Boat Aavante Bar 4100DA: Experience Surround Sound Like Never Before


Boat Aavante Bar 4100DA: In the quest for the best soundbars under a budget, you don’t have to look any more. Now enhance your audio experience at home with the boAt Aavante Bar 4100DA Bluetooth Soundbar. The soundbar and subwoofer are easy to set up without taking up a lot of your home space and offer a powerful and engrossing sound quality that you have never experienced before. What more can one ask for in a soundbar with Dolby Atmos speakers that is not only under budget but also delivers theatre-like audio? 

So, what are you waiting for? Bring home a boAt soundbar today and enjoy the surround sound like never before.


Boat Aavante Bar 4100DA

BoAt Aavante Bar 4100DA Soundbar

(Premium Black)

₹ 19,999

VM-One Rating


Total Output



In The Box:

  • Avante Bar 4100D
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Remote Control

Design & Looks: Boat Aavante Bar 4100DA

Talking about the design and looks of this boAt Aavante Bar 4100DA soundbar, it actually doesn’t look like a boAt soundbar because the brand has tried to give it a more premium look by inculcating a fabric to the design on both sides of the boat soundbar, i.e at the top and in the front. 

  • In the front, you can see the branding of boAt on one side and the branding of Dolby Atmos on the other side of the soundbar. 
  • On one side, the buttons to control the soundbar are present, and that gives it a neat aesthetic. 
  • If we get into the dimensions of the soundbar, the width, height, and depth are 90cm, 8cm, and 9cm, respectively. 

Overall, the soundbar has been designed to look premium with the addition of a fabric finish, but the quality of the fabric is not up to the mark. Thus, the boAt soundbar’s design is adequate but not premium-worthy.

Buttons-boat sound bar price
Fabric Finish-boat soundbar under 20000
Fabric Finish

> Mounting Type

BoAt Avante bar 4100DA comes with both tabletop and wall mounting types, which means that you can wall-mount it or even display it on a tabletop. It all depends on the availability of space and placement options you have.

Connectivity Options: Boat Soundbar

On the back of the boat soundbar, you are provided with a plethora of connectivity options such as HDMI ARC port, HDMI IN port, Optical port, AUX, and USB port. We are not sure whether this soundbar comes with Bluetooth 5.0 or 5.3. We bought this soundbar from Amazon, where its Bluetooth version was specified as 5.3. Whereas boAt’s official website says that it supports Bluetooth 5.0.

You will have to connect this soundbar to the subwoofer using wires, not one but two wires. You actually have to power this subwoofer by the soundbar, and the output of the subwoofer has to be input into the soundbar. But you’ll have to manage the wires if you are going to buy this, as it is a wired subwoofer soundbar.

Connectivity Options

Remote Control: Boat Soundbar under 20000

The master remote control is another great addition to the boAt soundbar system. With its Intuitive Controls, which render it easy to adjust the volume, you can also change audio settings and even switch between input sources.  Also, its user-friendly design, and manageable controls make it a useful accessory for enhancing your audio setup of the boAt Aavante soundbar

Remote Control- Boat Soundbar under 20000
Remote Control

Speaker Output:

The boAt Aavante Bar 4100DA speaker output is designed to deliver robust sound that surrounds every corner. With its 300W RMS output, you can enjoy surround sound and a deep bass that is so profound that you will thump with the rhythm. Whether you’re hosting a party or just having a get-together to reminisce better days, the boAt Aavante Bar 4100DA will notch up the sound and amplify the audio experience to heights.

Audio Quality: Boat Sound Bar Price

When you listen to the audio of this soundbar, you get to know that it actually does not sound like the signature audio of boAt Soundbar, rather, it is much better. You don’t get this audio quality from any other boAt soundbar. It features Dolby Atmos 3D Audio technology, creating a cinematic experience with a 3.1.2 channel configuration. The boAt soundbar delivers a powerful and clear sound with deep bass that reverberates.

Bass Performance:

The bass of this subwoofer is amazing. It is nothing like the bass provided by any other subwoofer of boAt. You can actually feel the bass and the vibrations rather than merely hear it. This is a new change which we appreciate and welcome. The thumping and vibrating bass produced by the subwoofer makes the overall experience more exhilarating.

