Hindware 85 L Desert Air Cooler: An Escape from Summer’s Blaze 

Hindware 85 l desert air cooler : Finding respite from the searing heat becomes a top priority as the summer sun beats down relentlessly. Enter the Hindware 85L desert air cooler, a true oasis amidst the scorching desert climesWith this advanced cooling system; you can welcome the warmth of the season without compromising comfort, as your living areas become a revitalising haven. Join us as we delve into the features and performance of this remarkable Hindware air cooler and discover why it might just be the ultimate companion for your summer escapades.


Powerful cooling capacity with an 85L water tank
Advanced honeycomb cooling pads for enhanced efficiency
Multiple fan speed settings and oscillation feature
Energy-efficient and cost-effective operation
Sleek and modern design to complement your home decor
Equipped with Inverter compatibility 
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Hindware 85 L Desert Air Cooler (Vectra)

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Stay cool , Stay freshHindware 85 L Desert Air Cooler (Vectra) provides effective and long-lasting cooling. Integrated with powerful air …
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Model Number





Desert Cooler

Air Throw





200 Watts


4-way Swing

Special Features

Advanced honeycomb cooling pads, Multiple fan speed settings, Oscillation function for even air distribution, Easy-to-use digital control panel, Caster wheels for easy mobility


230 Volts



Remote or App Support


Box Components

Air Cooler,User Manual, Warranty Card,


48 x 37 x 87 Centimeters


16 kg 800 g


₹ 9,499


One-Year Warranty

VM-One Rating
8.5Expert Score
VM-One Rating


Air Throw
Build Quality
Efficient Cooling
Value For Money
Air Flow

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Design and Aesthetics: Hindware CD 168501 HLA Desert Air Cooler

From the moment you lay eyes on the Hindware CD 168501HLA desert air cooler it boasts a compact yet substantial design, ensuring optimal cooling without overwhelming your living space. This air cooler’s sleek, rectangular design and simple lines give it a modern look that goes well with a variety of home design types. It effortlessly elevates the ambiance of your home and is available in a range of sophisticated hues. 

Box Content

In The Box

Air Cooler
User Manual
Warranty Card

Design and Build : Hindware 85 l desert air cooler

The Redmi Smart Fire TV impresses with its elegant, bezel-free metal design that radiates a modern and sophisticated charm. The metal frame complements the plastic body that houses all the ports and slots at the rear of the TV. It also flaunts the logos of Redmi and Fire TV, showcasing its smart features and functionalities, rendering it one of the best 43 inch smart TV in India under 30000.

Performance and Cooling Capacity: Hindware Air Cooler

One of the standout features of this air cooler under 10000 is the combination of its large water tank, advanced cooling pads, powerful airflow, and adjustable settings that allow this desert air cooler to deliver impressive cooling performance. It can effectively lower the temperature and provide a refreshing, comfortable environment in spacious areas, making it suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, or even commercial spaces. With its robust cooling capacity and consistent performance, the Hindware 85L Desert Air Cooler is designed to keep you cool and relaxed during the hottest summer days.

Cooling Capacity

Hindware air cooler 85-liter, large 85-liter water tank capacity for extended cooling

At the heart of this desert marvel lies a robust cooling system that delivers unparalleled performance. With an impressive 85-liter water tank capacity, the Hindware 85L Desert Air Cooler can run for extended periods without frequent refilling, ensuring uninterrupted cooling bliss. This feature is particularly advantageous during those sweltering summer days when you crave continuous respite from the relentless heat.

Efficient honeycomb cooling pads for enhanced evaporative cooling

One of the standout features of this air cooler is its advanced honeycomb cooling pads. These meticulously designed pads not only enhance cooling efficiency but also contribute to improved air quality. As the air passes through the pads, it undergoes a natural filtration process, effectively removing dust, pollutants, and other airborne particles. This guarantees that even in the intense summer heat, you and your loved ones can breathe comfortably.

Additionally, the quality of the honeycomb pad is really impressive and thick, which is a major concern for any air cooler. If the quality of the honeycomb pad is not good, then we would not recommend it. 

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Capable of cooling larger rooms or open spaces effectively

The Hindware CD 168501 HLA desert air cooler is a powerful air cooler designed for larger rooms and open spaces. Its 85-liter tank capacity and high airflow effectively cool and circulate air across expansive areas, providing efficient and refreshing cooling performance.

Airflow and Distribution

The Hindware Air Cooler under 1000 boasts an impressive airflow pattern, evenly distributing cool air throughout the room. Thanks to its multiple fan speed settings, you can customize the airflow intensity to suit your desired level of comfort. Additionally, the oscillation feature ensures that every corner of the room receives its fair share of refreshing coolness, eliminating any hot spots and creating a consistently comfortable environment.

When it comes to noise levels, this desert air cooler operates with a gentle hum, ensuring that your relaxation and peace of mind remain undisturbed.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

The Hindware 85L Desert Air Cooler’s user-friendly digital control panel makes it simple to use. You may fine-tune the cooling experience by adjusting the oscillation function and fan speed with a few touches. The setup process is straightforward, and no complex assembly is required, allowing you to enjoy the refreshing coolness in no time.

This Hindware snowcrest 85 h desert air cooler maintenance is hassle-free. The primary tasks are regularly cleaning the honeycomb pads and refilling the water tank, which ensures optimal performance and longevity.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

In an era when energy conservation is paramount, the Hindware 85L Desert Air Cooler shines as an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution.The evaporative cooling mechanism of this air cooler under 1000 greatly lowers power expenditures compared to typical ACs, which can be energy-guzzlers.

By harnessing the power of water evaporation, it delivers cooling without the need for environmentally harmful refrigerants, making it a responsible choice for those seeking a greener approach to beating the heat. This air cooler is a wise purchase for those trying to lower their power bills and carbon footprint since the energy savings it produces over time can outweigh its initial cost.

Additional Features: Hindware Air Cooler 

Numerous extra options that improve the Hindware 85L Desert Air Cooler’s usability and functionality are available. The remote control, which lets you change the settings from the comfort of your sofa, is one noteworthy innovation. Additionally, the air cooler is equipped with a timer function, enabling you to schedule its operation and ensure optimal cooling when you need it most.

For those seeking added air purification, the Hindware 85L Desert Air Cooler also boasts an air ionizer feature, which helps to remove airborne pollutants and allergens, ensuring a fresher and healthier indoor environment.

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Final Verdict: Hindware 85 l desert air cooler

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FAQs: Hindware 85 l desert air cooler

Getting a desert cooler or an AC is a personal preference depending on the climate you live in or your budget. Desert air coolers are suitable for dry climates, while air conditioners are better for humid climates.

The 3 types of coolers are evaporative, swamp, and desert coolers. 

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