Luminous iCruze 4500 4KVA Inverter

Luminous iCruze 4500 4KVA

Yeah, you heard right. Now you can run your motor, refrigerator and air conditioner as well by this breathtaking marvellous inverter. This smart inverter is a Luminous iCruze 4500 4KVA inverter with a price segment of 19,500.

In other words,  1 battery inverter is enough for lower loads like a fan or a tube. But in order to operate heavy appliances likeAcs; what you need is- A luminous iCruze 4500 4KVA inverter.

 Luminous iCruze 4500 4KVA
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Battery Compatibility of Luminous iCruze 4500 4KVA inverter.

Luminous iCruze 45KVA inverter comes with a 3200W peak load capacity. Its efficiency varies between 82% to 85%. It is a 36W inverter. Three batteries of 12W each can be used. It supports all batteries- SMF, Tubular or black plate (capacity- 60Ah- 220Ah).

Inverter Type

Pure sine wave output ensures the safety of your appliances

Technical Specifications of Luminous iCruze 4500 4KVA inverter

 VA Rating: 4 KVA; Peak Load: 3200W ; Output Voltage : 220V (inverter mode). Advanced LCD display shows inverter battery performance statistics including – battery charging time, Backup time, percentage load running on the inverter, fault indications, and many more.

Convert to a smart inverter

 Luminous iCruze 4500 4KVA
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iCruze can be converted to a Smart inverter by connecting an external Luminous connect dongle (Wi-Fi/GSM) and downloading the Luminous connect Application available both on both iOS & Google play store and with Smartphone App user can monitor real-time inverter battery performance statistics and power cut trends of last 1 year from anywhere in the world.


Two modes appear after turning it on- ECO and UPS mode. The Volt operation of ECO mode is between 100W-290W. If the voltage drops below 100W or rises above 290W; the inverter will cut the main power supply and will turn on automatically. Only lights and fans should be used in this mode.

 Luminous iCruze 4500 4KVA
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You are buying this inverter to operate AC, refrigerator, water pump, or mixer grinder. Thus you should operate it on UPS mode whose voltage operation is between 180W to 260W. If the voltage rises or drops below it, then the inverter will cut off the main supply and turn itself on to save your appliances. The display shows how long the inverter can operate.

FEATURESCompact design with improved efficiency-Fi enabled remote monitoring with App for Android and iOS In-Built Time Delay Relay (TDR)Multifunction displayMains & DC MCB
BATTERY SUPPORTSMF, TUBULAR, FLAT PLATE (60AH-220AH); Luminous Red Charge 135Ah 36 Months Warranty
PRICE₹ 19500

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Protection- Luminous iCruze 4500 4KVA inverter.

AC/DC MCB protection, Mains Bypass switch for restoring input mains in case of fault inverter, overload, and over-temperature.

TDR  output- Luminous iCruze 4500 4KVA inverter.

Compatible output for sensitive appliances with high inrush current such as Air conditioners up to 1 ton.

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PROS AND CONS- Luminous iCruze 4500 4KVA inverter.

It can be operated on 3 batteries, which is both a pro and a con. It is a pro as it saves the money of 1 battery. It is a con because if there is more load and you need 4 batteries, then it fails. Another con is that its display is not too bright.