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Bajaj 90L Desert Air Cooler for Home 2023

Bajaj 90L Desert Air Cooler for Home 2023: Bajaj Electricals is a well-known Indian brand that offers a wide range of home appliances and consumer products, including air coolers. Bajaj air coolers are designed to provide efficient cooling while being energy-efficient and cost-effective. 

The Bajaj 90L desert air cooler is one of the Bajaj’s best desert cooler under 10000 that will cool your room very fast. You will need a blanket within a few minutes, provided there is proper ventilation. Let’s have a comprehensive understanding of how it works!

Bajaj DMH Desert Air Cooler

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The Bajaj DMH 90 Neo 90L Desert Air Cooler (‎480116) features DuraMarine Pump, Hexacool & TurboFan Technology, ice chamber, 90-feet air …
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Model Number

DMH 90




Desert Cooler

Air Throw





200 Watts


4-way Swing

Special Features

Adjustable Speed


230 Volts



Remote or App Support


Box Components

Air cooler, Warranty card


65.5 x 47 x 120 Centimeters




₹ 10,998


1 Year

VM-One Rating
9.1Expert Score
VM-One Rating

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Air Throw
Build Quality
Efficient Cooling
Air Flow
Value for Money

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Box Components

In the box:

‎1 unit Air Cooler
1 Warranty card

Looks: Bajaj 90L desert Air Cooler

The Bajaj 90L desert air cooler has fantastic build quality. Made of ABS Plastic, the solid Bajaj 90L desert air cooler can easily store 90L water. Coolers that have light body material break after water is put inside them. Thus, a stable and sturdy cooler like Bajaj Dura Marine is necessary. 

On top is a giant ice chamber. The water level indicator is on the bottom. Bajaj 90L desert air cooler has Separate Water Drainage and Overflow Outlet. The knobs of the Fan, Pump & Swing are of good quality. There are LEDs too. LEDs are of sub-standard quality. The knobs are of good quality & they work well. The cord winder is on the back.

Its looks & design are fabulous. It’ll fit in well with all kinds of furniture.

Bajaj DMH 90 Neo 90L Hexacool Technology

It has thick honeycomb pads and Hexacool technology. Hexacool technology means the water will fall on pads evenly to give you cool air, which a cooler does. 

Bajaj Cooler Louvres

You get 4-way air deflection. But only the vertical louvres operate automatically. Horizontal louvres need to be adjusted manually. No air cooler provides auto horizontal louvres. 

What is Turbofan Technology

Turbofan technology in the Bajaj 90L desert air cooler implies more speed and stability of the fan. Stability and air throw are as important as the solidarity of a fan. These two things are excellent, apart from good built quality. 

Bajaj DMH 90 Dura Marine Pump

Bajaj has double-insulated the Dura Marine pump of its Bajaj 90L desert air cooler to enhance its durability. Double insulation is fabulous as it increases the pump’s durability and ensures safe operation. 

Desert Cooler Castor Wheels

For stability, there are five castor wheels of good quality. However, the wheel lock is missing. With the wheel lock, it would have been much better.

Bajaj Air Cooler Performance

Let’s find out if it works well or not!

  • You’ll sit in front of it, which will blow your mind because it comes with fantastic fans and technologies. Its air throw is impressive and can be felt from corner to corner. It is apt up to 300 sqft room. 90L water is enough for 2-3 days, even during peak summers. 
  • Its honeycomb pads are thick. Generally, brands don’t provide these thick pads. Thick pads retain water for a long time for constant cooling. Due to this, the hexagonal tech works well. 

Noise levels

Its noise levels are 70dB. The washing machine produces 60-65dB noise levels but has 70 dB. All coolers make noise. Bajaj DMH 90 Neo 90L air cooler does produce noise but not like a jet. It will cool your room decently while producing low noise. 


For ventilation, open your windows. Otherwise, use an exhaust for good performance. 

Bajaj Air Cooler Price and Warranty

It has one year comprehensive and two years warranty on the Dura Marine pump. The brand is confident with its pump. Bajaj air cooler price is Rs 10,600. 

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