YouTube to Reinforce Its Medical Misinformation Policy


YouTube is the most crowded streaming platform for people to seek information from. Everyone, from young to old, watches YouTube videos and gets access to daily information. Not to mention that YouTube always puts its act together by providing all the relevant information to its audience. The diverse range of information also includes medical information. YouTube conveys all health-related information to its viewers diligently regarding cancer treatment, Covid19, reproductive health, and various medical topics. But it seems like the content creators are misleading the motive by promoting false and inaccurate information. 

Regarding the same, decided to They had decided to inforce its policies on medical misinformation. The video streaming platform clarified to delete all videos leading to imprecise medical information, which might harm the content consumers and demoralise them to look for medical treatment. 

The update was posted by Google retained platform in one of their latest Blog posts. Dr Garth Graham & Matt Harpin, Director and Global Head of Healthcare and Public Health Partnerships; and VP & Global Head of Trust and Safety, respectively, announced that

Moving forward, YouTube will streamline dozens of our existing medical misinformation guidelines to fall under three categories – Prevention, Treatment, and Denial. These policies will apply to specific health conditions, treatments, and substances where content contradicts local health authorities or the World Health Organization (WHO).

It also said they’d use the three-pronged method to recognise and discard all misleading medical information. This will include all the false information that is being promoted on YouTube regarding medical concerns, removing all the misinforming treatments which can be dangerous and concerning for the followers, and the third approach will be removing the denial information, for instance, denied content related to people dying due to Covid19.

This policy will start prevailing from 15 August. For such informative updates, keep an eye on our Tech Updates. Feel free to post your questions and suggestions in the comment down below.

Aanchal Das

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Aanchal Das


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