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Zeb Roxor DJ Speakers Review 2024: Music that will lit your Party up

Zeb Roxor DJ Speakers Review: In the realm of entertainment technology, the fusion of cutting-edge audio quality and immersive sound experience has always been a focal point. Introducing the trailblazing innovation from India’s leading audio brand, the ZEB Roxor DJ speaker, begins a new era in sound excellence. 

So, are you ready to ignite your entertainment experience with this Zebronics party speaker, the first DJ party speaker by an Indian audio brand featuring Dolby Audio?

Offering a fusion of immense clarity and vibrant sound, this speaker is set to revolutionise your auditory journey, delivering an immersive and dynamic experience like never before. Want to know how? Let’s begin!

Zebronics has not sent us the Zeb Roxor DJ speakers. We have bought it. To make a thorough Zeb Roxor DJ speakers review, we have been consistently testing the Zeb Roxor party speaker for the last 1.5 months. Post that, we have made its trueview. You have access to all the links containing audio files, providing insights into its authentic sound quality. These files feature the songs played by this speaker while we were making the Zeb Roxor DJ speakers review.


Dolby Audio Support
RGB LED Lights
Mic & Guitar Input
Wireless UHF Mic
Dual Full Range Drivers
Two Tweeters
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The Zebronics Zeb Roxor DJ Speaker 100W offers Bluetooth, HDMI ARC, Optical, USB, and AUX connectivity. It features Dolby Audio, a wireless UHF …
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Model Number








Compatible Devices

Smartphones and Tablets, Televisions, Computers and Laptops, Gaming Consoles, Blu-ray Players and DVD Players, USB Devices, Microphones


27.7 x 27.7 x 56 Centimeters

Connectivity Options

Bluetooth, HDMI ARC, Optical, USB, AUX in-out, Dolby Audio, Wireless UHF MIC, Karaoke, TWS, LED Lights, Recording Function

HDMI Ports


Special Features

‎Wireless, Portable, Bluetooth

Audio Format


App Support


Party Lights




Box Components

DJ Speaker, Remote- 1 unit, Wireless Mic- 1 unit, Power Cord- 1 unit, Mic Receiver- 1 unit, Input cable- 1 unit, HDMI Cable- 1 unit, QR Code Guide – 1 unit






1 Year

VM-One Rating
9.2Expert Score
VM-One Rating

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Total Output

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Box Content: Zeb Roxor DJ Speakers

In The Box

DJ Speaker
Remote- 1 unit
Wireless Mic- 1 unit
Power Cord- 1 unit 
Mic Reciever- 1 unit
Input cable- 1 unit
HDMI Cable- 1 unit
QR Code Guide – 1 unit


The Zeb Roxor DJ speakers are bundled with several accessories to enhance user experience and functionality. You get a remote control, a wireless Mic, Mic receiver, HDMI cable, AUX cable, Power cord, Input cable.

Design and Looks: Zebronics Party Speaker

The Zeb Roxor DJ speakers have a fantastic design made of solid plastic, guaranteeing both durability and style. Vibrant RGB LED lights adorning the front of it contrast with its sleek exterior, instantly creating a dynamic and lively party atmosphere with a stunning light show.

To further enhance its usefulness, the speaker has a designated area for safely holding your phone, highlighting not only robust built quality but also the optimum use of available space.

Connectivity Options: Zebronics Speaker with Mic

Connectivity concerns become a thing of the past with the Zeb Roxor DJ speakers, as it provides a plethora of input options, including:

Bluetooth v5.0
Optical In
Mic In
Guitar/Mic In

A microphone and guitar input enhance its utility for diverse entertainment setups. Elevating the experience further, this speaker facilitates the dawn of your party with a wireless UHF mic, enabling karaoke sessions with your friends. 

“During the Zeb Roxor DJ speaker review, we also tested it by using the karaoke feature and we were completely satisfied with the results. There was a perfect balance of music and the karaoke audio.”

Karaoke Capabilities

During the Zeb Roxor DJ speakers review, we also tested it by using the karaoke feature, and we were completely satisfied with the results. What began as a testing session swiftly got converted into a fun session when we started using Karaoke.

We sang many songs, and we were stunned by the optimum level of clarity that this speaker offered. What we witnessed was a perfect balance of music and the karaoke audio. Neither the music was dominating the karaoke nor did the karaoke out-sang the music. Both things were in a melody, which is quite hard to achieve in music systems at such a price point.

Remote Control: Best Party Speaker under 20000

The remote control of this Zebronics Bluetooth speaker allows you to control both the volume and bass levels to create diverse musical atmospheres—a gentle melody or lively jazz beats. Additionally, the remote control provides further customisation with treble, equaliser settings, and a karaoke option, allowing you to tailor your favourite tracks precisely to your preferences, ensuring a personalised musical experience.

