Taking Care of Your Electronic Appliances

Taking Care of Your Electronic Appliances

Taking Care of Your Electronic Appliances: As the human body needs care, so do electronic devices and appliances. From being a luxury, electrical devices and gadgets have now evolved to become more of a necessity. But what happens when they break down? Well, obviously your life gets disrupted and you face huge discomfort. But what adds to the greater disappointment is the hassle you get into to get them repaired from the brand; which indeed is a hectic and tedious procedure; but not anymore.

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Recently VM-one Technologies got in touch with ‘GoWarranty’, which is a company that provides extended warranty and repair services for your electronic devices and appliances. Most Extended Warranty Plans are NOT SOLELY EXTENDED WARRANTIES rather they are associated with Insurance Companies and are sold as Extended Warranty Plans. the warranty gives its customers a completely cash-less experience along with a pick-up and drops service.

In case your electronic devices or appliances malfunction, then GoWarranty will pick the electronic device or appliance from your doorstep, even during the time of extended warranty, and then return it to your doorstep after it is repaired. And most importantly, your devices will be repaired by ‘Authorized Service Centers’, and only genuine spare parts will be used for the repair services.

In Conversation with GoWarranty

Go Warranty

We got lucky enough to have an interview with Mr Amit Singh, the Marketing Head of GoWarranty, and Mr Sameer Shaikh, the Founder and CEO of GoWarranty, and got to know a lot about this company. Given below are some questions that we asked along with the answers given by the warranty team.

What is the role of Depreciation in any warranty or claim?-Taking Care of Your Electronic Appliances

This factor differentiates GoWarranty from the existing insurance-linked plans. While insurance plans depreciate the asset price every year, we don’t. We believe our consumers deserve the service they have paid for. Hence, we do not depreciate their asset price during the complete plan tenure.

Who are the other Warranty Brands in the competition? Is there any difference between the Pricing Plans offered by GoWarranty and by them for Electronic Devices?:Taking Care of Your Electronic Appliances

Our competitor brands are OnsiteGo and OneAssist.

We provide cheap plans to our customers and we leverage technology to capture the details during the initial phase (make, model, serial number, device picture, invoice, etc.) to ensure consumers don’t go through the hassle of searching documents and invoices when they need a service.


Do we have a GW Pricing chart. Or is there any internal document comparing your prices with the prices of your rival brand?:Taking Care of Your Electronic Appliances

We have all our pricing updated on our Website

What is the committed time frame of repair of electronic devices, for each category and every product?:Taking Care of Your Electronic Appliances

We do have a TAT around service requests. However, this depends on the category and the brand. The same is updated on our Website here. (Terms of use > Service Assurance)

What happens if GoWarranty fails to deliver the repaired product on the committed time, category wise? And is there any document for that?:Taking Care of Your Electronic Appliances

In such a scenario, we cater our promise of a replacement. The same is also updated on our Website here  (Terms of use > Service Assurance) 

electronic devices

What if a warranty Product is in irreparable condition, let’s say in the 5th year?:Taking Care of Your Electronic Appliances

 This depends on two scenarios: Scenario 1. In case the user has the plan that extends the warranty for the 5th Year, and the device is non-repairable – he is entitled to a replacement. Scenario 2. If the user has a plan that is not extended for the 5th Year, we cannot be held liable for a replacement.

What are the Electronic Devices Go Warranty Covers?:Taking Care of Your Electronic Appliances

We cover Electronic devices in three categories – Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, and Gadgets.  

Air Conditioner Blender Desktop
Air Purifier Coffee maker & Grinder Digital Camera & DSLRs
Audio System Dishwasher Fitness Tracker
Electric Fan Electric Kettle Gaming Consoles
Geyser Food Processor Kindle E-Reader
Home Theater & Soundbar Juicer Mixer Grinder Laptop
Iron Microwave Mobile Phone
Room Cooler Refrigerator Projectors
Room Heater Toaster Scanners & Printers
Television Water Purifier Smartwatches
Vacuum Cleaner   Tablet
Washing Machine   Virtual Reality

Our Conclusion

Electronic Devices
Picture Source: Yelp

While we were having a conversation with their team; we got to know that the extended warranty for electronic devices and appliances offered by most companies is nothing more than an insurance-based extended warranty; thereby making it a marketing gimmick. Most of these insurance-backed extended warranty plans make people wait for the repair of their electronic devices/appliances, but Go Warranty offers a 15 Day Repair from the Brand itself or a New Product.

This means that if your electronic devices/appliances malfunction and you have subscribed for an extended warranty from warranty, then it is GoWarranty who bears all the cost, makes all the painstaking efforts for you; and what you get back are your electronic devices, either after they are repaired or replaced. Isn’t it amazing?

Why You Should Choose an Extended Warranty Plan:Taking Care of Your Electronic Appliances

The manufacturer’s warranty is provided for a very limited period whereas GoWarranty provides you with an extended warranty.


Take leave and visit the service centre You called and a service request was generated.
Paperwork and Backend Ops NO paperwork
Pay Hefty charges for repair Gadget picked up from home
Your Device/Appliance under repair Approval to the service centre and the customer paid nothing.
Delays in Repair and No Committed timeline. Committed delivery timeline.
Visit the service centre again to pick it up. The device was repaired and delivered back to your home.
Frustrated/Exhausted You’re delighted.

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    Great to guide people in right way. I purchased today in believing vinod sir then GO warranty

  • November 22, 2020 at 9:33 pm

    is this valid even tv burned high voltage or any physical damage please reply

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    Does this warranty include f display breaks by accident


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