X App Downloads Plunges by 30% Since Rebranding


X App, formerly Twitter, a social media platform popular for news and personal updates, is witnessing a significant drop in download numbers since its rebranding. A report by Apptopia revealed that Elon Musk’s owned social media giant’s downloads plunged by 30%, marking its lowest point in over a decade.

Arguably, X has always been a hot topic since Musk has taken control of the platform, but the decrease in the application downloads is the actual mystery.

Furthermore, X app has also witnessed a dropdown since its active daily users who regularly open and engage with the application have decreased. The statistics of the social media platform revealed that the number of users dropped from 253 million in July to 249 million in September.

Elon Musk’s target was to onboard one billion users by 2024; however, the number seems challenging to accomplish as the number of users continues to decrease. Almost four months are remaining before this year is gone; therefore, X app needs to come up with fruitful strategies to cope with the user plunges.

Nevertheless, X app also plans to introduce New features like video and voice calling capabilities to enhance the user experience and attract potential users.

Another major concern highlighted by Business Insider is that several employees of X have parted ways from the social media giant amid the rebranding.

Clearly, X faces multiple challenges in onboarding new users, retaining existing users and decreasing popularity. The array of issues also questions the future relevance of the social media platform. However, Musk has been constantly trying to integrate some necessary features and stay in the limelight to reverse the downward spiral going on with the platform.

Abhishek Yadav

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Abhishek Yadav


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