Bosch 3 Door Refrigerator Review, Bosch Maxflex 332L

Bosch 3 Door Refrigerator Review: Bosch is a well-known brand that offers many products, including home and kitchen appliances, power tools, and automotive components. It is a renowned brand that provides a variety of refrigerators known for their quality, durability, and innovative features. 

Bosch refrigerators come in different sizes, styles, and configurations to suit various preferences and kitchen layouts. This article will discuss Bosch 3 door refrigerator review that is truly convertible- Bosch 332L Maxflex. 


MaxFlex Convertible design efficient, flexible storage.
Energy-efficient, quiet operation with consistent cooling.
Separate zones for optimal temperature and reduced odour mixing with Triple Door Configuration.
No manual defrosting is needed, and maintenance is hassle-free.
Stylish Steel Finish is modern, elegant, and fingerprint-resistant.
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Flexibility, Style, and Functionality The Bosch Maxflex 332L 3-Door Refrigerator (CMC33K05NI) Inverter Frost Free Triple Door Refrigerator offers  …
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Model Number





Triple Door




Auto Defrost

Star Rating

2 Star

Annual Energy Consumption

304 Units

Special Features

Vario Inverter Compressor, Volt Regulator Technology, AirFresh Filter, Power Secure Switch, Biggest Crisper Box with VitaFresh

No of Shelves


App Support




Box Components

1 Refrigerator Unit, User Manual, Egg Tray, Ice Twister


68 x 67 x 175 Centimeters


70 kg 800 g


₹ 39,669


1 Year on Product, 10 Years on Compressor

VM-One Rating
9.3Expert Score
VM-One Rating


Energy Consumption
Build Quality
Shelf Management
Fridge & Freezer Ratio

Box Content

In the box:

1 Refrigerator Unit
1 User Manual

Design and Looks: Bosch 3 Door Refrigerator Review

The Bosch Maxflex 332L refrigerator looks very stylish. With three doors, there are three corresponding compartments-

Bosch Maxflex 332L Refrigerator- The Maxflex Compartment

Like every other refrigerator, the Bosch Maxflex 332L refrigerator has a fridge and a freezer. The center segment creates the magic- Maxflex. 

This center compartment can be used both as a fridge and a freezer. Flex stands for flexibility, and the flexibility offered by this refrigerator is fantastic. 

Convertible Options: Bosch 3 Door Refrigerator Review

Most convertible options of all refrigerators allow you to convert the Freezer into a fridge. But is there even a day when you don’t need a freezer? No! So, converting the Freezer into a fridge becomes useless. 

However, on different days we have different needs. The middle compartment, i.e., the Maxflex compartment, can be used both ways- as a Fridge and Freezer, which is terrific. 

Capacities of Bosch Maxflex 332L refrigerator

The gross capacity of the Bosch Maxflex 332L refrigerator is 332L. 

Its net capacity is 302L- 

If you combine the Maxflex compartment with the Fridge, you get a 250L fridge. Connecting the Maxflex compartment to the Freezer gives you a 148L freezer.

You get convertible 6-in-1 modes for Maxflex and Fridge (6°C to -6°C). 

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Other Specifications

The Bosch Maxflex 332L refrigerator has good quality toughened glass shelves. It weighs 71 Kg. No other refrigerator is such heavy. Heavier weight implies superb build quality. It is rock-solid. 

Its wheels offer easy mobility. The multi-air flow promises 40% better circulation. Now we were unable to measure it while making Bosch 3-door refrigerator review. But it was indeed better. 

There are six sensors, but the Ambient sensor is the best out of 6 sensors. It judges kitchen temperature and adjusts the refrigerator’s temperature, leading to lower power consumption and better cooling. 

The refrigerator can adjust to temperature changes inside and outside and operate at peak efficiency. VarioInverter adapts to changes in load and temperature both inside and outside the Fridge. The door runs slower and makes less noise while closed for a long time, which helps preserve your food at the right temperature. Additionally, it offers optimum performance under fluctuations in voltage. As a result, the Bosch Maxflex 332L refrigerator benefits you with less noise, less energy use, and more consistent performance.

The moisture control slider helps Vita Fresh technology. Slide it towards vegetables to provide moisture. For fruits, slide them towards the fruit. It has smaller holes to provide apt moisture. You can keep cosmetics in a separate box. 

Bosch Maxflex 332L refrigerator is apt for 4-5 members. This inverter-compatible model has Volt Regulator Technology, i.e., stabilizer-free operation-100V-300V. 

The detachable vegetable box is good. Usually, it would be best to take out an entire box to clean it. But you can detach this one and then wash it. Later, you can attach it back quickly. 

What if the Inverter backup ends? 

That is when Cool Extend technology will retain cooling for 18 hours. 

You get one year comprehensive and ten years warranty on the Vario Inverter compressor. It costs Rs 40,000.

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Warranty and Guarantee

The Bosch 3 Door refrigerator comes with one year warranty from the date of purchase.

Final Verdict

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Yes, Bosch is a good brand for fridges. You can read the blog above to learn more about the Bosch Maxflex 332L triple-door refrigerator.

Both refrigerators are good in their own places. The choice depends

The price of a Bosch refrigerator 3 door in India can vary from Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 1,50,000.

The Bosch brand also offers high-end refrigerators.

A refrigerator with more than two doors is known as a multi-door refrigerator.

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