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Redmi Smart Fire TV: Best TV to Buy in India Under 25000

Redmi Smart Fire TV: For people looking for an inexpensive 43-inch TV in 2024, the Redmi Smart Fire TV is the ideal medium where affordability meets Fire TV built-in. Are you wondering why we think you should buy this Redmi 4K TV? Well, suffice to say it’s the best LED TV under 25000 one could find in the market that offers the highest standard of picture quality with optimum colours and contrast, a channel for pleasant audio, magnificent video-gaming capabilities, and whatnot.

And that’s not all—we will examine the TV’s numerous hidden treasures in our Redmi Fire TV 43 inch review.  So buckle up and prepare to glide with us in the blog post about this Redmi 4K TV as we explore its attributes and capabilities. 


  • 8 BIT VA DLED Panel
  • 24W speakers with Dolby Audio
  • Metal bezel-less frame is expertly built
  • 4K | HDR | Vivid Picture Engine
  • 64-bit Quad-core processor and Mali G52 MC1 GPU
  • Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, YouTube, Jio Cinema, Sony LIV and 12000+ apps
  • Customise the watching experience for your family by adding up to six profiles.
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Encapsulating Viewing ExperienceRedmi Smart Fire TV 43 Inch (L43R8-FVIN) boasts an encapsulating viewing experience with its advanced display and …
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Model No.






Screen Size





24.1 x 95.7 x 60.7 Centimeters

Screen Resolution



8 BIT VA DLED Panel, Peak HDR Brightness 272Nits, Vivid Picture Engine, HDR 10 & HLG, Vivid Picture Engine


OS 7

Operating System

Android OS

Video Features

Dolby Vision, HDR 10+, HDR10, HLG

Dolby Vision


Audio Format

24W Speakers, Dolby Audio, DTS HD, DTS Virtual X

Dolby Audio/Atmos


HDMI Ports



Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-fi, Airplay 2, Miracast

App or Wifi Support


Gaming TV


Box Components

1. The TV unit, 2. The minimalist remote with Alexa voice control and dedicated OTT app buttons, 3. Two stands for table-top placement, 4. A wall-mount kit for wall-mounted installation, 5. A user manual and a warranty card, 6. A power cord and batteries for the remote

Mounting Type

Wall Mount, Table Mount


6 kg 950 g


₹ 24,999


1 Year warranty

VM-One Rating
8.8Expert Score
VM-One Rating


Connectivity Options

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What is Fire TV, and what is its usage?

Fire TV provides a convenient way to access a wide range of entertainment content, making it a popular choice for streaming enthusiasts. Whether you’re binge-watching your favourite shows or enjoying music, Fire TV has you covered!

Box Content: Redmi Smart Fire TV

In The Box

When you buy a Redmi Smart Fire TV, you will find the following items inside the box:

The TV unit
The minimalistic remote with Alexa voice control and dedicated OTT app buttons
Two stands for table-top placement
A wall mount kit for wall-mounted installation
A user manual and a warranty card
A power cord and batteries for the remote

Design and Build

The Redmi Smart Fire TV impresses with its elegant, bezel-free metal design that radiates a modern and sophisticated charm. The metal frame complements the plastic body that houses all the ports and slots at the rear of the TV. It also flaunts the logos of Redmi and Fire TV, showcasing its smart features and functionalities, rendering it one of the best 43 inch smart TV in India under 30000.


The remote of the Redmi Smart Fire TV is designed to give you easy access to your favourite features and apps. With its dedicated Alexa button, you can use your voice to search for titles, switch between channels, open apps and much more. Additionally, it has hotkeys for Prime Video, Netflix, and Amazon Music, so you can quickly launch these apps with one click.

Note: Please know that the remote control that comes with this Redmi Smart Fire TV is quite similar to the one that comes with a Firestick.


The bezels of the Redmi Smart Fire TV are made of metal and have a bezel-less design. This means that the TV has a thin frame around the screen, which gives it a sleek and premium look. The bezel-less design enhances the viewing experience, creating an immersive and uninterrupted picture.

Body and Back

The body of the Redmi Smart Fire TV is made of plastic and has a matte black finish. The back of the TV has all the connectivity ports and slots, such as HDMI, USB, Ethernet, AV input, and optical, and headphone jack. The back of the TV also has vents for heat dissipation and speakers for sound output.

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The stands of the Redmi Smart Fire TV are made of plastic and have a silver finish. They are shaped like L-shaped brackets and can be welded to the bottom of the TV for table-top placement. The stands are sturdy and stable, providing enough clearance for the TV to be placed on any surface.

Wall mount

The wall mount of the Redmi Smart Fire TV is a kit that includes a metal bracket and screws. The wall mount can be used to install the TV on the wall, which saves space and gives it a neat look. 

Note: If you prefer your Redmi 4K TV to be wall-mounted, it’s required that you purchase the wall mount kit from the installation crew.

