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Symphony Touch 55 Review- Best Air Cooler for Home

Symphony Touch 55 Review: Symphony Limited offers a wide range of personal air coolers to provide adequate cooling for individual use. These air coolers are compact, portable, and energy-efficient, making them ideal for use in small rooms, bedrooms, or outdoors.

So which is the best air cooler for home? Which is the best air cooler under 15000? And which is the best air cooler in India in 2023?

The answer is- Symphony Touch 55L. It is undoubtedly the best air cooler in India in 2023. In this article, we will review Symphony Touch 55 air cooler.


With i-Pure technology eliminate any allergens, air pollution, and microbes.
Efficient cooling with the long-lasting dura pump and aspen pads.
Prevent dust and mosquitos from entering the collapsable louvers.
Comes with power-saving performance
Especially designed double blower for high speed
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The Symphony Touch 55 Personal Air Cooler offers potent cooling with 4-Side Aspen Pads and double blowers for improved air circulation. Closable …
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Model Number

Touch 55




Personal Cooler

Air Throw





185 watts


4-way Swing

Special Features

‎Low Water Indicator, High-Speed Double Blower


230 Volts



Remote or App Support


Box Components

1 Air Cooler, 5 unit castor wheels, 1 unit pedestal


43D x 76W x 97H Centimeters




₹ 12,991



VM-One Rating
9.3Expert Score
VM-One Rating

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Air Throw
Build Quality
Efficient Cooling
Shelf Management

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In the box:

‎1 unit Air Cooler
High-Speed Double Blower

Looks: Symphony Touch 55 Review

According to our symphony touch 55 review, this air personal air cooler is enormous. There are pads on all four sides. By providing four pads on all sides, Symphony has ensured better cooling. It comes with Aspen pads, i.e. the standard pads. But the good point is that you don’t need to replace it with the brand. Instead, please buy it at a much cheaper rate from the local market. Its blower works well. 

Symphony Touch 55 consumes 185W power. On top are two knobs- one for Speed control and the other for Dial control. On the bottom is a water level indicator. Water or ice inlet is on the two sides. The drain outlet and cord winder are given behind. A cord winder can be used as a handle to move the cooler. 

i-Pure Technology

i-Pure tech is nothing. According to Symphony, its three air filters will eradicate all pollutants from the air. But that is not a valid claim; therefore, you must ignore it. Though the cooler is perfect and best air cooler for home.

Cool Flow Technology and Airthrow

‘Cool flow technology’ means that the water will slowly fall on all four pads to give even cooling. All the coolers use this simple process to provide cool air. 

Its air throw is 24ft. We can’t measure it, but it’ll efficiently cool rooms up to 120 sq ft. However, we recommend you use it as a personal air cooler only. Its air throw is fantastic as there are four pads. It works just like the coolers you must have come across in marriages. 


Symphony Touch is a fantastic air cooler. It is sturdy and weighs 18.5 Kg. Though, it could have been sturdier. It might be light in weight but not in quality. 

This thermoplastic cooler is sturdy. In fact, we filled it entirely to check its sturdiness, and to our expectations, it handled all the water just fine. 

Its handle is quite handy. 

Extended Warranty

What will you do if your air cooler gets damaged after the warranty? Getting your cooler repaired after the warranty period can be expensive. Thus, buying an excellent extended warranty is a must. 

We highly recommend Go Warranty extended warranty packages. Negotiate with them to buy the best-extended package for your air cooler. 

Fully Collapsible Louvers: Best Air Cooler for Home

Its fully collapsible louvres prevent it from mosquitoes. This cooler helps maintain hygiene.

Fully collapsible louvres in water coolers can indeed help prevent mosquito breeding. Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water and lay their eggs in it. If water is left in a water cooler for a long time, it can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Fully collapsible louvres in a water cooler can prevent this by allowing the water to drain out completely when the cooler is not in use.

Warranty and Guarantee

The Symphony Touch 55 Air Cooler comes with a year warranty from the date of purchase. 

Final Verdict

The Symphony Touch 55 air cooler is one of the best choices of air coolers that you can go for in this summer. It is equipped with some of the best features. This can be your choice if you want a cooler in this sweltering summer. If you found this blog beneficial and informative, please visit our blogs to learn more about such products. Drop down your comments and queries below.

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The Symphony Touch 55 is one great choice if you are looking for a good air cooler this summer.

Yes, personally, I think that Symphony is a good brand.

If you have a small room, go for a personal cooler, and for a medium—to large-sized room, go for a tower or desert cooler.

Yes, the cooler is cheaper than an AC

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