Elon Musk’s X Now Prohibits Advertisers From Promoting Their Accounts


Popular social media giant Twitter, now known as X, is back in the news as Elon Musk announces the platform will no longer allow advertisers to promote their accounts, causing a halt in the ad business. The unhinged business giant Elon Musk’s big step will lead to a massive decrease in the overall revenue generation of the platform as the promoted accounts generated roughly $100 Million in revenue. Here’s how the company reacted to this step. 

What the Team ‘X’ is Saying About This Step

CEO Lucinda Yaccarino is trying to rebrand the image of the social media site and is working hard to get back the advertisers after Elon’s changes.

The company stated, “The change comes as a part of the large effort to optimise the X experience by prioritising the content format.” 

It is reported that the advertisers relied on paid promotions to gain new followers. The follower objective ads allowed the users to target their audiences more precisely than they would organically. 

All the New Updates in Elon Musk’s X

Twitter has stayed in the news because of its everchanging and evolving policies, which the new owner Elon Musk is bringing to the table. Elon Musk’s now pays its premium users for their engagement on the platform making the users excited as it is a big opportunity for them to make a significant amount of earnings through the platform. Changes like- paid Blue Service, dismissing the entire board of directors, and limiting the number of tweets you can read daily have been observed recently. With its rival, Threads by Meta, witnessing a massive decrease in its user, They are sure to make a comeback with its new and exciting features.

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