Symphony Sumo 75 XL Desert Air Cooler: Best Cooler Under 15000
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Symphony Sumo 75 XL Desert Air Cooler: A Cooling Reinvented

Symphony Sumo 75 XL Desert Air Cooler: When the temperature is unbearably hot out, and you want that recess of coolness that can change the entire atmosphere of a room. Then, the Symphony Sumo 75 XL Desert Air Cooler is your cooling companion that is capable of circulating a refreshing blast of cool air to pacify from the heat. In this blog post on the Symphony Sumo air cooler, we’ll review “all things salient”—be it features, air throw capability, or long-lasting performance—and all other additional attributes that render this air cooling system the optimal source to beat the heat.

Let’s get into why the Sumo 75 XL Desert Air Cooler stands out and how it can make a significant difference in your living space during those intense temperature spikes.

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Ensure long-lasting performance and efficient cooling.
Powerful 190-watt motor.
+Air fan provides robust air throw for effective cooling in any room.
Honeycomb pads ensure long-lasting cool air circulation.
Includes Ice Chamber, Water Level Indicator, and Inverter Compatibility for energy efficiency.
Works optimally in large rooms, around 37 m² (400 sq ft), with proper ventilation, maintaining consistent cooling.
ABS plastic body is lightweight yet sturdy.
Symphony Air Cooler can hold 75 litres and remains stable.

Symphony Sumo 75 XL Desert Air Cooler

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Model Number

‎Sumo 75XL




Desert Cooler

Air Throw





190 Watts


4-way Swing

Special Features

Powerful +Air Fan with Auto Swing , 3 Side Honeycomb Pads, Cool Flow Dispenser Technology, Easy Fill with Water Pipe, Ice Chamber
Water Level Indicator, Overflow Outlet, Inverter Compatible.


230 Volts



Remote or App Support


Box Components

1 Unit Air Cooler, 4 Unit Castor Wheels, 4 Unit Legs (legs & Wheels Comes In A Separate Package


‎48D x 70.7W x 107.3H Centimeters


13.5 Kg




1 Year

VM-One Rating
9Expert Score
VM-One Rating


Air Throw
Build Quality
Efficient Cooling
Air Flow
Value for Money

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Box Components

1 Unit Air Cooler
4 Unit Castor Wheels
4 Unit Legs (legs & Wheels Comes In A Separate Package)

Design and Aesthetics: A Cooling Reinvented

Folks would appreciate how this Symphony Air Cooler is seamlessly fused into the interior of their living space.

  1. The white of colour Symphony Air Cooler complements the decor with improved build quality, making it a versatile addition to any home or office setting. 
  2. When it comes to size, the Sumo 75 XL Desert Air Cooler is lightweight enough to fit in different areas without looking odd or out of place. 
  3. On top of that, the Symphony Air Cooler boasts an ABS plastic body that is lightweight yet quite sturdy.

Will the Symphony Sumo 75 XL Desert Air Cooler work for 4-5 years or more? 

At VM-One, we have been using the grey Symphony air cooler for the last three years, and we are currently operating the white model. The past 3 years with the Symphony air cooler have been nothing short of exceptional in terms of performance and durability, which makes it the best symphony air cooler under 15000.

Performance and Cooling Capacity 

In our previous symphony sumo air cooler review, it scored the No. 1 position because we have been using the grey model for the past 3 years, and the remarkable features and performance have truly impressed us. And because of the strong 190-watt motor and the optimal air throw generated by the +Air fan, you get the perfect amount of cooling throughout the whole room.

Honeycomb Pads with Cool Flow Dispenser Technology

All around on the three sides, you’ll spot the honeycomb pads, which are extremely opaque, and when the cool flow dispenser technology functions in them—It indicates that water settles onto the pads gradually and remains there for a longer period of time—the subsequent cooling you experience is consistent and efficient. 

Water Tank Capacity of the Symphony Sumo 75 XL Desert Air Cooler

Now, the Symphony Sumo air cooler weighs around 13.5 kg, and we have no qualms about it. We have evaluated the full capacity of 75 litres, and it works flawlessly. Even though, we filled the water to the hilt and ran it continuously for hours, the cooler did not disappoint in terms of performance and provided the real sumo of cool air in our living room.

