Toshiba M550 QLED TV Review: Best TV under 50000


Toshiba has recently launched its QLED 2022 model and Toshiba believes that its new QLED 2022 TV model is different than the other QLED TVs. And that is why we bought this TV to test whether it is a good option or not. Scroll down and find the answer yourself-

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1. First looks- Toshiba M550 QLED TV Review

Toshiba M550 QLED 2022 TV has amazing built-quality as it is made of metal including its Stands and back body. The bezels are very slim. Anti-reflective coating is highly useful on panels as it reduces reflection. The lights given down are far-field microphones through which commands can be given to Google Assistant without the remote.

2. Connectivity Options- Toshiba M550 QLED TV Review

It has 3 HDMI ports out of which one is eARC which gives ALLM and VRR from 48Hz to 60Hz. This Variable Refresh Rate is not extraordinary but it reduces input lag for old gaming consoles like PS4. Toshiba claims 8 mini seconds input lag which is extra-ordinarily good. It supports Dual-band Wifi and Bluetooth 5.0.

3. Panel- Toshiba M550 QLED TV Review

The company claims 10-bit but we think it is 8-bit FRC with 10-bit depth. This IPS QLED panel is amazing. The company declared 400 nits HDR brightness but in our testing between 10% to 100% window sizes, its brightness was astonishing. We recorded 570 nits peak HDR brightness. Its brightness is under-promised and over-delivered. The colors, detailing and blacks are unmatched due to their exceptional brightness.

After switching on, you will see Android 11 or Google TV home screen along with Google Chromecast and Miracast support. Apple users can get Apple Airplay support. As Android 11 is heavy, it reduced its 16 GB storage to 7.5 GB storage. However, its storage can be increased by plugging in a Pendrive in one of its two USB ports.

This full-array local dimming panel is good. It is an IPS QLED panel. QLED (Quantum Dot Filter) on the back purifies the colors. But the main work is of the color engine. Every brand optimizes colors and places a chip. Due to this, the QLED filter shows colors on the panel. All you need to understand is that it is a good panel for sure.

Toshiba M550 QLED 55 Inch TV
Toshiba M550 QLED 55 Inch TV

VM-One Rating


Audio Quality

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Picture Quality

5.0 out of 5.0 stars


4.8 out of 5.0 stars


4.8 out of 5.0 stars


4.5 out of 5.0 stars

4. Testing- Toshiba M550 QLED TV Review

We got exceptional results in the dimming test as it is the full-array panel. The panel tries to give absolute black to the places where light shouldn’t be. According to our calculations, there are 32 dimming zones. It has a Local dimming panel with amazing performance, and 570 nits peak HDR brightness but what about other important parameters such as colors and blacks?

A different color engine has been used by Toshiba. Hisense is the manufacturer of this Toshiba TV as Hisense has these rights. But Hisense can’t use its color engine and that’s how Toshiba has licensed Hisense. It has a Regza color engine. It is made in Japan, supplied to Hisense, and then it is used in it. The color optimization in Regza is done by Toshiba and that’s why its colors are absolutely different.

Compared to other QLED TVs, its colors are out of the world. They are magical. Sometimes you will feel they are over-optimized but in reality, you will match them with Sony’s colors. Red, Green, and Blue are optimized in such a way that they look very punchy and bright. They are natural and life-like colors. They are good, appealing, detailed, and bright due to their high brightness. Even the minutest details will be visible.

Over-brightness is not there. TVs with more brightness sometimes show even those details which shouldn’t be shown. It distorts the picture quality. Proper Optimization of colors is an art and this TV has done it.

toshiba m550 review

5. Video Features- Toshiba M550 QLED TV Review

It has HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, and Dolby Vision support i.e you can enjoy all OTT platforms. We tested them also. The Dolby Vision content on Netflix was good. It also supports Dolby Atmos and its logo was clearly visible on Netflix. We tested the same on Prime in HDR10+ content and the color of the cars and sand was amazing. They were absolutely natural and life-like real colors.

6. Viewing Angles and Upscaling- Toshiba M550 QLED TV Review

IPS QLED panel gives amazing viewing angles. This TV shows the same colors and brightness from all angles which is exceptional.

The performance of SD channels was satisfactory just like all 4K TVs. It is a 55-inch TV with amazing clarity of SD channels. The experience is completely different on HD channels. HD channels have perfect clarity. Hence, its upscaling capability is amazing. The content played via USB was also brilliantly upscaled. Upscaling of 720p aka HD content, 1080p i.e FHD, and 4K video was fabulous.

