VU GLOLED TV- Worth Buying Than Sony X74K or Not?


VU launched its latest VU GLOLED TV. Vu highly publicized this TV and this is how it came into the limelight. This is why we decided to buy a VU 55 inch TV and make a Trueview of VU GLOLED TV. We did thorough testing of this model to check whether VU’s claims are right or if are they merely marketing gimmicks. Scroll down and check whether VU GLOLED TV fits your needs or not.

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Looks and Remote Control:

It comes in a bezel-less design and looks premium. There are no bezels on the three of its sides. The bezels on the fourth side are slim. Far-field microphones and their control are given below the branding. All connectivity options are given on the backside.

vu gloled connectivity options

There are 3 HDMI ports (1 is a 2.1 eARC port with ALLM and VRR 40Hz to 60Hz). It supports Bluetooth 5.1 and dual-band Wifi. You get a smart remote control with Bluetooth and infrared combination. The remote control comes with Netflix, Youtube, Prime Video, and Disney Hotstar hotkeys.

Panel and Video Formats:

It has 8 bit FRC VA DLED panel with 400 nits peak HDR brightness. Our testing matches VU’s claim of 400 nits peaks in HDR brightness. It supports HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, and Dolby Vision IQ. Dolby Vision IQ adjusts picture quality and brightness as per the lighting of your room which is a good feature to have.


vu 55 inch smart tv

We expected good blacks as this is a VA panel and the brand claimed a 10,00,000:1 contrast ratio. The blacks of this VU GLOLED TV were fabulous. They were the deepest blacks and we had no issues with it. All VA panels produce good blacks. Good blacks are the result of good color optimization. Color optimization of this panel is fine. Blacks are good but not as good as OLED panels. They are blacks like that of a VA panel and they are deep.

Color Performance:

vu gloled tv

The AI picture quality engine reaches up to 94% NTSC color gamut which translates to amazing color performance. We were satisfied with its colors as they were good, vivid, and punchy. But they are not natural. 94% or 100% NTSC doesn’t mean 100% natural colors. All three colors- red, green, and blue are slightly oversaturated particularly green and red. Such kinds of colors should be expected from a budget range of TVs. VU GLOLED TV, therefore, performs brilliantly in terms of colors. How does this translate to HDR performance with HDR10+ and Dolby Vision IQ support?


We played HDR10+ content on Prime but we didn’t enjoy it much due to bending. In the video played, the color of the sky was not uniform and there were patches and bending which was visible in HDR10+ content. It supports HDR10+ but still, there is bending which is not good. We also tested HDR10 content on Prime and we didn’t see much sharper colors. This is not an issue with Prime’s content. If the app opens, then the content will be played fine. The HDR10+ content on this TV was neither uniform nor sharp. However, HDR10 content was better.

VU GLOLED TV couldn’t perform that well in its grey uniformity test. The greys were not that uniform and we will score them 7/10. It is not bad as per its budget and its 400 nits brightness.

The Dolby Vision performance was good. Dolby Vision IQ works well and improves picture quality tremendously. Dolby Vision content on this TV looks brilliant. The 4K content was superb and there were no issues whatsoever.

Operating System: VU GLOLED TV

In VU GLO LED 55 inch TV review, we found that it comes with Android 11 out of the box with built-in Chromecast support. You get all default android apps pre-downloaded. Other apps can be downloaded from Playstore. It has 16 GB gross and 7.3 GB net usable storage.

vu gloled backpanel

Upscaling: VU GLOLED TV

We tested the performance of content played via a set-top box. Upscaling of SD content was average. All 55 inch TVs of this range perform likewise. But the upscaling of HD channels is fantastic. 720p content was good but it lacked clarity. 1080p content was fine and the 4K content looked amazing. 4K is not upscaled, it is only played via USB and it looks fantastic.

Audio Quality: VU GLOLED TV

The sound quality of the VU 55 inch smart TV was amazing. Earlier we said that Hisense Tornado 2 TV had amazing audio and no soundbar was needed with it. The same can be said for VU GLOLED TV but there is a big difference. A subwoofer is there on the back of VU GLOLED TV which produces more bass. Everything looks good when it is in the correct proportion. Here you get a higher bass which is good if you like that. But if you like balanced audio, then you will not like it much.

VU GLOLED vs Sony X74K:

The comparison between VU GLOLED TV and SonyX74K is unfair comparison. VU will lose for sure. However, you shouldn’t make a comparison between Sony and this budget TV as Sony has superior picture quality.

ColorsSony spends a lot of time and money researching every single color. Their color calibration and color optimization are amazing.We don’t think VU spends that amount of money on color optimization and color calibration.
BlacksSony has an IPS panel.VU has a VA panel. VU GLOLED TV has a VA panel and it will always win against an IPS panel. However, its blacks are not as good as an OLED panel. OLED panel produces the best blacks.
Viewing AnglesSony being Sony and an IPS panel produces the best-in-class viewing angles. There is almost no color and brightness loss even at the most extreme side.VU can never win over Sony in terms of viewing angles. VU GLO LED TV is a VA panel TV and it gives average viewing angles. You will notice 30% color and brightness loss on the sides. This is unacceptable as due to the advancement of technology, even VA panels show only 15% color and brightness loss on extreme sides.

Pros & Cons:


  • It has fantastic picture quality. It is brilliant in this budget.
  • It produces good blacks and colors. The colors are oversaturated but they are good.
  • The HDR performance is good. HDR performance is the performance of a TV in scenes with both dark and bright colors. Its HDR10 and Dolby vision performance are amazing. But we were disappointed with HDR10+ performance.
  • ALLM support makes it a good TV for gamers. Buy it if you have a gaming console and want a good TV with lesser input lag (8-10ms). The VRR of 40Hz to 60Hz is good. It is not bad but it is good for a 60Hz panel.
  • You get software-based MEMC (just like Hisense). Hisense is the manufacturer of all VU TVs no matter which one you buy. The performance of MEMC is very good. Keep MEMC off during a movie. Turn on MEMC in sports. When you turn on cricket mode, it automatically turns on MEMC. You can adjust MEMC as per your interest. After that, you there will see almost no motion blur. This is a good option for budget VA panel TVs. If you watch content from the front, go for it.


  • It doesn’t give good viewing angles.
  • Its HDR performance is good but not the best, particularly HDR10+ performance. You will see bending and patching in HDR10+ content.
  • The colors are oversaturated. It is entirely ok as these colors are ok in the VA panel. Otherwise, you will get dull picture quality. Dull colors are not good and they require different calibrations in different kinds of contents.
  • Backlight glo is normal in VA panel TVs.
  • Another bug is quite problematic. The colors of a 4K video on Youtube are different from the colors of the same video in another video format. VU should resolve it with a software update. This bug is not there in any other app.


Many people ask us about the services provided by these brands. Well! No budget brands provide good services be it VU, Hisense, Motorola, or any other brand. It is because they don’t have service centers. You get doorstep service. These brands have service partners and tie-ups as per the pin codes. You should check the number of service tie-ups a brand has. If these tie-ups are good then you can go ahead.

Extended Warranty:

Make sure you buy a good extended warranty so that you get your TV covered. We recommend Go Warranty extended warranty plans. We don’t give my affiliate link so that you can call them to extract maximum benefit.

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Disclaimer: Please note that the prices mentioned in the article were recorded on the publishing date. Prices may change with time.


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