WhatsApp is Launching its New Live Audio Chat  Feature Soon


WhatsApp is ready to present its handful of new features this year 2023 in its latest beta version, continuously improving and innovating its features for a better user experience, security, and interaction. WhatsApp starts rolling out voice status on Android and iOS. It is presenting its new live voice chat feature for a group session of 32 people with live end-to-end encryption in its latest beta version.

WhatsApp’s massive user base of over 2 billion users gives it a unique advantage in offering this immersive and engaging communication tool. This game-changing feature intensifies communication with others by connecting users with its latest live voice chat feature. It will bring a more accessible way to interact in a group as compared to an audio call.

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Know More About This Live audio chat Feature

  • This latest new live voice chat feature allows us to engage in the live spoken session with a group of 32 people.
  • It will allow anyone in the group to join an ongoing audio chat.
  • The feature is activated by tapping a waveform icon in group chats and is end-to-end encrypted by default, ensuring user security.
  • It allows anyone in the group to join an ongoing audio chat.
  • There is information about the number of participants who will join the Live audio chat feature and provide a button to connect a new user.

This latest audio chat feature allows anyone to join the ongoing audio session without any interruption once it starts a status bar on the below group name will show the ongoing voice chat window. This audio chat will automatically be ended in 60 mins in the absence of any participant However, anyone can start a new conversation at any time.

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