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Introduction-TaoTronics Soundsurge BH046

TaoTronics Soundsurge BH046: Sound Quality and features like a flagship Bose or Sony, price 1/4th, if you buy it smartly. I’m talking about these Taotronics Soundsurge BH046 Over ear headphones, which are priced at Rs 16,000 on Amazon India, but I got them for less than 7000. What is it, and where can you buy it? I will tell you in this review.

What in the Box?-TaoTronics Soundsurge BH046

Look & Feel-TaoTronics Soundsurge BH046

Usually, I expect a product with a low price and huge feature list to get most things wrong, but this one has nailed most of it, and I want to start with the looks. When I touched these premium-looking headphones, I was mesmerized by the protein cushions or the memory foam ear cups, which are only seen in Rs 30,000 Bose or Sony. This Headphone has an aluminium alloy metal + soft-touch plastic build, keeping its weight and build quality in check.

The headband is very soft plushy, and comfortable without compromising strength and elasticity. All the buttons and the 3.5mm jack are placed on the right ear cup, with a dedicated Noise-cancelling button. The charging socket is housed on the left ear cup. And last but not least, there’s a subtle Taotronics branding on both ear cups. Overall, Soundsurge 46 looks very nice and premium.

Comfort & Convenience-TaoTronics Soundsurge BH046

As soon as I wore them on for the first time, I felt like a pillow was between my ears and the headphones. These cushions are so soft and cushiony that I don’t want to take them off. I can wear it for over half an hour in a stretch without feeling tired. Taotronics isn’t the lightest, but this comfort is primarily due to the protein foam padding on the ear cups. Though they come with a micro USB charging port, which is a disappointment in today’s age of USB type C, I’m still happy.

This Soundsurge model gives 30 min of listening time with just 5 min of charge, and it is fully charged in 30-40 min, with a total battery life of upwards of 24 hours (listening time). That’s really impressive.

As for convenience, it comes with Bluetooth 4.2 and Hybrid ANC, which I will talk about in a bit, and it comes with my favourite dual pairing feature. The convenience of pairing the headphone with two devices simultaneously is exceptional. I keep it paired with my iPad and phone while consuming media on the iPad. There’s a call coming on my phone simultaneously, the Soundsurge 46 intelligently connects to my phone, and the media on the iPad is paused.

I haven’t seen this feature with any other headphones except for the high-end Bose or Sony worth 25-30,000 Rs. I’m genuinely impressed with the features, and convenience Taotronics offers at this price point.

Active Noise Cancellation-TaoTronics Soundsurge BH046

The main highlight of Soundsurge BH46 is the ANC, and you will be surprised, if not shocked, by how good it is. This Taotronics model uses Hybrid Noise Cancellation, which means it uses a mix of Passive and ANC with the help of a few microphones. If you have experienced the Bose QC35, you know what kind of Noise Cancellation I’m talking about. Taotronics isn’t at par with Bose, but I can safely and efficiently say it is 85 to 90% close.

The real test of the ANC was when I travelled from the metro during peak hours. It claims to cancel 95% of low-frequency noise, and I simply have no reason to doubt that. On my 20 min journey to Rajiv Chowk metro station (New Delhi), the only thing I could hear from outside was a woman talking to someone on the phone. No train sound, no crowd noise, no announcement voices, nothing. And to check how good the 46 was performing, I turned off the ANC switch and was left surprised yet again.

The metro was crowded and noisy, as always, but I couldn’t hear a thing while the ANC was on, except for the white noise, which was acceptable.

Many times now, I use the Soundsurge 46 just for the ANC while I’m walking on the road or taking a metro ride. However, remember these headphones cannot cancel the kids crying or Wife or girlfriend shouting in the background. No one can do that, not even Bose, sadly.

How to Do They Sound-TaoTronics Soundsurge BH046

I have nothing to complain about when the sound quality is concerned. I can listen to high volumes without noticeable distortion, the audio is clear, and I didn’t notice any lag while watching videos. I could hear a few notes in my favourite songs, which I never heard before, which was surprising, and I really liked the sound profile of this bad guy. There’s a surprising amount of bass without it going overboard, and I enjoy using these for jamming out while I work.

However, The most important thing I noticed was that the Taotronics Soundsurge 46 sounds much better with the ANC on. I have seen most over-the-ear budget headphones dropping on the sound quality as soon as the ANC is switched on, but that’s not the case here. Now, I love to keep ANC on all the time.

Verdict-TaoTronics Soundsurge BH046

The latest headphone Taotronics Soundsurge BH046 brings a lot to the table for its price. They feature a super premium design found only in high-end headphones, solid sound quality, impressive ANC, and, my favourite feature, dual connectivity. I’m not a fan of Micro-USB charging or the old Bluetooth standard, but it comes with quick charge technology, and I’m not a person to stay too far from my music source, so for me, it’s a terrific deal.

How to buy from India for Cheap– TaoTronics Soundsurge BH046

In India, these headphones are priced at Rs 16,000 on Amazon; however, buying them from Amazon USA will cost you $80 (Rs 5700 approx). And I have put a particular link in the description below, which will give you a $10 discount on these headphones, bringing down the cost to Rs 5000. The shipping cost won’t be much, and it should cost you half the Price Amazon India is selling, if not less. And at that price, it is undoubtedly a treat to your ears.

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