Zebronics Jukebar 9200 Pro Review 2022

zebronics jukebar 9200 Pro review

Zebronics jukebar 9200 Pro review: We have been testing this Dolby Digital Plus Zebronics Jukebar 9200 Pro for the past 2 months. Some people faced many issues whereas some people are very happy with this soundbar but in this article, we will tell you what exactly Zebronics Jukebar 9200 Pro is. After months of thorough research today, we will comprehensively review Zebronics Jukebar 9200 Pro.

Friends this isn’t a review unit. We have bought Zenronics Jukebar 9200 Pro and we tested it ourselves. First, we consumed the burn-in period. Later we recorded audios which we uploaded on the drive. The drive link is given below. Download it to listen to songs of various genres. Its sound may vary with different headphones but it’ll help you get an idea of how this soundbar actually sounds. After that, you’ll understand our comments on it.

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zebronics jukebar 9200 Pro review


Zebronics Jukebar 9200 Pro
Zebronics Jukebar 9200 Pro

VM-One Rating



4.0 out of 5.0 stars


4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Audio Quality

4.5 out of 5.0 stars


4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Value For Money

3.5 out of 5.0 stars

Looks- zebronics jukebar 9200 Pro review

On the front and the top is the grey metal grill. There is a piano black finish on the sides (beautiful & typical Zebronics). All Zebronics soundbars have the exact same look.

There are 4 buttons- power on/off, volume+/-, and input selection. The built quality of this fully functional remote control is good. These are the accessories you get in this packet. On the side of the soundbar are air vents (normal).

Connectivity Options- zebronics jukebar 9200 Pro review

It has HDMI ARC, Optical Input, AUX, USB & Bluetooth 5.0 (normal). All the soundbars of this particular price segment have almost the same connectivity options.

Output- zebronics jukebar 9200 Pro review

The different thing is that it has 6 drivers of 80W. The output of the wireless subwoofer is also 80W. It is extremely easy to connect the wireless subwoofer. The total output of the Zebronics Jukebar 9200 Pro is 160W. Listen to these audio tests.

Total Output160W
best soundbar with subwoofer 2022 – best soundbar for tv in india

The bass of this audio test was good (more than our expectations). Usually, Zebronics soundbars give balanced audio but this soundbar is different. It has more bass. See this video test recorded in the same settings. Let’s see how it performs with a TV.

zebronics jukebar 9200 Pro review
Zebronics juke bar 9200 Pro review – best dolby digital soundbar under 10000

In the 2nd audio & video test, the bass was controlled and the treble was high. This soundbar gives high bass as well as high treble. It gives good highs and lows. But what about vocals? Because of copyright reasons, we could not show you the delivery of vocals in this video but the audio files are in the drive whose link we have provided to you. Download those 4 different songs of 4 different genres to check the quality of their vocals.

Audio Quality-zebronics jukebar 9200 Pro review

After listening to all these tests, let us explain its audio quality. This Zebronics soundbar is different from other Zenronics soundbars as its power distribution is completely different. Let’s understand it. Its total output is 160W. The brand or its audio tuning or power distribution decides how this 160W will be distributed among highs, lows, and mids at different volumes and at different places. Its power distribution is different as this soundbar gives both the boomy bass and the balanced audio.

Who should buy this Soundbar?

For heavy bass and balanced audio; this is your soundbar. People who listen to balanced audio are not high volume listeners and all brands including Zebronics know it. At 50-75% volume, this soundbar will give balanced audio with slightly heavy bass (Zebronics audio signature). But beyond 75% volume, its bass will increase and will be felt right in your heart. This soundbar has 2 audio signatures which are just magical.

What is bothering people- zebronics jukebar 9200 Pro review

Many people faced one problem- the 1-sec lag when a youtube video is played by connecting this soundbar via Bluetooth. But neither this is the soundbar’s fault nor it is the fault of your phone. This is due to Bluetooth. Go to your Bluetooth setting and the setting of soundbar and turn of any other codec except SBC. After that, there will be no lag. Now you will face no issues. It costs ₹11,000.

 Pros & Cons- zebronics jukebar 9200 Pro review

It has both heavy bass & balanced audio. Balanced audio will be amazing below 60% vol. If you want to listen to music, then this is good as it gives balanced audio with slightly heavy bass (good for bass lovers). This is a perfect soundbar for heavy bass lovers. As soon as you raise the volume above 60%, its bass will touch your heart. This is a big pro for bass lovers. It is a beautiful soundbar if you like heavy bass. Due to its Dolby digital decoding, you will get a virtual surround sound effect (good). Its cons are the same as its pros.

First, you need to understand the audio quality of a soundbar. If you don’t like this audio quality, then skip this soundbar. For balanced audio at high vol, go for Zebronics 9000 Pro. It will be better as it has only a balanced audio signature. Its 2 audio signatures which are a pro is actually a con for balanced audio signature lovers. This is the con.

Is Dolby Digital Plus a reality- zebronics jukebar 9200 Pro review

Please don’t take Dolby digital plus very seriously as its effect is just virtual. Its 4 drivers are upward-firing & 2 drivers are forward-firing which creates a virtual sound effect that is good.

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best soundbar in india under 10000

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