WhatsApp Plans to Introduce Email Verification to Safeguard Accounts


WhatsApp is used by over 2 million people worldwide, making it the most widely used messaging app. However, the increasing popularity of the app has also garnered the attention of cybercriminals. Keeping this in mind, They may soon add email verification to enhance the security of user accounts. This additional layer of protection will help prevent unauthorised login and access to ensure that only the rightful owners can access their accounts. This step demonstrates WhatsApp’s commitment to protecting user data and maintaining a safe messaging environment for its vast user base.
The Meta-owned application already uses end-to-end encryption for private messages; it has also recently introduced several features, such as “chat lock,” “silence unknown callers,” and others. Furthermore, the social media giant recently added a screen-sharing feature during video calls. Despite these more recent upgrades, WhatsApp’s development team is constantly working on new features because the platform remains a top target for hackers.

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To increase account security and protect user data, WhatsApp aims to make it even more difficult for hackers and unauthorised individuals to access user accounts, providing users with peace of mind and higher security.

According to the sources, WhatsApp may continue offering this email verification option to allow users to choose whether they want to enable it. This approach recognises that some users may prefer not to provide their email addresses for verification, while others may appreciate the added security measure. WhatsApp aims to balance user privacy and account security by making it optional.

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The email verification feature is in development as of now, and WhatsApp is also exploring other security measures to enhance user account protection further. Keep reading our latest tech updates to gain significant knowledge about the tech industry.’

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