Samsung Ecobubble Front Load washing Machine: Exploring the Best Spin Cycles


Samsung Ecobubble Front Load washing machine: If you want to upgrade your top load washing machine to a good-quality front Load washing machine then you are on the right page. We totally understand that it is a hassle to pick a product that actually suits your preference and budget at the same time. In this blog, we will look at the features, pros and cons, price, and many other such things about the Samsung Ecobubble Front Load washing machine, and get to know if it is the best choice this year or not. 

Samsung 8 kg washing machine has to be the best choice that you can consider to put your hands to fulfil all your laundry needs. Without wasting any further minutes, let’s dive straight into the blog and get to know about this Samsung Front Load Washing Machine 8kg.



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Useful Features
Build Quality
Wash Quality
Noise Level

Box Content-Samsung Washing Machine Review

> In The Box

  • 1 Washing Machine
  • 1 Hose Drain
  • 1 Hose Inlet
  • Warranty Card 
  • User Manual

Design-Best Front Load Washing Machine In India

Talking about the build of this Samsung Ecobubble Front Load washing machine, which is veritably good and sturdy. It is a solid washing machine with a weight of 65 kg. The material used in the body and side panels of the washing machine is quite sturdy. It comes with anti-vibration panels that do a wonderful job.

Design and Build-Samsung Ecobubble washing machine
Samsung Ecobubble Washing Machine- Front Load

>Anti Vibration Panel

The anti-vibration panel of the washing machine does a terrific job. Now, the purpose of them being on the side panel is that while the washing machine is in use and it spins the washing machines tend to vibrate or make a certain noise. The presence of an anti-vibration panel is that it protects the machine from vibrating. With this feature, you will Encounter minimal vibration and Noise in this washing machine.

>Digital Control Panel

The digital control panel on this washing machine is quite self-explanatory and easy to understand. You get all the wash programs, a digital knob, and other touch-control buttons in this best front load washing machine in India. All these control buttons are quite useful and easy to use. You can also choose the spin speed according to the cloth’s needs.

Digital Control Panel-best front load washing machine in India
samsung ecobubble-touch control buttons
Touch Control Buttons
Capacity and Load Types-Samsung front load washing machine 8kg
Digital Knob

>Stainless Steel Drum

The Samsung Ecobubble Front Load washing machine comes with a stainless steel drum, which is called a Diamond drum by Samsung. This means that it has a diamond shaped drum, creating more friction in the laundry, thus removing dirt effectively. 

If you get the washing machine with Wi-Fi, then you get the accessibility to the AI. With this exclusive feature, the AI will decide how many clothes are in the machine, what the fabrics are, and the amount of water and detergent required for effective washing. 

But this AI version is not very understandable; we have our questions about the same. How does the AI know that the jeans I have put in the dryer will get cleaned in a 15-minute wash program or do I need to wash them for a longer time? So, AI is not necessary and dependable, but the Wi-Fi washing machine is still a good addition to this washing machine.

Stainless Steel Drum-Samsung front load washing machine 8kg
Stainless Steel Drum
Stainless Steel Drum-best front load washing machine in India
Diamond Shaped Drum

Capacity and Load Types

With the Samsung front load washing machine 8 Kg capacity, it is an apt choice for medium to large-sized families. It is a perfect option for families who need to get their laundry done every week or for someone who washes heavy items on a usual basis. You should not confuse weight with the capacity of this washing machine.

Capacity and Load Types-Samsung diamond drum washing machine

Connection-Samsung Front Load Washing Machine 8kg

You get two options in theSamsung Ecobubble Front Load washing machine: either you can go for a Wi-Fi version or a non-Wi-Fi version. You won’t encounter much difference between the two of them; you get 22 wash programs in the Wi-Fi version with AI-enabled features. We bought the non-Wi-Fi version and found no appalling difference between them. 

It is a smart washing machine that can be easily operated using your smartphone with the SmartThings app.

Smart Connectivity-Closer Look


You get the necessary pipes for the washing machine inside the box itself which have to be connected to the water supply tap. You can easily do that by reading the user manual.

Energy Efficiency

The Samsung Ecobubble Front Load washing machine is energy efficient, less noisy, and delivers long-lasting performance. Let’s talk in detail:

>Digital Inverter Technology

ThisSamsung Ecobubble Front Load washing machine comes with Digital Inverter technology for a quieter and more powerful performance and energy consumption. The strong magnets reduce the friction in the motor, making it function quietly and smoothly.

Noise Level-Samsung Diamond Drum Washing Machine

The Samsung Ecobubble Front Load washing machine are generally silent and make minimal noise. However, if you hear any unusual or loud sound, then you can get in touch with the customer support associate and get it fixed.

Programs and Cycles

If you get the Wi-Fi version of this washing machine, then it comes with 22 wash programs, which can be easily customised with the SmartThings app. Actually, you’ll get to see 12 wash programs in the non-Wi-Fi version of this washing machine. But you will find no difference in the wash quality of the machine. The decision is yours to take the Wi-Fi version or the non-Wi-Fi version.

