TV video chats with up to 32 people. It is light and smooth. Samsung TV+ feature with 80+ accessible and live channels. 

    GOOGLE DUO - Samsung Q90B
    Video call with Google Duo – Samsung Neo QLED TV 2023 (Picture Credit: Samsung)


    Panel- Samsung QN90B TV Review

    samsung 65 inch tv qled 2023
    Samsung Neo Qled TV 2023 – Samsung QN90B TV

    It has 8 bit FRC Mini LED VA Neo QLED panel with 2000 nits peak HDR brightness. It delivers up to 2100 nits brightness on 50% windows (fabulous). If a scene requires it, TV can give it this enormous, phenomenal brightness. Its sustained brightness is 780 nits. Sustained brightness is the overall brightness in a scene. But if a specific area in the scene requires more brightness, this TV will do it. 

    The Anti Reflective Coating will produce a minimum reflection. It won’t be zero. But such reduced reflection is due to its own high brightness. 

    Video formats- Samsung QN90B TV Review

    It has HDR10, HDR10+ Adaptive, HDR10+ gaming, HLG and Quantum HDR 32X support. What do these mean? What is HDR10+ Adaptive? If a scene has dark and light areas, then HDR10+ Adaptive will automatically do that. It will collect brightness metadata and will then adapt as per the scene. HDR10+ Gaming is the HDR10+ Adaptive support during gaming. It happens due to HDR 32X. 

    This tech collects metadata scene by scene and adjusts contrast and brightness automatically. This leads to realistic picture quality, which guarantees max enjoyment. 

    Full Array Local Dimming

    It has a full array of local dimming, but it was tiresome to calculate them. It has 720 dimming zones. Quantum Matrix tech in backlighting means mini LEDs. Mini LEDs are put in large quantities, hence more brightness and dimming zones. It translates to fantastic picture quality. 

    In HDR10+ content also, the filmmaker mode gets turned on by default. We recommend you keep it off. That gives dynamic mode, which we think is far better. It exhibits more details and better colours. HDR10 will shine. 

    Colour Profile: Samsung QN90B TV Review

    The colour profile is natural. There are no artificial or over-saturated colours. You enjoy them most. Its colour depth is 100%. You will enjoy all content. This HD content is beautifully upscaled. It doesn’t support Dolby Vision, but Dolby vision content looks good. Dolby Vision content played on Netflix in HDR format was fantastic. With natural colours and high brightness, the TV shows excellent details. You enjoy such picture quality. 

    Other Tests

    Samsung Neo QLED is known for good blacks. Its blacks are fantastic due to the full array of local dimming and high brightness. We tested dimming, and it was terrific. We tried blooming too. It was negligible but not zero. All full array local dimming panels show blooming, but due to mini LEDs, blooming is controlled in it. The performance of SD channels is fantastic, even in a 65-inch TV. The Neo Quantum 4K Processor upscales picture so beautifully on such a big screen. HD channels are more enjoyable as they appear fabulous. 

    Neo Quantum 4K Processor ( Picture Credit: Samsung)


    Upscaling and Viewing Angles

    The 720p content is mesmerizing. 1080p content appears as the 4K content. And the 4K content gives you a cinematic feeling. This model has the best upscaling. 

    The viewing angles of this VA panel are surprisingly fantastic. There is no colour or brightness loss on extreme sides. It is due to mini LEDs that give such good angles. A typical LED can’t provide the best viewing angles in a VA panel, but mini LEDs can. 


    HDR Gaming - Samsung Q90B TV
    HDR visuals by FreeSync Premium Pro – Gaming – (Picture Credit: Samsung)

    It has ALLM, Freesync Premium Pro, 4K @ 120Hz and 6 ms input lag. You get HGIG support, i.e. HDR gaming facility. 

    Audio Quality: Samsung QN90B TV Review

    Its audio quality is different. It has 4.2.2 configuration 60W speakers with Dolby Atmos support. 

    The speakers are excellent and clear. But for a cinematic experience, a soundbar is a must. 

    This was absolutely cinematic. We recommend you buy a good soundbar. Attaching the Q series soundbar will produce a sound not only from the soundbar but also from the TV. Samsung Neo and Samsung Q series soundbars give you a wireless Dolby Atmos experience. It starts from 50 inches, and these are their prices. 

    dolby atmos - samsung q90b -best qled tv in india
    Dolby Atmos: Samsung QN90B TV Review (Picture Credit: Samsung)


    Pros & Cons

    Conclusion: Best QLED TV in India

    If you can afford it and like it, go for it. You won’t miss Dolby Vision. Its colours and brightness are unique. You see the minutest details. But we recommend you get an excellent soundbar for a cinematic experience. 

    Key Specs

    DESIGNSlim Bezel Design;
    Plastic Body;
    Metal Stand
    RESOLUTION4K Ultra HD 3840×2160 100Hz Variable Refresh Rate
    PANEL8 Bit FRC VA Mini LED Neo QLED Panel;
    Peak HDR Brightness 2000 Nits;
    Sustained Brightness 780 Nits;
    HDR 10+ Adaptive/Gaming and HLG;
    Quantum HDR 32X;
    Anti-Reflective Coating Panel
    FEATURESFull Array Local Dimming Panel;
    720 Dimming Zones;
    Quantum Matrix Technology,
    Neo Quantum 4K Processor,
    Depth Enhancer (Contrast is Enhanced);
    Brightness Sensor;
    FreeSync Premium Pro;
    4K @ 120Hz
    Apple AirPlay 2;
    Google Assistant, Alexa, Bixby
    CPU & GPUQuad Core CPU;
    Dual Core GPU;
    2.25 GB RAM & GB Storage
    AUDIO60W speakers and Subwoofers,
    Dolby Atmos with 4.2.2 Upward firing Speakers;
    Object Tracking Sound+
    CONNECTIVITY4 HDMI (1eARC + 1HFR High Frame Rate 4K @120Hz),
    2 USB, Optical Audio Port;
    Bluetooth 5.2;
    Dual Band WiFi;
    PRICE₹ 1,87,000

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    Reviewed By: Vineet Malhotra

    Written By: Rachita Jain

    Disclaimer: Please note that the prices mentioned in the article were recorded on the publishing date. Prices may change with time.

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