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All the users of X will be able to make audio calls and video calls without phone numbers. Elon Musk aspires to make X a profusion of services to turn it into a superlative app Now is all ready to introduce the new feature where the users will be allowed to make audio and video calls without sharing their phone numbers. In one of the latest blog posts by the social media giant, it was officially announced that:

 “Video & audio calls coming to X: Works on iOS, Android, Mac & PC, No phone number needed, X is the effective global address book. That set of factors is unique.” 

CEO of X, Linda Yaccarino, confirmed that the new features are launched to “enhance communication on the platform” and “provide users with more ways to connect with each other,”

In an interview with CNBC. 

Although the addition of an in-app calling feature is not new to the world, other apps like Facebook and Instagram are already on it. It has always been distinct from it, but now addressing it as a ‘unique offering by the app’ is what Musk has to say. The features that will be offered to all the twitter users seem quite similar to the other in-calling app characteristics. 

Not to mention that despite major similarities, It still has to offer something different than the existing apps. As we know WhatsApp Web doesn’t allow users to make calls and even other platforms have various restrictions for the same but They had overcame all this and initiated to add the calling feature on all the possible platforms. 

Further, one of the designers at X, Andrea Conway posted a picture portraying the new DM menu of X, which has a video-calling option placed on the top right corner of the menu beside the text messaging option available. 

The downside of this upcoming feature can be concerning to the users. The upcoming feature does not have encryption unlike other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and others that offer encrypted calls to its users. Elon Musk voiced the same when asked:

“Not at first, but we will add the ability to turn encryption on or off dynamically. There is necessarily a slight lag for encryption. Most of the time, encryption isn’t important and the quality of the call is better.”

Wrapping Up X’s New Features

We are still not sure about the timeline for the release of this new feature of X and also if the feature will be available for all the users or only for Blue subscribers. Whatever, the outcome is let us wait and see what this feature has to offer. 

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