Zomato Introduces an AI Chatbot “Foodie Buddy” Solely for Gold Members: Here’s Why


For all the foodie buddy lovers out there, there is some exciting news that will make their dining experience even better. Zomato, the popular food delivery and restaurant discovery platform, has recently introduced an AI chatbot named “Foodie Buddy” exclusively for its Gold members. 

The AI chatbot, “Foodie Buddy,” is not a standalone application but a built-in feature within the Zomato app. It uses artificial intelligence to provide personalised recommendations, answer queries, and assist users in making informed decisions about their dining choices.

There is a catch: it’s only available for Gold members. The Zomato Gold membership level is the one that requires payment. Customers who are Gold members can reap benefits like free and on-time deliveries, additional discounts, and other incentives.

The Purpose of “Foodie Buddy” AI

The unique feature of Zomato AI is claimed to be the variety of prompts for different tasks. It will present you with a widget listing all the restaurants serving your desired dish. Also, if you are undecided about what you want to order, the AI can recommend popular dishes based on your preferences and past orders. “Foodie Buddy” AI aims to be a reliable companion for food enthusiasts, helping them make informed decisions and explore the culinary world with confidence.

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Additionally, it has a feature known as “natural texting style” that enables users to ask questions like, “Are there any vegetarian options available?” or “Can I get a protein version of this dish?” The AI can provide dietary restrictions and special request information, ensuring a personalised dining experience.

This feature enhances the user experience by allowing them to have a more interactive and personalised conversation with the AI.

With this new addition, Zomato is taking customer service to the next level by leveraging artificial intelligence technology to cater to its most loyal customers’ unique needs. With this innovative feature, Zomato is revolutionising the food delivery industry and the way customers interact with technology in the restaurant industry.

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