User-Friendly Features-Samsung Ecobubble Front Load Washing Machine

>EcoBubble Technology

When you put the liquid detergent in the detergent inlet of the washing machine, it will get mixed evenly and produce a good amount of foam in the washing machine that helps clean the laundry very smoothly. And the water, with these tiny bubbles coming out of the holes in the drum with the foam, will help to discard the dirt from the laundry. It is recommended to use liquid detergent in the front load washing machine; it is the most suitable one.

Eco Bubble Technology-Samsung diamond drum washing machine
Eco Bubble Technology

>In Built Heater

The washing machine comes with an in-built heater, due to which you can steam wash your clothes. The heater is a good quality ceramic heater that protects itself from any sort of buildup.

In Built Heator-Samsung diamond drum washing machine

>Delay End Feature

It is a feature that is not present in every washing machine but is present in both the Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi versions of this washing machine. 

The feature lets you put your laundry in the washing machine at night and get it nicely washed in the morning. You can accordingly customise it with the app, or you can say that you can command your washing machine with the app to get your clothes washed when you reach home from the office.

>Child Lock

Obviously, thisSamsung Ecobubble Front Load washing machine comes with the child lock feature to toss any sort of unintended command.

Maintenance and Durability-Best Front Load Washing Machine in India

You can connect your Samsung front load washing machine 8 Kg with the SmartThings App and get it self-diagnosed. This implies that if you encounter any problem in the washing machine, it will be displayed on the screen but the error code will be reflected on the SmartThings App. So you and the technician can actually understand the issue.

Drum Clean-Samsung washing machine review

>Drum Clean

To improve the wash quality, the Drum Clean Removes 99.9% of Odour-causing bacteria. It notifies you automatically when it needs to be cleaned in Samsung Ecobubble Front Load washing machine.

Warranty & Guarantee-Samsung Ecobubble Washing Machine

You get a Comprehensive warranty of 2 Years on the Samsung Ecobubble Front Load washing machine and a 20 Year warranty on the Motor, which is a bit exaggerated, but the change is welcomed.

Pros & Cons - (Detailed)

  • The wash quality offered by the Samsung Diamond Drum washing machine is superb. The dirt will get out of the laundry, but at the same time, the softness of the clothes will remain intact.
  • You get the feature of customisation of spinning, where you can decide which cloth has to be spun and what RPM motor.
  • As already said, the washing machine weighs 65 Kg, which means that the build quality and the material used are impressive, a very uncommon feature.
  • You receive comparatively more wash programs in the Wi-Fi version than in the non-Wi-Fi version, making it super convenient.
  • The convenience of controlling the washing machine with your phone is another great appreciated feature of the Samsung Ecobubble Front Load washing machine.
  • If you get the Wi-Fi version of this washing machine, then you get the 22 wash programs, which are useless. You can use 3-4 wash programs in a washing machine throughout the life of the washing machine. The other wash programs offered are another marketing gimmick in Samsung Ecobubble Front Load washing machine.

Key Specs


  • 1400 RPM

Water Consumption

  • 72 litres per wash cycle


  • 65 Kg


  • 230 volts


  • 22 wash programs 
  • Hygiene Steam Wash 
  • Long-lasting performance 
  • Diamond Drum
  • Digital Inverter Technology

Noise Level

  • 50 db

Wash Cycles

  • 12


  • 2 Years Warranty



  • Rs. 32,000 approximately (non-Wi-Fi version)
  • Rs. 37,000 approximately (Wi-Fi version)

Price-Best Front Load Washing Machine in India

About the price, if you are considering buying the non-Wi-Fi model of this Samsung Ecobubble Front Load washing machine, which is an 8 Kg, 5 Star model, then it will cost you approximately Rs. 32,000 Also, some or other discounts are always available on Amazon. On the other hand, if you get the Wi-Fi version of this washing machine, it will cost you around Rs. 37,000 in Samsung Ecobubble Front Load washing machine.

Final Verdict-Samsung Washing Machine Review

Hereby, this was everything on the Samsung washing machine review, and it indeed has all the capabilities you might require from your modern and smart washing machine. This Samsung Ecobubble Front Load washing machine was tried and tested by our team in different spaces with distinct fabrics. It was used for many days and was compared with many other washing machines, and this product undoubtedly is worth considering. 

For more such tRuE-VieW, feel free to visit our website. Also, drop your suggestions and queries down below.

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The Diamond Drum is present to provide effective cleaning while protecting your cloth’s fabric.

You can get the Samsung Ecobubble 7 Kg washing price for Rs. 18,000 approximately.

 Stainless steel itself is a durable material and is perfect for washing machines.

There are many great options available in the market for the best washing machine under 35000. Samsung Ecobubble top load washing machine is a great option that can be considered.

Samsung, LG, and Haier are some of the good brands that offer better front load washing machines in India.

Samsung’s Ecobubble technology allows the detergent to mix with the water in a powerful way yet creates gentle foam. Basically, it blends the detergent with water more evenly for greater penetration.


















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