Caution: Party speakers or soundbars may have problems, especially if there is a short circuit on the printed circuit board (PCB), which prevents the audio equipment from operating normally. Voltage fluctuations can often lead to the Integrated Circuit (IC) breakdown, resulting in extensive damage to the entire PCB, affecting the speaker’s performance and reliability. 

Purchasing a high-quality surge-protector multi-plug is advised to avoid such electrical issues, as it serves as a defence against voltage spikes and fluctuations. Once you have the surge protector, connecting your party speaker to it provides an added layer of protection by reducing the risks associated with power surges, ensuring a more stable and secure power supply to your audio equipment.”

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Speaker Output

  1. The Zeb-Roxor boasts a dual-speaker setup featuring two high-quality speakers that work in unison to deliver a robust and immersive audio experience.
  2. It incorporates two tweeters to enhance the high-frequency sounds and provide clear, detailed audio output, complementing the speaker arrangement.
  3. With a robust speaker output of 100W, the Zeb Roxor DJ speakers amplifies your music with remarkable depth and clarity, making it appropriate for various entertainment environments.

Audio Quality: Zebronics Bluetooth Speakers

  1. After thoroughly reviewing the Zeb Roxor DJ speakers, we can surely say that this speaker has a perfect balance of upper and lower bass. It gives you a rich and clear sound experience. 
  2. It uses the higher bass sounds just right, so everything sounds balanced and complete. 
  3. Plus, when it comes to the deeper bass sounds, it hits hard and makes the music sound really good. 
  4. The Zebronics Bluetooth speakers use Dolby Audio technology. It has two tweeters that make all the magic happen. Together, they make the sound fantastic and give you an amazing, detailed, enjoyable audio performance.

Bass Performance

According to our Zeb Roxor DJ speakers review, it excels in its upper bass delivery, maintaining a perfectly balanced proportion that adds depth and richness to the overall audio output. Notably, this party speaker impresses with its lower bass frequencies. The Zeb Roxor DJ speaker delivers a satisfying and impactful punch of the lower bass that resonates through the audio, enhancing the immersive experience for the listeners.

With this perfect combination of upper and lower bass in Zeb Roxor DJ speakers, you will feel the bass from the ground to your body, which indeed is an incredible experience. 

Clarity High Notes: Zeb Roxor DJ Speakers

Commonly, party speakers flooding the market prioritise booming bass levels, typically catering exclusively to party environments. These speakers might not be the ideal choice for enjoying movies or post-party gatherings due to their singular focus on amplifying bass. However, the advent of Zeb Roxor DJ speakers marks a significant departure from this trend.

Because of its integrated Dolby Audio support, this outstanding party speaker offers not only power but also unmatched clarity, going above and beyond the standard. The Zeb-Roxor stands out due to its dual drivers and dual tweeters, which work together to produce a clear, detailed, and immersive audio experience. 

This innovation breaks away from the single ‘party-only’ speaker stereotype, making the Zeb-Roxor an excellent option for movie nights or post-party.

Surround Sound 5.1 Effect

We invest in a 5.1 soundbar not only for listening to songs or watching serials, but we also connect it to our TV and use it for watching movies and TV series. Likewise, we also tested the cinematic experience of the soundbar and tried to have a cinema hall-like experience at our home.

Talking about the clarity of the soundbar, you can listen to all the dialogue very clearly. However, the bass, punch and audio output delivered by the GOVO GoSurround 950 is on another level.

Warranty and Guarantee: Zebronics Party Speaker

This best party speaker under 20000 is accompanied by a reassuring 1-year warranty. A good warranty serves as a testament to the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s quality and performance.

A Short Comparison between Zeb Roxor DJ Speakers and JBL 310

Power Output100W200W
Portablegreen tickgreen tick
LED Lightsgreen tickgreen tick
Battery-Poweredgreen tickgreen tick
HDMI ARC Portgreen tickred wrong
Dolby Audio Supportgreen tickred wrong
Price₹ 17,000₹ 40,000

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Final Verdict: Zeb Roxor DJ Speakers

According to our thorough Zeb Roxor DJ party speakers review, this audio system stands out as the best option for people looking for a smooth transition from party atmosphere to post-celebration leisure. This Zebronics party speaker provides an amazing balance between bass depth and audio clarity, resulting in a rich and precise sound experience.Its optimum use of upper bass ensures a well-rounded audio output, while its punch of lower bass frequencies yields an impressively satisfying audio experience. Dolby Audio technology and the addition of two tweeters do all the magic as they combine to produce an amazing audio performance. So, what are you waiting for? Get this amazing party speaker to infuse your party with electrifying music.

Watch Zeb Roxor DJ Speakers Review on Youtube


Yes, the Zeb Roxor DJ party speaker is definitely worth the purchase.



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