Airthrow and Airflow: Air Cooler Under 15000

During our practical evaluation of the Symphony Sumo Air Cooler, we installed it in a bigger space—our model house living area and office space—for a longer duration.

Note: Our model house living area is quite spacious, with a kitchen and dining area adjacent. This makes it an L-shaped 250 sq ft. room ideal for testing the airflow and distribution capabilities of the Sumo 75 XL Desert Air Cooler. 

The cooling phenomenon should take some time to reach all corners of the room. However, we were pleasantly surprised by how instantaneously and evenly the Sumo 75 XL Desert Air Cooler was able to cool down the entire space, including the kitchen and dining area. 

Even more so, we provided proper ventilation in our office and model house area to ensure the cooler’s efficiency in circulating cool air throughout the space. Despite the large space, it turns out that the Sumo 75 XL Desert Air Cooler could cool the area so effectively that it was necessary to reduce the fan speed to prevent some people from becoming overly cold. Overall, we were extremely impressed with the Sumo 75 XL Desert Air Cooler’s ability to efficiently cool large spaces with proper ventilation.

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Airthrow By +Air Fan

And because of the strong 190-watt motor and the optimal air throw generated by the +Air fan, you get the perfect amount of cooling throughout the whole room.

Ease of Use and Maintenance: Symphony Air Cooler

In this Symphony Sumo Air Cooler review, ease of use and maintenance have been highlighted as its key strengths. Along with knob controls for easy operation, the air cooler also features 4 castor wheels for effortless mobility and a removable cooling pad for easy cleaning.

Additionally, maintenance is also fairly easy without any unnecessary stress or effort. 

  1. To maintain a cooler’s efficiency, inspect and clean honeycomb cooling pads regularly, replacing them if necessary. 
  2. Empty and clean the water tank frequently to prevent sediment buildup and algae growth. 
  3. Monitor the water level indicator and refill when needed.
  4. If not in use, drain the tank, clean the interior, and store in a dry place. 
  5. Verify the proper operation of all electrical components and consult a professional for servicing if needed. 
  6. Lubricate castor wheels for smooth movement.

If you want to find something that’s easy to use and does the job right, choose this Symphony Sumo 75 XL Desert Air Cooler for home or office use.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Lastly, the most essential component of all—yes,  inverter compatibility is the cherry on top, ensuring that you can enjoy uninterrupted cooling even during power outages. The 190 watts of power consumption ensures that it will take up less power and will give a respite from the heat quickly.

Additional Features

Another noteworthy feature of this Symphony Air Cooler is its easy fill with a water pipe, ice chamber, and water lever indicator. You also get an outlet for overflowing water, making maintenance a work of ease

  1. The easy fill with a water pipe ensures that you can conveniently refill the cooler without any hassle, 
  2. While the ice chamber allows you to enhance the cooling effect during hot summer days. 
  3. Additionally, the water level indicator helps you monitor the water level and prevent any potential issues with low water levels.

Value for Money: Symphony Sumo Air Cooler Review

It should be no surprise that the Sumo 75 XL Desert Air Cooler offers exceptional value for money with its efficient cooling capabilities and sturdy design. With its energy-saving features, inverted capability, and impressive air throw, this air cooler is a cost-effective solution for staying comfortable in hot weather. 

As an affordable and energy-efficient alternative for cooling your home, the Sumo 75 XL Desert Air Cooler truly stands out when compared to other air cooler models on the market.

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Verdict: Symphony Sumo 75 XL Desert Air Cooler

That’s a wrap with our Symphony Sumo 75 XL Desert Air Cooler evaluation, and it’s clear that this cooling system is a top choice for those seeking relief from the heat. With its stellar features and good air throw distribution, it is sure to provide efficient and effective cooling for more expansive spaces. People who are on the lookout for inverter compatible and budget-friendly options should definitely consider the Sumo 75 XL, for cooling reinvented with this air cooler under 15000.

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Desert coolers are typically more effective in hot, dry climates, while personal coolers are more portable and convenient for individual use. 

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