Buying Guide For Room Heater in India 2024: How to Choose, Use, and Maintain Room Heaters

What is the Importance of Room Heaters?

  • Essential for the chilly weather.
  • Can maintain a consistent temperature in the room. 
  • Modern room heaters are energy-efficient. 
  • They have the feature of spot heating, meaning that you can focus on one specific area for heating. 
  • Capabilities to provide immediate and instant heating.
  • It is portable and easy to carry, implying that it can be kept in any corner of your house. 
  • Types of Room Heaters 

    There are a variety of room heaters available in the market. This room heater buying guide will discuss the different types of room heaters.

    Oil-Filled Room Heaters-Buying Guide For Room Heater in India 2024

    • They consume less electricity, making them a better power-saving option.
    • The oil-filled room heaters are perfect for all newborns and children because they neither burn oxygen nor reduce humidity.
    • Getting an oil-filled room heater is a healthier choice as they don’t suffocate or cause eye dryness or itching of the skin. 
    • They are perfect for all-night use and even for large rooms. 
    • Oil-filled heaters are on the pricier side. The starting price of oil-filled heaters is around Rs. 10,000. But they are also the best for long-term use and are energy efficient. So, it is not a disadvantage as such.
    • The oil-filled heaters are heavy, so moving them around the house is challenging. 
    • You cannot expect instant heat from these heaters; they take around 15 minutes to heat the room. 

    Halogen Heaters: Buying Guide For Room Heater in India 2024 

    Halogen Heaters, Quartz or Radiant room heaters are ideal for individuals and small rooms. They use an invisible infrared light spectrum to heat a particular sphere, whether an object or a person. The radiant infrared room heaters emit electromagnetic radiation which is absorbed by solid objects and converted into heat. The heat is then distributed in the surrounding environment. The peak wavelength of the infrared radiation ranges from 750 nm to 1 mm. Before buying it, you should always look at the strengths and drawbacks of a halogen room heater. They are mentioned below:

    • The automatic control feature makes it safe and well-regulated.
    • Halogen heaters are known for providing instant warmth.
    • The perfect type of room heater to keep by your bedside.
    • Quartz heaters are not loud, as they have no fans.
    • They have a cool exterior, reducing the risk of burns and making it safe. 
    • It consumes 400-800 watts of energy, making it highly energy efficient. 
    • It is not the ideal choice for use in larger areas or bigger rooms. 
    • The electromagnetic radiation emitted from the infrared room heaters is not child-safe.
    • Filtration of air cannot be expected from Halogen heaters.

    Ceramic Heaters: Buying Guide For Room Heater in India 2024

    • A better choice to warm instantly, as it provides instant heat. 
    • Fan room heaters, unlike oil heaters, are cheaper than most other room heaters.
    • They consume less energy, save you money and do not damage the environment. 
    • They use around 1500 to 2500 watts of energy per hour. 
    • The bottom of the convection heaters never gets warm, implying energy is wasted. 
    • Also, they emit the risk of overheating.

    Categorisation of Room Heaters 

    Room Heaters can be categorised on various grounds depending on your preferences and requirements. You can categorise room heaters by price, heating method, brand, and form factors. Here, in this buying guide for room heater in India, let us go through all the categories:

    Price-Buying Guide For Room Heater in India 2024

    The cost of a room heater relies on copious factors like the features, brand, quality, type of heater, heating capacity, etc. A wide range of prices is available in the market to cater to everyone’s budget. No matter what your budget is, you will find a suitable room heater for you and your family.

    Heating Method-Buying Guide For Room Heater in India 2024

    The way heaters generate and distribute heat is another ground to categorise a room heater. Considering the heating method is essential as every type of heater has advantages and disadvantages. The three heating methods are as follows: 

    Convection Forced AirRadiant
    MeaningThey circulate the air naturally by heating the air in the room. The heating element warms the air, and as the warm air rises, the cooler air is drawn in to replace it, causing a convection current. Fan-forced heaters use a fan to blow air over a heating element, rapidly exchanging warm air in the space. They don’t significantly heat the air but directly emit infrared radiation on objects and people. 
    UseThey are known for generating even and consistent heating in the room.These are known for spot heating or heating in large rooms.They are popularly known for their instant and targeted heat transfer that provides warmth. 
    ExampleOil-Filled Heaters Electric Space Heaters with Fans Infrared Heaters 

    Brand-Buying Guide For Room Heater in India 2024

    You get a plethora of brands in the market when searching for the best room heaters in India. Look for the brands that fulfil your requirements, have the best heating, and fall under or in your budget. Some of the reputed brands that you can look for are: 

  • Bajaj
  • Havells 
  • Morphy Richards 
  • Orpat
  • Orpat, and many more 
  • Form Factors-Buying Guide For Room Heater in India 2024

    Different heaters are obtainable to accommodate various needs and preferences. Further, let us briefly discuss some of them. 

