What Not to Buy on Dhanteras 2023?


What Not to Buy on Dhanteras 2023: Dhanteras is the festival of buying new things. Almost everyone living in India prefers buying either jewellery or some other thing during the festival of Dhanteras 2023. While there are plenty of things that you can buy, there are many things that you should not buy on Dhanteras 2023. If you don’t know what not to buy on Dhanteras, then scroll down through our list mentioned below.

Products that You Should Not Buy on Dhanteras 2023: Dhanteras Puja at Home


In Hinduism, iron symbolises death, and it’s believed that buying iron on Dhanteras can attract negative energies, thereby bringing bad luck. It is also believed that since Goddess Lakshmi can not be pleased with such elements, she will not visit the homes of her devotees. Due to such reasons, people usually abstain from buying anything made with iron on this auspicious day.


Similarly to iron, there might be cultural beliefs associating Aluminium with negative energies, leading to a recommendation against purchasing it on shubh Dhanteras. Many Hindus believe one should not buy Aluminium on the day of Dhanteras. This is based on the belief that such a purchase could invite bad luck and ill health in the family. According to Hindu scriptures, Aluminium is not an auspicious metal, and it is not reliable in the long run.

Knives, Pins, and Scissors

Sharp objects such as knives, pins, and scissors symbolise the possibility of cutting ties or severing relationships at Dhanteras Puja at Home.

  • Knives symbolise bloodshed and are associated with Lord Shiva, the destroyer of evil. Hence, it is considered inauspicious to buy knives on the day of Dhanteras.
  • Pins and needles are seen as a weapon of destruction in some cultures. Therefore, it is not considered auspicious to buy pins and needles on shubh Dhanteras.
  • Scissors are said to cut off positive energy and are associated with Lord Yama— lord of death. Therefore, buying scissors on Dhanteras is seen as inauspicious.

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Cars: Dhanteras Puja at Home

It is not considered auspicious to purchase any motor vehicle on the day of shubh Dhanteras. Believers of Hindu mythology strongly believe that Dhanteras is not an ideal day to buy cars as such vehicles are associated with fire. And as per Hindu mythology, fire and Goddess Lakshmi don’t go hand-in-hand. Buying vehicles, especially cars, on Dhanteras is considered inauspicious due to the belief that it might bring accidents or financial losses in the future. It is one of the products that should not buy on dhanteras 2023.

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The purchase of oil on Dhanteras is discouraged due to a symbolic representation of ‘greasiness’ in life. It is believed that buying oil on this day may lead to laziness or a lack of productivity. Also, some believe buying oil implies that you care more about material wants than spiritual needs.

Black Clothes/Things

Anything black brings a negative influence and has strong connotations with evil. Therefore, it is believed that buying something black on Dhanteras will bring doom to your life.

Additionally, some people in the Hindu religion believe that wearing black clothing or wearing anything black is prohibited on the festival day. Not only does it bring in bad luck, but it also idolises the darkness of ignorance. So, the purchasing of black things is prohibited because it will lead to the spreading of darkness on this day, which is bad for both you and your surroundings.

Glass Products

Glass items are considered fragile and might symbolise the possibility of breaking or shattering something valuable in life. For instance, many people draw a parallel between the breaking of glass and the breaking of relationships. Hence, it is advised to avoid buying them on this auspicious day.

Fake Gold/Silver: Diwali 2023

From a religious perspective, it is believed that buying fake jewellery is disrespectful to deities. Hindu gods and goddesses are considered to be divine beings that are worthy of offering devotion and respect. Buying fake jewellery is seen as a slight to their power and presence, as it is not the genuine material that they are said to be deserving of. In addition, purchasing fake gold or silver on shubh Dhanteras is seen as an act of treason.

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Empty Vessels

  • There is a belief that due to the presence of gods and goddesses in the home, empty vessels represent emptiness in life. This means that on the day of Dhanteras, which is a day of celebration, the empty vessels symbolise unfulfilled desires, leading to sorrow and distress. Hence such items should not be purchased.
  • Another religious reason empty vessels are traditionally not bought on Dhanteras is to avoid the belief that they will drag away wealth and prosperity from the household.


  • Hindus believe that Dhanteras is a time to honour the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. According to Hindu beliefs, Lakshmi is responsible for bringing prosperity and good luck into people’s lives. For this reason, some Hindus refrain from exchanging material gifts on Dhanteras, believing that doing so could offend Lakshmi.
  • Further, buying or gifting items on Dhanteras might be avoided due to the belief that doing so could lead to financial losses or result in negative implications for the recipient.

Leather Objects: Products that should not Buy on Dhanteras 2023

  • Leather is made by killing animals, which is considered an act of violence. Violence is considered to be an offence against the divine. Therefore, buying leather objects on Dhanteras is seen as a disrespectful act.
  • Leather is seen as an unclean material. Leather is seen as a product of a decaying body, which is considered unclean. Furthermore, leather is also seen as a symbol of death. As Dhanteras 2023 is a festival that celebrates life, buying leather objects on this day is seen as a negative act.

Second-hand Items

Buying used items on Dhanteras is not considered a good omen. This is because buying something used is seen as receiving another’s ‘karma’. When you buy used items, it’s possible that they have been used by people who lead a different life or have an entirely different lifestyle. As a result, it’s considered wrong to buy used items. Further, it’s thought that you could be inadvertently participating in the negative karma of the previous owners in Dhanteras 2023.

Verdict: What Not to Buy on Dhanteras

What not to Buy on Dhanteras: In conclusion, while Dhanteras 2023 marks an auspicious time to make purchases, it’s essential to discern what to buy to ensure prosperity and avoid unnecessary expenditures. Some items might not align with the traditional significance of the occasion or may not bring lasting value. Refraining from certain purchases, such as electronics, sharp objects, or items associated with loans or debts, is advisable during this sacred period.

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FAQs: Dhanteras 2023

  • What should you not buy on Dhanteras?

    You should avoid buying black clothes, empty vessels, and cars. To know about the complete list of what not to buy on Dhanteras, go through our list mentioned above

  • Should you buy a car on Dhanteras?

    According to Hindu beliefs, you should avoid buying cars on Dhanteras 2023.

  • Why do people buy jewellery on Dhanteras?

    Gold and silver jewellery is considered auspicious, which is why people prefer buying jewellery on shubh Dhanteras.


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