Connectivity Options: Redmi Fire Tv 43 Inch Review

The Redmi Smart Fire TV lets you connect to the world of entertainment in various ways. Whether you want to stream online content, cast your phone screen, or plug in your devices, you have multiple options to choose from.


The Redmi Smart Fire TV offers a range of ports that connect your external devices and accessories, which makes it the best TV to buy in india under 25000. 


The Redmi Smart Fire TV supports dual-band Wi-Fi, so you can benefit a fast and stable internet connection. Additionally, you can use Bluetooth 5.0 to pair your wireless headphones, speakers, keyboard, mouse, or gamepad with the TV.


The Redmi Smart Fire TV comes with the Fire TV built-in, which gives you access to thousands of apps and streaming services. You can watch your favourite shows and movies on Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, and more. The best part is that you can also personalise your viewing experience with up to six profiles and set up parental controls to restrict content for kids.

Software of Redmi 4K TV

The Redmi Smart Fire TV software provides a user-friendly platform that elevates your entertainment experience. Running on Fire OS 7, akin to Android OS in many ways, provides a light and user-friendly interface.  

Redmi Smart Fire TV OS

During the Redmi Fire TV 43 inch review, we discovered that the Redmi Smart Fire TV OS runs on Fire OS 7, which offers a smooth and intuitive interface, a rich selection of 1000+ apps and games, and seamless integration with Alexa and other Amazon services. You can also enjoy the benefits of live TV channels and quick access to your favourite content, which makes it the best TV to buy in india under 25000.

There are certain drawbacks to Android TVs. Irrespective of the brand, the Android OS uses a lot of storage due to frequent updates, which makes the interface very heavy. However, since the Fire TV OS is tuned to be light and efficient, you won’t have to worry about storage problems—smooth performance is certain even with frequent upgrades.

Casting (Chromecast, Miracast, Apple Airplay)

Redmi Smart Fire TV Casting allows users to wirelessly stream content from their devices to their TVs, enabling users to watch videos, play games, and view photos on a larger screen. The TV supports various casting technologies, including Chromecast, Miracast, and Apple Airplay. 

  • Chromecast connects to the TV’s HDMI port 
  • Miracast mirrors the screen without a Wi-Fi network
  • Apple AirPlay enbales viewers to stream content from their devices to the TV.

Voice Assistant

The Redmi Smart Fire TV voice assistant responds to voice commands and queries, enabling users to control their smart TV, search for content, play music and so on. It uses Alexa as the default voice assistant and integrates with Prime Video. 

Note: You can add as many as six profiles to your family’s viewing experience, allowing each member to have their own watch list, suggestions, and live TV choices.

Panel of the Redmi Smart Fire TV

While testing the picture quality of the Redmi Smart Fire TV, we discovered that it has an 8-bit VA DLED panel with a peak HDR brightness of 272 nits. 

Note:  We tested the standard Redmi 4K TV without the Fire TV integration two years ago, but we lacked an appropriate tool to measure brightness. The maximum brightness we could measure with the Luxe metre was about 300 nits, which meant the results were inaccurate. However, after upgrading the measuring device, we discovered that the Redmi Smart Fire TV’s peak HDR brightness is 272 nits. 

Given that the maximum brightness of any reasonably priced TV is restricted to 270 to 320 nits, the Redmi Smart Fire TV falls within that range and provides an adequate brightness level. This makes it a fantastic choice for anyone searching for the best 43 inch smart TV in India under 30000.

Picture Quality: Best 43 Inch Smart Tv in India under 30000

If this Redmi Smart Fire TV has 272 nits of peak HDR brightness, then undoubtedly the picture quality is the best.

Colour Optimization

It is surprisingly impressive how well the Redmi Smart Fire TV optimises colour. It stunned us to say this because we didn’t anticipate it being this excellent. In the colour gamut of the display, with 100% SRGB and 93 % DCIP3 coverage, the Redmi Smart Fire TV truly shines with vibrant and accurate colours that enhance the overall viewing experience. 

This level of colour optimisation is expected to be found in any Sony TV. Still, it is rare to see in a budget-friendly Redmi 4K TV, making it a standout choice for those prioritising picture quality.

Colour Saturation

The 8-bit VA DLED panel creates a dynamic contrast that further boosts the visual attractiveness of the content being viewed. This combination of colour accuracy and contrast of 49:1 makes the colours look bright and lively on the screen. The Redmi Smart Fire TV has a Vivid Picture Engine that dynamically adjusts the colour, contrast, brightness and clarity of the display to deliver true-to-life visuals.

The colour saturation is set up a notch by default, which some people may find pleasing, while others may prefer to tweak the settings to achieve a more natural look.


The Redmi Smart Fire TV has an 8-bit VA DLED panel  that provides deep blacks and bright whites, creating a dynamic contrast that further enhances the visual appeal of the content being viewed. The excellent dynamic range is also a reason for blacks being so rich and detailed, making it one of the best TV to buy in india under 25000.

