Theories on Google Photos to be Supported by Ultra HDR Image Format in Android 14


Theories on Google Photos to be Supported by Ultra HDR Image: In late August, the new build code v6.51.0.561138754 version was witnessed in Google Photos which made it evident for Assemble Debug to connect the dots and speculated on Google to test Ultra HDR Support for Google Photos. Now, allow me to guide you through the term Ultra HDR image if by any means you are not aware of it.

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and displays better picture and video quality with better brightness as compared to the SDR (Standard Dynamic Range). 

All the smartphones in the market these days come with top-notch features and admirable camera and display quality. So this step taken by Google to inculcate Ultra HDR images in Google Photos will provide you with good camera quality at the same time retaining JPEG format is a good move. You can also send the link for the same photo and it can be easily accessed in SDR, but it won’t be as good for obvious reasons. 

Not only does this upgrade provide better picture quality and display but also spectacular details. The upgrade of Ultra HDR image Support is not something new done by Google in May when Google announced Ultra HDR Support for Android 14. 

You should also be aware that in HDR when saved content is shown it will come with color and oversaturation which ensures the quality of content with a wider spectrum. In short, it makes everything you watch better. Not only this Google Photos also added Magic Eraser for all Google One users. Now, a magic eraser is an AI-based editing app that can edit all the unwanted objects or people from your photo. 

The Magic Eraser feature was only available for Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 smartphone users to subscribe for free. Another great inculcation is collage editor styles added on the Google Photos app. This was everything you should be aware of about the new addition to Google Photos, hopefully, it was informative. For such enlightening updates, feel free to visit our Tech Updates and keep yourself up to date.

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