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Are you looking for a 5.1 home theatre with fantastic audio quality? If yes, then you must consider the newly launched OBAGE cinematic audio 1 home theatre system. It is a featureful home theatre with fantastic audio quality. In this detailed and honest review, we will share everything about the newly launched OBAGE CA-1 home theater. 


Obage CA-1 Home Theater

₹ 15,800



VM-One Rating


Total Output

Box Content - Obage CA-1 Home Theater

Obage CA-1 Home Theater

Coming to the box content of the best 5.1 surround sound system, the OBAGE CA-1 5.1 home theatre system, the best 5.1 home theatre under 15000 comes with a centre channel, two front channels, two surround channels and a massive 8-inch subwoofer. Additionally, in the box, you can find the remote and user manual.

> In The Box

  • Centre Channel-1
  • Front Channels-2
  • Surround Channels-2 
  • Subwoofer-1
  • User Manual-1
  • Remote Control-1

Design & Looks - Obage CA-1 Home Theater

Talking about the looks and build quality, the OBAGE CA-1 5.1 home theatre system has fantastic build quality. Furthermore, the look of this home theatre system is entirely different from the typical OBAGE devices. The changed look is a big pro, giving the home theatre system a unique appearance. In addition, the subtle branding gives it a premium touch.

Connectivity Options - Obage CA-1 Home Theater

This best 5.1 surround sound system comes with an array of connectivity options, including – 

Coming to the connectivity options of the OBAGE CA-1 5.1 home theatre, all the connectivity options are located at the back of the subwoofer. There is one HDMI ARC port, an optical port, an AUX port and a USB port in the front. Yes, it has HDMI 2.0 (ARC) port making it a home theatre. It also has the support of Bluetooth 5.0.

Connectivity options
Connectivity Options
Closer Look - HDMI ARC Port, Optical port

Remote Control - Obage CA-1 Home Theater

The remote control is a vital element in controlling the device from a certain distance. To control the OBAGE CA-1 5.1 home theatre can find all the control options on the front of the subwoofer and on the remote control. The remote control of the best budget home theatre system, OBAGE, has all sorts of control including volume increasing and decreasing buttons for the front, surround and centre channels. There isn’t a single control option that is not present on the remote control.

remote control- obage CA-1 5.1 Home Theater
Remote Control

Speaker Output - Obage CA-1 Home Theater

The OBAGE CA-1 5.1 home theatre comes with a huge 8-inch subwoofer and a peak output of 500 W, which can be further increased by connecting an additional subwoofer. 

Audio Quality - Obage CA-1 Home Theater

The OBAGE has significantly optimised the system; in the OBAGE CA-1 5.1 home theatre system you will get a balanced lower base. The 8-inch subwoofer has extraordinary capabilities because of its size, and the 4-inch mid-drivers also work perfectly. Furthermore, the five tweeters of 2.5 inches are also doing a fantastic job. To pump up your heartbeat, you can go for the 5.2 home theatre by connecting an additional subwoofer to the system.

You can refer to this link to listen to the audio samples of the home theater.

2 Subwoofers
1 subwoofer, 1 extra subwoofer(for 5.2)

Bass Performance - Obage CA-1 Home Theater

The bass performance of the OBAGE CA-1 5.1 home theatre is fantastic. OBAGE has significantly optimised the upper and lower base and improved the clarity. The 8-inch subwoofer gives you a peak output of 800 W, which you can increase by adding a subwoofer and making it a 5.2 home theatre.

OBAGE CA-1 5.1 home theatre’s base performance is amazing, it can easily shake your home, and you will feel the thump on your heart without compromising on the clarity or mid notes.

Clarity/High Notes - Obage CA-1 Home Theater

OBAGE has tuned this 5.1 home theatre so that the clarity from this audio system is hilarious. However, it doesn’t support Dolby Audio, but its output will still amaze you. It gives you balanced clarity; what’s that? When you get high clarity or low clarity, you will stop listening/ watching. 

Surround Sound 5.1 Effect - Obage CA-1 Home Theater

Being an actual 5.1 home theatre, the OBAGE CA-1 5.1 home theatre delivers incredible surround sound. The separation in the surrounding channels is fantastic; they are only playing the necessary frequencies which are mesmerising to hear.

You will surely get a cinema hall-like feeling at your home if you are using the OBAGE CA-1 5.1 home theatre.

