Govo GoSurround 950 Review-Best Soundbar Under 10000?

Are you looking for a soundbar that is under 10000 and gives you a virtual surround sound experience? Sounds impossible, right? Well! It is possible. The latest GOVO GoSurround 950 is a featureful soundbar with amazing speakers synced together to offer you great audio output.

“In this write-up, we will share a detailed GOVO GoSurround 950 review; stride along to know what it offers under 10000 rupees.”


Excellent sound clarity
The bass of the speaker is amazing
Easy conversion to the 2.1 soundbar
Colourful lights on both ends of the soundbar
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 Audio Experience that’s CinematicThe Govo GoSurround 950 Soundbar offers a cinematic audio experience with 280 Watt peak output, 3D surround …
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Model Number







5.1 & Above

Compatible Devices

Table, Smartphone, Laptop


9 x 90 x 7.9 Centimeters

Connectivity Options

HDMI ARC, USB, AUX, Optical Port, Bluetooth 5.3

HDMI Ports


Special Features

‎‎Wireless Bluetooth, Subwoofer, 5.1 Speaker, LED Display, Remote control

Audio Format


App Support


Party Lights






Box Components

1- Soundbar, 1 – Subwoofer, 2- Satellite Speaker, 1 – Audio cable, 1 – user Manuel, Remote Control-1, 1- Warrenty card


‎7 kg 420 g


₹ 9,500


One-year warranty

VM-One Rating
7.9Expert Score
VM-One Rating

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Total Output

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Box Content – Govo GoSurround 950 Review

When we unboxed the GOVO GoSurround 950, we found the following items in the box:

In The Box

1 Soundbar
1 Subwoofer 
2 Satellite Speaker 
1 Audio Cable
1 User Manual
1 Warranty Card
1 Remote Control

Design and Looks – Govo GoSurround 950 Review

The GOVO soundbar has a pretty unique look, with two triangular star-shaped lights resting on both ends of the soundbar (one on each side). These colourful lights can be turned on and off based on your choice. There is a metal grill in the front of the soundbar, and a black piano finish is at the back of the soundbar.

Furthermore, all the connectivity options also rest on the back of the bar. There are essential control buttons present on the ends of the sidebar, which can be used if you want to avoid using the remote(well, that happens rarely).

The soundbar also has two surround channels and one wired subwoofer. The wire length of both surround channels is enough to be placed in a room of 250 sq ft. size.

Connectivity Options – Govo GoSurround 950 Review

The GOVO GoSurround 950 comes with an array of connectivity options, including

Remote Control – Govo GoSurround 950 Review

Undoubtedly, remote controls are the most essential element of any gadget, allowing you to control it sitting at a distance. The GOVO GoSurround 950 comes with a remote control full of necessary features.

Apart from the basic features like volume up and down, the GOVO soundbar remote allows you to increase and decrease the volume of the surround channels and control the bass and treble.

In addition, you should not manually tune the audio settings, let the soundbar play at the default settings, and you will get an amazing audio output.

Speaker Output – Govo GoSurround 950 Review

The total output of the GOVO GoSurround 950 is 260 W, and it comprises amazing full-range sound drivers that deliver excellent outputs. The drivers of the GOVO soundbar are the best ones we were utterly shocked by the overall performance of the device.

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Audio Quality – Govo GoSurround 950 Review

When we tested the GOVO GoSurround 950, the audio was extraordinarily clear. All three drives of the soundbar were performing exceptionally well. Not only they are delivering top-notch audio, but they are also seamlessly syncing with the surround channels.

Both the surround channels play a few surrounding frequencies as well as some main frequencies to deliver a cinematic audio experience. You can refer to this link to listen to the audio samples of the soundbar.

Bass Performance – Govo GoSurround 950 Review

Talking about the Bass performance of the GOVO GoSurround 950, it has a sharper base. The lower base performance of the audio device is sharp and magnificent. Overall base clarity of the GOVO soundbar is at another level; you can listen to even the tiniest beat without any sound loss.

Also, keeping in mind the price range of the soundbar, we are amazed to see how the soundbar is tuned to deliver excellent output at this price.

At the same time, the surround channels are also emitting the mixed sound of surrounding frequencies and main frequencies, which further enhances the overall performance of the soundbar.

Clarity High Notes – Govo GoSurround 950 Review

The speaker is tuned exceptionally well to deliver amazing high-note output

Surround Sound 5.1 Effect – Govo Gosurround 5.1 Soundbar

We invest in a 5.1 soundbar not only for listening to songs or watching serials, but we also connect it to our TV and use it for watching movies and TV series. Likewise, we also tested the cinematic experience of the soundbar and tried to have a cinema hall-like experience at our home.

Talking about the clarity of the soundbar, you can listen to all the dialogue very clearly. However, the bass, punch and audio output delivered by the GOVO GoSurround 950 is on another level.

Warranty and Guarantee

Govo Gosurround 950 260 W soundbar comes with one year of a comprehensive warranty. Adding a third-party warranty plan to your cart can increase the warranty while purchasing the speaker. By adding a two-year warranty plan, you can increase the warranty of the Govo Gosurround 950 to three years.

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Undoubtedly the GOVO GoSurround 950 is an affordable audio beast power packed with amazing features. In our opinion, you should definitely purchase it if you are looking for a soundbar that is perfect for the 250 sq. ft. room size. In case you have any questions, drop them in the comments. And, to stay updated with honest reviews of recently launched gadgets and home appliances, keep reading our blogs.


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Watch Govo GoSurround 950 Review on Youtube


A 5.1 soundbar delivers better audio quality when compared to a 5.1 soundbar. However, you can for any of the two based on your needs.





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