Surround Channel:

The boat soundbar comprises four front-firing drivers, two of which are front speakers and the other two of which are mid-range speakers. Additionally, two speakers fire upward to create a three-dimensional sound experience. These upward-firing speakers are responsible for delivering immersive overhead audio, adding depth and dimension to your listening pleasure. Along with Dolby Atmos decoding, these upward-firing speakers provide a surround effect that amplifies your listening experience.

The surround sound, the virtual surround that you heard in the audio tests, was done by these two drivers. And they are doing a phenomenal job. It is a very good and premium audio signature, which actually does not feel like boAt.

Surround Channel-Boat Soundbar

Clarity: Bluetooth Soundbar

In this soundbar, you actually get clarity; even when you listen to music, you can counter a slight virtual surround sound. The reason for this is very simple. The upward-firing drivers send audio signals to the ceiling, and then these audio signals reach your ear. That is when you get a virtual surround and cinematic kind of experience, even in the songs. 


The bass you get from the down-firing subwoofer and the looks of this subwoofer look somewhat similar to the JBL subwoofer.

However, the similarities end there, as this subwoofer offers a unique set of features and exceptional performance. With its powerful 60W Wired Subwoofer and minimal design, the boAt soundbar stands out as a distinct option. 

Warranty and Guarantee: Boat Aavante Bar 4100DA

Another great factor making this soundbar approachable is that the boAt Bluetooth soundbar comes with a one-year warranty and a 7-day replacement.


  • The product is definitely worth all the money spent as it offers great audio quality and features.
  • Superb bass from the down-firing subwoofer, which is actually doing a lot of magic.
  • The clarity you get due to the drivers that are specifically designed for the subwoofer is awesome. Two-front firing and two mid-range drivers deliver the mid-range frequencies beautifully.
  • The upward-firing surround sound creates a strong feeling of virtual surround sound, which gives you a feeling that you are sitting in a cinema hall.  
  • Nowadays, we get soundbars with wireless subwoofers. The brand has done cost-cutting and has provided you with a wired subwoofer.
  • The fabric used in this soundbar to make it premium is not actually premium. The use of the fabric makes it look cheaper. We can definitely say that quality was compromised in innovation.

Key Specs:

Speakers Drivers

  • 3.1.2 channel speaker 
  • Wired Subwoofer

Audio Output

  • 300 W output

Compatible Devices

  • Tablet
  • Smartphone

Weight and Product Dimensions

  • 8 kg 800 g
  • 96 x 11.5 x 6.6 Centimeters

Connectivity Options

  • Bluetooth v.5.3 
  • AUX 
  • USB
  • Optical 
  • HDMI IN 
  • Coaxial

Frequency Response

  • 82Hz-20KHz

Warranty and Guarantee

  • 1 Year Warranty

Boat Aavante Bar 4100DA Price

      ₹ 16,999

Final Verdict: Boat Aavante Bar 4100DA

Boat Aavante Bar 4100DA: Here we come to the end of the blog. After reviewing this boAt soundbar, we completely recommend it. After buying and testing it for a long period of time, we can say that the boAt Avante Bar 4100DA is a superb soundbar that can definitely be considered to elevate your entertainment game. Consider getting this soundbar for the ground-shaking audio experience.

Also, if you find this blog helpful, do visit our website and read such exciting reviews. Feel free to drop down your suggestions and queries in the comments below.  

Boat Aavante Bar 4100DA

FAQs: Boat Soundbar

Yes, you can definitely connect your boAt soundbar to your TV using the coaxial jack. The coaxial mode can be easily activated on the remote control.

You can play Dolby Atmos via Bluetooth soundbar; simply connect the soundbar using HDMI ARC or HDMI eARC. 

There are many good soundbars available in India. The soundbars present in the market are full of features and are value for money. Some of the recommendations are Boat, JBL, Yamaha, etc. You can also read our blog, which is written on the best soundbar in India.

Soundbars with Dolby Atmos support can create an immersive and realistic sound experience.

The boAt Aavante Bar 4000DA Wireless Bluetooth Speaker retails for Rs. 13,999 in India.

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