Seamless Connection With TV - Obage CA-1 Home Theater

How did we manage to connect this audio system to our TV? It’s simple; we connected it with an HDMI port. It is compatible with HDMI ARC and eARC ports. After connecting it to your TV, you should switch to PCM from TV’s audio settings. It doesn’t support Dolby Audio or Dolby Digital, but it is not a con. Having Dolby Audio in your sound system is a flex, and it gives you fantastic clarity.

Convert OBAGE 5.1 Sound System to 5.2 Home Theatre System - Best Budget Home Theater System

Often the 500 W output from the 8-inch subwoofer is not enough, so the brand did something interesting. The OBAGE CA-1 5.1 home theatre system can be easily converted to a 5.2 home theatre by adding an additional 8-inch subwoofer which gives you a rocking experience. You can easily convert your ordinary room into a cinema hall.

Even if you purchase the 5.1 version of the system, you will be extremely happy with the system’s bass without compromising on the clarity and mid-notes. Additionally, you can clearly hear the dialogue, which incredibly gives you the cinema hall feeling at your home.

adding additional subwoofer to make 5.2 system
Adding Secondary Subwoofer to make this system 5.2

Obage CA-1 Extra Subwoofer

Obage 5.2 CA-1 Home Theater

Warranty & Guarantee

The OBAGE CA-1 5.1 home theatre comes with one year warranty. To repair your audio system, an expert will visit your location to do the necessary repairs. However, you need to pay 350 rupees per visit.

Key Specs

Speakers Drivers

  • 5.1 Channel
  • Wired subwoofer

Audio Output

  • 200 Watts

Specs and Features

  • 8″ subwoofer
  • 4″ mid-range drivers,
  • 2.5″ tweeters
  • Speakers maximum output power – 500 W,
  • Audio wattage 200 W

Weight & Dimensions

  • 19 Kg 300 Gm
  • 30 x 30 x 50 cm

Connectivity Options

  • Optical In
  • Bluetooth
  • Stereo Aux
  • 5.1 channel Aux
  • USB
  • FM

Buy Now

Obage CA-1 Home Theater Price

      ₹ 15,800


Definitely, the OBAGE CA-1 5.1 home theatre is an audio beast that comes with incredible features. We strongly recommend you purchase this featureful 5.1 home theatre that can be easily converted to a 5.2 home theatre system converting your ordinary room to a cinema hall.

Considering its price point, it is one of the best 5.1 home theatres under 15000. Drop your questions and feedback in the comments, and keep reading our reviews!

Watch Obage CA-1 Home Theater on Youtube


Currently, OBAGE CA-1 5.1 home theatre is one of the best 5.1 channel system.

The 5.1 surround sound cannot be said to be the best; the best sound is the one that fulfils all your audio needs.

In our opinion, OBAGE CA-1 5.1 home theatre is one of the best home theatres considering the features and price.

OBAGE is an Indian brand.


















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9 thoughts on “Obage CA-1 Home Theater Review-The 5.1 Audio Beast

  1. Hello, Iam confused between Samsung HW-B67E/XL, ZEBRONICS Juke BAR 9750 PRO and this Obage CA-1 Model.
    I always wanted an Actual surround sound system but was upset that nowadays its mostly Soundbars that is available. Iam Really happy that Obage has offered Actual 5.1 system. My only concern is – does it really provide Actual 5.1 effect? does it give all minute nuances of sound or does it misses something as it is not Dolby supportive? does it really produce 5.1 actual audio or it digitally makes the audio 5.1?

    My Living room is a 225 Sqft open Hall with a Slant ceiling, which one of these home theaters do you suggest me?

    Please do reply, Iam really very confused between these systems and don’t want to regret my purchase.

  2. Hello VM One Team,

    You guys are doing an amazing job. Keep it up.

    It may sound a stupid question but can this Obage CA 1 be compared with JBL Bar 9.1 or atleast JBL Bar 5.1? I need an honest opinion.

    I want to buy a home theatre system mainly for watching movies. Hence looking for opinion.

    Do you guys provide consulting services as well? Please let me know.

    1. Obage sound systems are good for under Rs 25000. However, the JBL sound system is just next level.
      No, we don’t provide consulting services.

  3. Sir, I am trying to order this system from Amazon but it says it can’t be delivered to my city. How can I get it? Please help me.

  4. need a sound bar for music and gaming

    requirements good low bass and good clarity

    torn between yas 209 and Samsung 5.1. but after listening to audio sample yes 209 was the clear choice .but after seeing sir review on obage CA 1 got confused again any help would highly appreciated.

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