Summer Deals 2022

VM-One Summer Deals 2022

“Heat in the summers can be intimidating but if you have the best air conditioner or the perfect cooler, then it can be a smooth sail and this is what we are here for. This page is with the best Summer Deals is like a cold breeze in the harsh summer Heat”


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Owing to the rise in demand, brands have raised the prices of their air coolers. Out of hundreds of options, we have carefully chosen the Best Air Cooler in India with price for you so that you can get the worth of every penny you spend.In this article, we will not only tell you the best air cooler, rather we will tell you the most promising air cooler available at the most reasonable price so that you and your family do not suffer during the aggravated heat of this Summer.  

Air coolers are that ray of hope required to survive the treacherous heat of the Sun. But do all air coolers cool the same? Do all air coolers come with the same air throw? If not, then how do you choose the best air cooler in 2022? This is what we are here for. After testing a number of big air coolers in the last 2 months, today, we will tell you the best air coolers in India in 2022.

The number one position in our list of best coolers in India 2022 is a tie. First Is Symphony Ice Cube with a fan & max 105W power output. It has 1600m³/hr airflow. It comes with honeycomb pads (thick) on 3 sides. A cooler with a fan with have 3 pads whereas that with a blower will have 1 pad. The quality of pads and the built quality of the cooler is good.


The best thing about Carrier 1.5 ton 5-star Hybridjet Inverter AC is its Variable Speed Compressor which gives Flexi cool hybrid jet technology. It will further give 6-in-1 cooling modes. This latest Carrier AC can be operated between 0.8 ton to 1.7-ton capacities. 0.8 tons is the lowest capacity and 1.7 tons is the maximum capacity of this AC that gives perfect cooling.

The debate about buying an inverter AC or best split ac non-inverter can only be resolved with the help of strong facts. Inverter AC is the latest trend due to which nobody recommends non-inverter AC. Are non-inverter AC outdated? Is their power consumption too high? This is what we will discuss in this article.  

Air conditioning these days have become a necessity. From being a luxury reserved for the rich, it has now entered almost every household. The rise in demand for air conditioners has led to a rise in their supply. Brands are taking this as an advantage and the markets are trying to mislead you by selling fancy names in the name of technologies. But in this article, you will get not only the list of best Window AC in 2022 but also the crucial information that is essential before you buy a brand new window AC.

More than a luxury, buying a good AC has now become a necessity. An air conditioner is mandatory in India as the summers are soaring day by day. The average temperature in India is above 40°C and it is expected to rise as the Summers progress further. So how do you know which AC is the most appropriate AC for your Summer Survival?


The best pick is the Samsung 324L 3-star model with 300L actual net capacity. You get a 236L fridge and an 88L freezer. It consumes 209 units of electricity per year as per the star label. It has a digital inverter compressor with convertible 5-in-1 modes.

Different shopkeepers prefer different brands like Samsung, LG, or Whirpool for refrigerators below ₹15K and this is absolutely normal. So how would you know which the best one is? Which refrigerator has the maximum features? Which refrigerator will provide the best cooling & which refrigerator is the ‘value for money deal? This is what we will discuss in this article.

For a refrigerator under Rs 25,000, a shopkeeper shows you a number of models from 2017-to 2021. He tries to sell you the refrigerator of his preferable brand.

Most likely you will end up buying the refrigerator that the shopkeeper wants to sell and not the one that suits your needs. But in this article, we will tell you the best double door refrigerator under 25000-30000.


Summers have arrived and so has the need for ceiling fans. Do you want the best ceiling fans for home with a modern design or a fan with the best air throw irrespective of the design? We know your needs and that is why we have rated the ceiling fans for all your needs.

Crompton claims it is double more silent as compared to a normal fan. It is all because of the superb aerodynamics that it offers. The better the aerodynamics faster will be the air throw and the lesser the noise will be. Its noise levels are 52dB on full speed. Its aerodynamic design is made of ABS plastic. But how does aerodynamics matter?