7. MEMC Performance and Motion Blur- Toshiba M550 QLED TV Review

We tested its MEMC performance. We kept it on smooth i.e on the top-most level and there was no motion blur. We also did some other kinds of testing. These rotating blades of the windmill show a little motion blur as it is a 60 Hz panel. A 120Hz panel would not show any motion blur. Consider this before buying it.

toshiba m550 qled tv Review

8. Audio Test- Toshiba M550 QLED TV Review

Its audio is fantastic. According to us, it has the best audio qualities in TV up to Rs 1 Lakh. There is no need for an external soundbar. It has a 2.1 audio system. The .1 is the built-in subwoofer. The total audio output is 49W but its clarity is awesome. Its bass is decent but not as good as a subwoofer. As per the TV, its audio quality is fantastic and no external soundbar is needed.

9. Remote Control- Toshiba M550 QLED TV Review

It comes with Bluetooth and Infrared combination full-size remote control with Netflix, Youtube, Google Play, Prime Video, and Media Hotkeys. It has a Google Assistant button too. The far-field microphones can be turned with the button on the front. It is good for your privacy.

Right now its 55-inch size costs Rs 53,000 which is amazing. Toshiba gives a 2-year comprehensive warranty on this TV.

Buy Toshiba M550 QLED 55” & 65”

Toshiba M550 QLED 65 Inch TV
Toshiba M550 QLED 65 Inch TV
Toshiba M550 QLED 55 Inch TV
Toshiba M550 QLED 55 Inch TV

10. Pros & Cons –


  1. It has amazing 570 nits brightness which is exceptional. The colors are unmatched and according to us, they compete with Sony.

2. After comparing it with the Sony TVs, we can say that its colors are as good as any Sony model. It can be placed in both dark and bright rooms. Its panel is not reflective which is a pro.

3. Its audio quality is fantastic. There is no need for a soundbar in medium to large-sized rooms unless you want a cinematic experience. Otherwise, its audio quality is good enough.

4. The excellent part is ALLM which is beneficial for gamers. According to the company, its input lag is 8 mini seconds.


Its motion blur is not completely controlled. This 60Hz panel behaves like a 60Hz panel. A better panel with more controlled motion blur would be ideal. All TVs in this range will give the same performance.

The second con is more of a subjective issue but it is our responsibility to tell you. In certain scenes, you will feel its colors are over-saturated.

Its brightness is amazing but in certain scenes, you might find red and green over-saturated due to its color optimization. These are not over-saturated for us and these can be manually controlled from settings.

You won’t get the deepest Blacks as it is an IPS QLED panel. Its blacks are not as good as of a VA panel. This is fair as no IPS panel gives the deepest blacks.

So should you buy a Toshiba M550 QLED TV or any other QLED TV of the same range?

We bought and tested other QLED TVs and by far, Toshiba TV is the best among the lot. You won’t regret buying this TV. It is one of the premium TVs at a very cheap price. The Rs 53,000 price is fantastic for this Toshiba QLED 2022 TV.

Display4K UHD QLED
Sound40 watts twin speakers,
2.1 audio channel
ConnectivityDual Band Wi-Fi,
2 USB,
Warranty2 years of Comprehensive warranty
Price₹ 52,990
Toshiba M550 Review



















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  1. Right now its price bracket is 43999/- Rs.
    I’m confused if this is the right Tv for me because i have ps5 and my budget is around this only. MI x pro is also an option but I’m confused as its features are less than whats given in toshiba. Please help me deciding which one to buy. Dont want hisense as it has many cons. And it will go higher than my budget if my requirements are to be fulfilled.

  2. Can you suggest me which one is better? This one of TLC 6g qled or accer ? I am looking for 50 or 55 inch model…& Android/Google os

  3. Do you have any suggestions for Qled tv in acer ?
    Or let me ask which among these are better?
    1) Toshiba M550 QLED
    2) TCL T6G QLED
    3) Mi x Pro
    4) Acer QLED
    I want QLED TV with good warranty.

  4. Can you all make comparisons between above listed TVs ? Also no reviews on TCL 6G yet.

      1. Never mind, i already took this TV because i wanted it because Ganesh chaturthi. Now i need some help. How to activate far field Google Assistant on this TV ? I mean to give tv command like turn on & off….? I have turn on switch at below but tv doesn’t listen to me…..

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