Tips to Remove Stains from Clothes: Best Guide 2024
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Tips to Remove Stains from Clothes

Tips to Remove stains from Clothes: If only clothing could stay stain-free (or even some of the time). Until then, knowing how to fight back against spills and stains can help you keep your favourite clothes looking their best. So we have some tips for removing stains. Not only that, but we also give you the procedure that helps you learn to remove stains from white and coloured clothes. Dealing with stains can be a bit of an adventure, but here are some easy tips to save your clothes and make cleaning up fun:

Coffee/Tea Stains

Blot it gently with a napkin to soak up as much as you can. Then, wash the back of the stain with cold water and rub in some dish soap. Wash again and toss it in the wash.

Wine Stains

Party foul: Sprinkle salt or baking soda on the stain to soak up the wine. Dab it with club soda or white vinegar, wash it, and there you are Good as new.

Grease/Oil Stains

That delicious meal left its mark. Apply dish soap directly on the stain and let it work its magic for a few minutes. Wash with hot water, and it goes into the washer.

Ink Stains

Pens can be troublemakers. Blot with rubbing alcohol on a paper towel, dab until the stain lifts, wash with cold water, and off to the laundry it flies.

Blood Stains

Accidents happen. Wash with cold water, soak in cold water with detergent, and wash in cold water. 

“Hot water is a no-no for blood stains.”

Grass Stains

Nature’s calling: Mix vinegar and water, apply it to the stain, scrub gently, rinse, and wash. Back to outdoors in no time!

Sweat Stains

The gym was great, but your clothes also need some care. Make a paste with baking soda and water, rub it in, rinse, and wash with your regular detergent.

Makeup Stains

Oops, makeup met fabric? No worries! Dab with makeup remover or dish soap, blot gently, rinse, and wash as usual.

General tips: Remove Stain from White Shirt

  • Act quickly to stop the stains from setting.
  • To avoid spreading the stain, you do not need to rub; you can simply blot your clothes. 
  • Check garment labels for proper instructions, especially for delicate fabrics with some wash precautions.
  • Test any stain remover or cleaning solution on a small, inconspicuous area first.

Precaution for Washing: How to Remove Stain from Colored Clothes

  • Clothes speak their language. Check those tags for washing instructions—they’re like treasure maps to keep your clothes happy and fresh.
  • Zippers and hooks can be misbehaved. Zip up zippers and fasten hooks to prevent clothes from tangling and getting caught in the washing machine adventure!
  • Give your clothes a secret identity. Turn delicate items and those with prints inside out before washing. It’s like giving them a cosy hideaway during their spa day.
  • Clothes need their personal space, too. Avoid stuffing the washer full. 

Conclusion: Remove Stain from Clothes

Laundry day is a chance to pamper your clothes and keep them looking their best. We have given you all the details about how to remove stains from white and coloured clothes. By following these easy and fun tricks, you will be a laundry expert. Let me show you some of the best washing machines in 2024 that take care of your clothes very well. If you find this guide helpful, make sure to visit our VM-One.


 What is the best way to remove stains from clothes?

White vinegar and water is the best solution to remove stains from clothes.

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