  • Tower Heaters: Suitable for bedrooms, offices, and living rooms. Designed slim, tall, and vertical to occupy less floor space. For even heat distribution, it has an oscillation feature and offers 360-degree heating.
  • Mat Heaters: Specially designed for pets, bedrooms, etc. Used for underfloor heating. They are thin, flexible, and electrically heated. 
  • Cabinet Heaters: They are compact, portable, and made for floor and flat surfaces. It is designed like a box and comes with wheels for mobility.
  • Variables to Consider Before Buying a Room Heater in India

    Wattage and Heating CapacityIt is true that the greater the capacity, the better the heating. But you should always consider your needs and requirements first. In this buying guide for room heaters in India, we highly advise you not to buy a room heater solely based on its wattage. There are other factors mentioned below that you should consider before buying a room heater in India. 
    PortabilityIf you have kids or senior citizens around, portability should be your concern. For them to manoeuvre it anytime according to their requirement is a big factor to consider while selecting the best room heater. 
    Thermostat ControlA thermostat helps you to adjust the room temperature according to your comfort and convenience. Therefore, as per our buying guide for room heater in India, it is imperative you choose a room heater with an effective thermostat control.
    HumidityWe know that the room heaters use the available oxygen in the space to warm the room. Ensuring there is no significant drop in the humidity level is important as it may cause a blocked nose, dry eyes, etc. Just keep a bowl of water in your room to maintain the humidity level. That will help preserve the moisture of your room. Further, in this buying guide for room heaters in India, we advise you to go for room heaters that help you maintain the humidity in your room. 
    Energy EfficiencyThe Energy Star rating to meet the energy efficiency standards is another crucial aspect to remember before buying a room heater. Along with adjustable thermostats, timers, or programmable settings to regulate heating, energy efficiency is another thing you should stress upon. Go for heaters that provide you with more warmth using less power. 
    Noise LevelNowadays, room heaters are designed to function quietly. Check the customer reviews and product descriptions before opting for one. Remember, the lower the noise, the better the sleep.
    Safety FeaturesHeaters with safety certification are one of the most important things you should look for before getting your hands on a room heater. Safety features to be considered include overheating protection, cool-touch exteriors, and many other crucial aspects. 
    AsthmaAlmost all the electrical room heaters are just fine for Asthma. Oil heaters available in other countries generally produce fumes which is unsuitable for asthma patients. Therefore, we highly recommend that if someone in your home is suffering from asthma, you go for a good and reliable room heater. Make sure you buy from a trustworthy brand. 
    Plug TypeFor safe operations, you need to check if the plugs are standard or power plugs. You might need an additional wire in case of the power plug. Also, if you are going for a heater with high wattage, then make sure you go for the one with the power plug.
    Safety MeshIf you have kids or pets around, check for the safety mesh in the front of the heaters. Make sure they are safe to use. 

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    How to Maintain Your Room Heater?

    Regular maintenance of your room heaters is not as tedious as you think. Not to forget, that only regular maintenance can make your room heaters effective and efficient. Be it a convection, radiant, or fan-forced electric heater, it will collect dust and lint. Here, in this buying guide for room heater in India, we will tell you about easy and systematic maintenance and how you can deep clean your room heaters. 

    Regular Maintenance-Buying Guide For Room Heater in India 2024 

  • Keep the area around the heater clean, and ensure no obstructions or flammable objects are kept around your electric heaters. 
  • Once the heater is turned off and has cooled down, use a damp cloth and a soft brush to clean the surface and internal components of the room heater. Dust and lint can affect the efficiency, so regular cleaning is important. 
  • Read the manufacturer’s manual to learn more about the maintenance of the room heater.
  • Talking about the radiant heaters, a quick vacuum on the intricate openings is enough. 
  • For any stain or scuff, use a cloth damped in soap water and clean it gently. 
  • Make sure the heater is disconnected from the power supply. Also, ensure that you never use any abrasive chemical or material during your regular maintenance. 

    Deep Cleaning-Buying Guide For Room Heater in India 2024

    After consistent and regular maintenance, deep cleaning should be done every summer. Make it a point to store your room heaters properly in a clean and dry place. Regular maintenance is essential, but you must always pay attention to deep cleaning; it is equally crucial.  

  • Schedule professional inspections for annual maintenance with a qualified technician to thoroughly inspect potential issues and resolve them accordingly. 
  • Check for gas leakage issues only if you have gas-powered room heaters. It should be done periodically by simply applying soap and water to the gas connections. The formation of bubbles will indicate gas leakage.  
  • Referring to the user manual, remove the exterior panel and use compressed air to remove any build-up from the heating elements, fan blades, or other delicate electronic components.
  • Clean the inside of the unit’s panel using a damp cloth and let it completely dry before reinstalling. 
  • You Should deep clean your room heaters once a year.

    Lastly, room heaters are one of the necessities during winter for that comfortable warmth enveloping the space. So, you should know everything regarding heaters before investing in one. In this buying guide for room heater in India, we have tried to mention everything about the room heaters from our end. Keep us posted if you have any queries or suggestions. 

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    How do I choose a good room heater?

    You can refer to our buying guide for room heater in India to learn about all the factors you should consider before buying a good room heater. 

    Is halogen room heater good for health?

    Halogen room heaters are generally considered good for health if used properly. Not to forget, that you should always read the manufacturer’s guidelines before using the room heaters. 

    What are the disadvantages of ceramic heater?

    There are many disadvantages of ceramic heaters. Read about ceramic heaters in detail in our buying guide for room heater in India. 

    Which type of room heater is good for baby?

    One can consider ceramic room heaters for children, considering all the safety features. 

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