Toshiba M650 QLED TV Review | All You Need to Know

In search of the best 4K TV under 55000 (55 inches) then you are in the right place. Now, Toshiba Mini LED TV is one of the finest-designed TVs in such a good price range. Under the inspection of the Toshiba M650 QLED tv review, we found that this TV has everything that you expect from a featureful TV, from good picture quality and immersive audio to premium design. 

The technologies used in this best 4K TV under 55000 are some modern innovations seamlessly integrated into this television. Let’s delve right into the Toshiba M650 QLED TV review to know more about this great option


It is a 65 4K Quantum Dot TV.
The TV has negligible bezels and has a plastic back with a metal stand.
4K Ultra HD resolution with HDR, HDR 10, HDR 10+, HDR 10+ Adaptive, HLG, Dolby Vision IQ.
VIDAA OS is used with the latest updates.
Google TV, Quantum Dot Color, and FALD are the technologies used to enhance picture quality.
3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, 2-way Bluetooth, Dual Band Wifi, Optical In. Impressive HDR, deepest blacks, and better upscaling.
It is equipped with a 2 .1 Ch Built-in Bazooka Woofer and Far-field Voice Control.
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Elevate your viewing with a Toshiba M650 QLED TVStunning visuals, vibrant colours, and advanced QLED technology redefine entertainment. Plus, …
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Model Number






Screen Size



Bezel Less


7.6 x 123.2 x 71.7 cm

Screen Resolution



8 Bit FRC VA Mini QLED FALD Panel

Special Features

REGZA ZR Engine, 120 Local Dimming Zones, Quantum Dot Color, 600 nits Peaking Brightness, 120 Local Dimming Zones, Quantum Dot Color, 600 nits Peaking Brightness, 2.1 Channel with REGZA Bass Woofer



Operating System

Other OS

Video Features

HDR ,HDR 10,HDR 10+,HDR 10+ Adaptive, HLG

Dolby Vision


Audio Format

49 Watts Output, 2.1 Channel with REGZA Bass Woofer

Dolby Audio/Atmos


HDMI Ports



3 HDMI ports, eARC & CEC Supported, 2 USB ports to connect hard drives and other USB devices, Dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0

App or Wifi Support


Gaming TV


Box Components

1 TV Unit, 1 Remote, 2 Base Stand, 1 Wall Mount Bracket, 2 AAA Battery, 1 Quick setup guide, 1 Warranty Card, 4 screw

Mounting Type

‎Wall Mount ,Table Mount


‎13 kg


₹ 52,999


3 years warranty

VM-One Rating
8.9Expert Score
VM-One Rating

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Connectivity Options

Box Content:  Toshiba M650 QLED TV Review

Below are all the things you’ll receive in the box.

In The Box

1 TV Unit
1 Remote 
2 Base Stand 
1 Wall Mount Bracket 
2 AAA Battery
1 Quick setup guide 
1 Warranty Card 
4 Screws

Design and Build – Toshiba Mini LED TV

While we are talking about the Toshiba M650 QLED TV review we should also consider the looks of this TV. The TV has a premium and seamless design, making it very modern to match your space without any hassle. The overall build of the product is of good quality and sturdy.


The display of this Toshiba 55-inch LED TV is bezeless or to be accurate, the bezels are close to negligible. Overall design and refinement of the product are quite evident.

Body and Back

The body of the TV is made entirely of plastic. All the connectivity options are located on the back of the TV on one side. The plastic back of this iFFALCON smart TV adds to the overall sleek design.


This best-budget QLED TV comes with two base stands made of metal, which can be simply attached to your screen using the screws that are also provided in the box itself. The stands give an elegant look to your TV.  

Wall Mount

Apart from putting your TV on stands, you can also put it on the wall to give it a sleek look. The wall mount bracket is given to you in the box; you can easily read the manual guide to do the same.

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Connectivity Options: Toshiba M650 QLED TV Review

Toshiba focused on all the connectivity options for easy accessibility of the users. All the connectivity options are given at the back of the TV; they are:


There many ports provided to you in this TV which ensures that you don’t get stuck when you want to consume your favourite content. The available ports are Bluetooth 5.0, which can be connected to your headphones or speakers, HDMI 2.1, which increases the maximum bandwidth capabilities, which ultimately gives you a faster refresh rate, higher audio quality with eARC, etc., dual Wi-Fi, and other amazing connectivity options. 


The wireless connectivity options given in this Toshiba 55-inch 4k TV are Bluetooth 5.0 for enhanced audio capabilities of this system and dual band wifi, which is very important for steady and speedy connectivity to avail all your favourite apps. Furthermore, the options are undoubtedly multifaceted.


The TV is not really equipped with all the apps, but you can enjoy all your favourite content on this TV; for instance, the TV works with Apple Airplay 2, on which you can stream all your favourite shows, movies, and games directly by mirroring your Apple device with your TV.

Software/ Tech Features and OS

The VIDAA OS is the software used in Toshiba 55 inch 4K TV and also in Toshiba 65 inch 4K TV, which is a advanced operating system known for its fast and responsive interaction on the large screen.


The updated version of this OS is faster and shows no signs of lagging. The OS is fast and light, but it does not have all the apps that you might require. If you dislike VIDAA OS, you can opt for a Firestick, which will improve the Toshiba Mini Led TV software.


The Toshiba M650 is equipped with Chromecast, Miracast, and Apple Airplay, so you can easily connect your devices to this big screen and keep yourself entertained without any hassle.