Picture Processor

The Redmi Smart Fire TV has a Quad Core Cortex A55 processor with a Mali G52 MC1 GPU that ensures a smooth and fast performance of the TV. The processor also supports 4K UHD resolution and HDR formats like HDR10 and HLG12. 

High Dynamic Range

The Redmi Smart Fire TV supports HDR10 and HLG formats, which enhance the brightness, colour, and contrast of the display. Although it doesn’t have HDR 10+, it still provides a good viewing experience with improved picture quality. The HDR support allows for more realistic and vibrant images on the screen.

Viewing angles

The Redmi Smart Fire TV has satisfactory viewing angles if you are watching from the front, but there may be some colour distortion and loss of brightness when viewing from the sides. Overall, the TV provides a decent viewing experience for most users.

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OTT Performance

Let’s find out how the Redmi Smart Fire TV performed with the various OTT content that was shown. 

Video Format Support: Best 43 Inch Smart Tv in India under 30000

Even though it lacks formats like Dolby Vision or HDR 10+, our Redmi 4K TV review reveals that it performs impeccably with HDR10 and HLG formats.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, YouTube

STB Performance: Best LED Tv under 25000

Let’s discover the Set Top Box performance of the Redmi Smart Fire TV and why it stands out as the best TV to buy in India under 25000.

 SD & HD Channels

During the review of this Redmi 4K TV, we were awestruck to see how the STB performance seamlessly handled both SD and HD channels, providing a crisp and clear viewing experience. The Redmi Smart Fire TV’s ability to deliver high-quality content across all channels truly sets it apart from other TVs in its price range.

Upscaling capabilities

The upscaling capabilities of the Redmi Smart Fire TV ensure that even lower resolution content is displayed in stunning clarity, making it a top choice for those looking for a versatile and high-performing STB under 25000 in India.

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USB Playback of the Redmi 4K TV

The Redmi Smart Fire TV has two USB 2.0 ports that allow you to connect external devices like hard drives, pen drives, or cameras and play your personal media files on the TV.

720P, 1080P, & 4K Content Playback

With a 4K UHD display, the Redmi Smart Fire TV can play media in 720P, 1080P, and 4K resolutions. You can play 4K media from your USB drives or stream it from apps like Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, and more. But in order to get the most out of 4K, you’ll need an HDMI cable that works with the system and a reliable, fast internet connection.

Other features of the Redmi TV 4K

The Redmi Smart Fire TV features Fire TV OS 7, a user-friendly platform developed by Amazon for its own Fire TV devices and Fire TV Edition televisions. The Redmi 4K TV remote also comes with a dedicated Alexa button for voice commands, allowing users to control the TV, search for content, launch apps, and more. The remote also allows seamless live TV integration between DTH TV channels and OTT apps. The TV also offers Picture-in-Picture mode, display mirroring, and a Smart Home Dashboard for controlling compatible smart home devices.

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Audio Quality

When we played the content on this Redmi 4K TV, the audio quality was quite crisp and clear, and the volume was enough even for a big room. If you want boom boom bass or extra loudness, this TV might not be the best choice for you. However, for most users, the sound quality provided by the Redmi Smart Fire TV should be more than satisfactory for an enjoyable viewing experience. 

Speakers Wattage & Audio Format Support

Redmi Smart Fire TV has a 24W speaker system (two each of 12W) with Dolby audio support and DTS Virtual and DTS-HD support, ensuring a versatile and immersive entertainment experience.

Audio Quality Overall

The audio performance of the TV is above average and suitable for a moderately sized room. Dialogue in films and television shows is audible and clear. The TV also has many audio modes that can be accessed through the settings, such as standard, music, movies, and others.

TV with a Soundbar Experience

If you want to enhance the audio quality of your Redmi Smart Fire TV, you can connect it to a compatible soundbar via the HDMI 2 port that supports eARC. This will allow you to enjoy higher bandwidth audio transmission and a more cinematic sound effect. 

However, not all soundbars are compatible with eARC and the audio formats supported by the TV, so it is essential to check the specifications of the soundbar before making a purchase. Some compatible soundbars include those from brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, and Bose.

Warranty and Guarantee: Redmi Smart Fire TV

Starting on the day of purchase, the brand gives a one-year warranty for the entire device and an additional year’s warranty for the panel.

Final Verdict: Redmi Smart Fire TV

Watch Video: Redmi Smart Fire TV Review on Youtube

FAQs: Best LED TV under 25000

Redmi smart TV with Fire TV offers a range of benefits, such as a 4K UHD display with Vivid Picture Engine, a built-in Fire TV, a Voice Remote with Alexa, a powerful 24W speaker system with Dolby Audio and DTS Virtual X. 

Some of the benefits of Redmi Smart Fire TV are:

  • HD and UHD video playback with impeccable HDR
  • It comes with Alexa, a voice assistant
  • It offers utilisation to thousands of games and apps, as well as video, music, sports, and news services.
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