Urban Company Native Water Purifier: Revolutionising Home Water Solutions 


Urban Company Native Water Purifier: Clean and safe drinking water is more important than ever in today’s fast-paced world. With increasing pollution levels and contamination, finding a reliable source of pure water for your home is crucial. 

That’s where the Urban Company Native Water Purifier comes into play. This innovative solution promises to deliver high-quality water for you and your family without compromising taste or safety. This blog will talk about the benefits of investing in an Urban Company Native Water Purifier and how this RO UV UF water purifier can enhance your daily life.


Urban Company Native M2 Water Purifier(Native M2)

(RO+UV+UF+Copper+Minerals with Taste Adjuster)

₹ 17,500

VM-One Rating

VM-One Rating in Details

Filtered Water Quality
Suitability for High TDS Water
RO Membrane Life
Ability to Remove Smell from Water
Maintenance Cost


  • 10 Stage Filtration
  • RO+UV+UF+MTDS with Copper
  • 20L per hour Filtration capacity
  • Alkaline and Essential Minerals

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In The Box

  • Water Purifier
  • Pre-filter
  • Installation Kit
  • Digital User Manual
  • Warranty Card

Design and Build-Best Water Purifier under 20000

The Urban Company Native water purifier boasts an innovative mirror design featuring a sleek brushed metal finish. This RO UV UF water purifier offers a futuristic touch, equipped with three preset dispensing modes and an illuminating LED indicator while providing a visual cue for IoT pairing status.

Its 8-litre food-grade tank crafted from polypropylene plastic is a pinnacle of fantastic build quality. Its robust construction using polypropylene, a material known for its durability and resistance to corrosion and high temperatures, ensures a secure and reliable water containment. Further, the design that this Urban Company Native water purifier comes with will complement any kitchen, making it one of the most aesthetic RO+UV water purifiers.

Design-Best Water Purifier under 15000
Front Body - Urban Company Native Water Purifier

Capacity: RO Water Purifier in India

The Urban Company Native water purifier comes with an 8L tank. Its tank, equipped with an integrated UV light system inside, is a pioneering solution designed to eradicate bacteria and viruses, effectively safeguarding against waterborne diseases. 

This innovative inclusion of RO UV UF water purifier technology ensures unparalleled water purification, providing a reliable barrier against harmful pathogens, thereby guaranteeing cleaner and safer water.

Connection- Best Water Purifier in India 2024

This best water purifier for homes in India comes with smart connectivity options. The Urban Company App offers a sophisticated smart monitoring system that enables users to track- 

  • Water Quality
  • Filter
  • Membrane health
  • Monitor water consumption. 

Additionally, this smart system provides timely alerts notifying users when maintenance or service for the filtration system is due, ensuring efficient upkeep and high-quality water system performance.

One-Touch Dispensing-RO+UV Water Purifiers

Energy Consumption

Notably, This RO UV UF water purifier necessitates an active power supply to enable the water dispensing functionalities, ensuring seamless operation while providing diverse dispensing choices. Further, this water purifier can filter around 20L of water every hour. 

We tested this Urban Company’s Native M2 water purifier at our office, where the TDS water level was around 1500. This implies that there were metals in the water. But this best water purifier in India 2024 worked efficiently and brought down the TDS to around 10% i.e 100 TDS, which is exceptional. According to our testing, this water purifier can treat water with about 2000 TDS. All this is made possible with the help of its excellent and durable membrane.

Water Purification Cycles-8L Water Capacity Purifier

The Urban Company Native Water Purifier uses cutting-edge technology to ensure that the water you consume is free from contaminants and impurities. With a 10-stage purification process, this best water purifier in India 2024 effectively removes bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and even heavy metals that can harm your health.

  • Stage 1-2: The initial stages of water purification include External Pre-Filter and Sediment Filter. The external pre-filtration removes large and physical impurities like sand and rust. The Sediment filtration filters out coarse and fine particles.
  • Stage 3-4: The third stage i.e Pre-Carbon filtration, removes the odour of the water. The next stage, Superior RO Membrane, filters out the dissolved impurities and chemicals. 
  • Stage 4-8: The fourth to eighth, the 4-in-1 Health Booster stage, filters out odour while infusing it with copper and minerals. This boosts the pH levels of water.
  • Stage 9-10: The ninth stage of this 8L water capacity purifier is the UF membrane, which reduces bacteria and cysts from the water. The tenth and final stage of UV light kills the micro-organisms and eventually provides you with crystal-clear water.

User-Friendly Features

The Urban Company Native M2 water purifier, one of the best water purifiers under 20000, comes with a number of handy features.

1. One-Touch Dispensing

Unlike the other water purifiers, the Urban Native water purifier comes with a touch panel. It helps you easily control this water purifier. The present dispensing modes of this best water purifier in India 2024 are,

  • Glass
  • Bottle
  • Free-flow

will automatically fill your water bottles without any hassle.

2. Guide Light

Guide light, as the name suggests, helps you guide during the darkest times. The light glows while dispensing the water, which helps you to fill the water carefully during the night time.

3. Retractable Tray

The brand provides you with a retractable tray to keep your bottle or glass while the water is filled. Therefore, there is no more need to stand and hold the utensils with this RO UV UF water purifier. Just keep your bottle, do your chores, and that’s it.

4. Taste Adjuster

Urban Company Native will calibrate the total dissolved solids (TDS) settings on the water purifier precisely to your taste preferences, ensuring the ideal water quality for your satisfaction and health.

Taste Adjuster-best water purifier under 15000
TDS Controller

5. 8L Storage

The generous 8L storage capacity of this best water purifier under 20000 ensures abundant space to meet all your daily water requirements, providing convenience and ample supply without frequent refills. With ample storage of this best water purifier in India 2024, you’ll have enough for various purposes, such as cooking and drinking needs.

