TweetDeck is Finally Making the Switch to Premium Services


Elon Musk has implemented many transitions since he acquired X, formerly known as Twitter, from changing the user interface to allocating paid verifications to subscribed users of the X. There were talks about the possibility of rolling out a subscriber-only feature.

On July 3 it was announced that the TweetDeck now X Pro paywall transition would happen in 30 days. However, it missed the mark and was delayed for quite a while.

TweetDeck, now X Pro, is one of the most sought-after features of X, allowing users to manage multiple accounts, schedule tweets, and track analytics all in one place. TweetDeck is highly valued by journalists, social media marketers, and people who execute their daily jobs through Twitter.

TweetDeck, now X Pro, is finally following through on making the platform a paid service. Among many users, this move sparked a deep debate, as they can’t access X Pro unless they pay. However, some people have not faced the shift to a paid feature, and the majority of people are encountering a sales page for X Premium.

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The aim of X Premium is to draw in users and reinforce the appeal of the platform, which the company achieved by providing users with additional benefits like lengthy posts, editing your tweets, text formatting, 50% fewer ads in timeline, added bookmarks, and prioritized ranking in convos and searches and many more. Now, with the paywall on X Pro, the company is making it transparent that a blue checkmark subscription is worth the cost. 

With the addition of X Pro, X solidifies its position as an indispensable platform for users in seeking to maximize their Twitter experience.

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Anam Khan


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