Voice Assistant

The TV has a voice control system, wherein you can easily control your TV hand-free with the command of your voice by simply pressing the mic button on the smart remote. 

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Panel- Toshiba M650 QLED TV Review


This TV has a fantastic 8-bit FRC VA Mini QLED FALD (Full Array Local Dimming) Panel, which makes all the colours displayed on the screen come to life in 4K. The colours displayed are vivid and life-like, with a 94% colour gamut. The accuracy shown is unbelievable; you can see all the emotions of your favourite actor, even a hair strand with accuracy. Toshiba TV’s Mini 4K technology is responsible for the level of precision.

Picture Quality: Toshiba M650 QLED TV Review

This TV has one of the best picture quality you can experience on this budget. It follows a 94% sRGB colour palette. Quantum Dot Colour Technology enables to portray vivid and lifelike colours. It displays over a billion shades of colours, making it look like reality.

Colour Optimization

The system has Regza Engine ZR, a chip for colour optimisation, enhancing the picture quality beyond HD capabilities. It makes sure to deliver great picture quality, contributing to the best experience. Also, even at 10% brightness, the pictures shown are clear and detailed.

Another colour-optimising technology present in this TV is AI Picture Optimizer, which ensures that the scenes look real by capturing every frame in 11 real-time scenarios, all intelligently tailored by the AI. 

Colour Saturation

As already mentioned, there is  94% sRGB with the oversaturation of all three colours. Yes, all three colours, Red, Green and Blue, are a little oversaturated, which actually looks beautiful as it brings you closer to the natural colour profile, which is always appreciated by human eyes.


Toshiba M650 is a VA panel TV that delivers the deepest blacks and radiant whites with its FALD (Full Array Light Dimming) technology and displays cinematic experience with dimming zones of 120 & 192 for 55 inches & 65 inches, respectively. 

HDR Brightness

The peak HDR brightness of this TV in our testing came to 480 nits approx, which is a fantastic brightness. You get to witness spectacular visuals, with all the details giving you the feeling of being part of the scene from the comfort of your home.

Features(Picture Processor)

REGZA ZR Engine ensures high-quality pictures in a 4K display, better than the HD picture quality, giving you the best TV-watching experience.

Viewing Angles

Upon the detailed analysis of Redmi Fire TV, we found that the viewing angles were not great. There was an approximate loss of 25% in brightness and colours which is definitely going to hamper your viewing experience.

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

The HDR capabilities of this TV are appreciable; it turns visuals into a detailed expression. The scene optimisation is done accurately according to the demand of the scene with improved contrast and brightness. It showcases a rich and deep colour profile.

OTT Performance: Toshiba M650 QLED TV Review

The TV comes with a smart remote with hotkeys to guide you directly to your favourite apps from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, YouTube, and many other OTT apps. 

Video Formats

The Toshiba Mini LED TV supports all the video formats HDR, HDR 10, HDR 10+, HDR 10+ Adaptive, HLG, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Vision IQ. so that you don’t have to compromise on watching any sort of content. These multiple formats contribute to the enhancement of the quality of the picture so that the scenes can look like reality. 

USB Playback

The movies played on USB can be one of the experiences in this TV; make sure to play it in full HD OR 4K you will never regret this choice.

STB Performance: Toshiba M650 QLED TV Review

Because the best TV in India under 55000, Toshiba M650 is a Full Array Local Dimming TV it has a problem in that it can upscale SD content but usually cannot display it nicely. You won’t enjoy SD content, but the HD content is worth paying money for. The upscaling capabilities are not so good in this TV.

Other Features – Toshiba M650 QLED TV review

Talking about other features under the Toshiba M650 QLED TV review, ten we must include the gaming capabilities of this Toshiba Mini LED TV.


The TV has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, with an HDMI eARC port, but that’s not it for the gaming mode; you also get Auto Low Latency Mode. When you plug your gaming console in the HDMI port, the TV will automatically detect it and take you to the gaming mode, where you can see a VRR of 120 Hz through Ultra Motion which is a chip feature provided especially for gaming in this Toshiba TV. 

This gaming feature has to be a rocking TV for all casual to mid-level gamers. It has AI sports mode which will excite you while playing sports-related games with enhanced clarity and motion.

Audio Quality: Toshiba M650 QLED TV review

At the back of the TV, you can see one subwoofer, called REGZA Bass Woofer or Tru Bass Booster, which is a Toshiba technology to enhance the audio.

The 49 W speakers have a subwoofer that supports Dolby Atmos to give you exceptional sound quality. The clarity in the bass is mind blowing; it doesn’t overpower the vocals which will allow you to listen to the dialogue delivery better. The 360-degree surround sound due to Dolby Atmos and Toshiba’s ZR technology wraps you with the sound. The overall audio quality is very impressive; you don’t need a soundbar until you are someone who listens to music on a really loud volume.

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Warranty and Guarantee – Toshiba M650 QLED TV review

Toshiba gives you a comprehensive warranty of 2 years from the day you buy the product.

Verdict: Is Toshiba M650 QLED tv Worth Purchasing?

Watch Video: Toshiba M650 QLED TV Review on Youtube


A Toshiba 55 inch TV price is Rs. 50,999 and the price of a Toshiba M650 QLED TV 65-inch is Rs.82,950.

Toshiba is a Japanese brand known for its good electronic products and commendable technologies being used in its products. 

Yes, Toshiba has some of the best TVs in the market. It totally depends on what kind of TV you are looking for. You can read the blogs on our channel to learn more about Toshiba TVs.

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