6. Smart Monitoring

The Urban Company App provides you with the option of smart monitoring. You can now;

  • Effortlessly monitor water quality, filter & membrane health using the Urban Company App’s smart tracking features. 
  • It allows you to keep tabs on your water consumption patterns conveniently within the app. 
  • You will also receive timely service alerts, ensuring your purifier remains in optimal condition for uninterrupted use and peace of mind.
Smart Monitoring-8l water capacity purifier
Smart Monitoring

7. 99.99% Pure Water

This hot and cold water purifier guarantees 99.99% pure water, certified by the US FDA, ensuring top-notch quality and safety for consumption. This RO UV UF water purifier is tailored for diverse water sources, including tanker, borewell, and municipal water, providing an ideal solution for varied water supply scenarios and delivering consistently pure and reliable drinking water.

8. Manual TDS Controller

This electric water purifier helps you to fine-tune the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) settings manually to achieve the perfect balance, ensuring tailored purity levels to suit individual preferences and needs.

9. Enhanced Minerals

With this best air purifier for homes in India, experience the benefits of copper-charged water infused with alkaline properties and essential minerals, enhancing overall hydration and potential health benefits.

10. Self Cleaning

When this RO UV UF water purifier is not in use, the self-cleaning mechanism will work, and it will clean the filters automatically. It will remove all the dirt, which is one of the best things about this water purifier.

Self Cleaning-hot and cold water purifier

Maintenance and Durability-RO+UV Water Purifiers

With Urban Company Native water purifier, you can now save more than Rs 3000 each year on service costs as the company provides;

  • Free replacement of filter for two years.
  • Rs 0 service charges for two years.
  • 2-hour service delivery.

Consideration of Long Term savings from Energy Efficiency

This top water purifier under 20000 offers you outstanding benefits like none other. As compared to the water purifiers of other brands, it offers:

  • Greater tank capacity when compared to other brands. Urban Native has an 8L capacity, whereas other brands offer a 6.5L to 8L capacity, which makes it the best water purifier in India 2024.
  • Other brands offer you a one-year warranty, whereas this RO UV UF TDS water purifier has a two-year comprehensive warranty covering everything from filters to electrical parts.
  • Urban Company Naive M2 water purifier provides you with 10-stage water purification. Its M1 Model has a 9-stage water purification process. Talking about the other brands, they provide you with 6-8 stages of water purification. 
  • This RO UV UF water purifier comes with a retractable tray. However, this retractable tray is missing in the water purifiers of the other brands. 
  • Other brands offer copper-infused water. In contrast, the Urban Native M2 water purifier provides copper-charged water that is also infused with alkaline and minerals.

From the above-mentioned facts, we can say that the Urban Company Native water purifier is much better than the water purifiers of other brands. This best water purifier under 20000 offers you far better features.

Warranty & Guarantee-Urban Company Native water purifier

The warranty of a product boosts your confidence in that particular product. This RO UV UF water purifier comes with a 2-year unconditional warranty and absolutely zero maintenance cost. In fact, after the end of two years, you can extend the warranty by paying Rs 4500 only. This straight away shows the ample amount of trust that the company has in its product.

Urban Company Native Water Purifier

Pros & Cons - (Detailed)

  • The Urban Company Native M2 water purifier has a massive 8L of storage. This makes sure that you will never run out of clean water.
  • Its filters are wonderful. They clean the water quite efficiently.
  • The fact that it comes with a 2-year unconditional warranty is just mind-blowing. You can replace the filters for zero cost; isn’t that amazing?
  • Its filters are certified by the FDA, ISO, ISI and ROHS. This means that they are of optimum quality.
  • This best water purifier in India 2024 comes with smart connectivity. You can connect it to the Urban Company app and enable smart monitoring.
  • The 10-stage filtration is brilliant. It promises you crystal clear and clean water.
  • It doesn’t work without electricity. This implies that if there is a power cut, the water purifier will not work. However, with its 8L massive storage, this is not a big con.

Key Specs


  • 8L

Filter Type

  • 13.9L Per Kg per wash cycle


  • 10 Stage Filtration
  • RO+UV+UF+MTDS with Copper
  • 20L per hour Filtration capacity
  • Alkaline and Essential Minerals
  • Smart IoT Features
  • Preset Dispensing Modes
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Self Cleaning Filters
  • Ring LED
  • Touch Control


  • 2 Years Unconditional Warranty – All Consumables (Membranes + Filters)


  • No AMC needed for the first two years 
  • Rs 4,500 after that


Verdict-Urban Company Native Water Purifier

In conclusion, investing in an Urban Company Native Water Purifier M1 or M2 is a smart choice for urban dwellers looking for a reliable, clean and safe drinking water source. With its advanced 10-stage purification technology and cost-effective benefits, this RO UV UF water purifier can significantly improve the quality of your daily life. So why wait? Embrace the advantages of clean and safe drinking water with an Urban Company Native Water Purifier today.

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FAQs-Best Water Purifier in India 2024

The best water purifier for areas with high TDS is the Urban Company Native water purifier. If you want the best water purifier in India for your home, click here.

This is possible due to the incorporation of reverse rinse technology that reverses the water flow every few hours to keep the filters clean. Additionally, its multi-micron filtration process gradually removes impurities from the filter, extending the filter life.

The dimensions of the Urban M2 water purifier are 547x335x252 (LxWxD).

The Urban Native M2 water purifiers work only with an active power supply.

The Urban Company Native water purifier has a 2-year warranty. Under the mentioned circumstances, the brand will provide free service.

This water tank must be placed 10 feet above the ground level.


















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