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Sony X80J, the 2021 model impressed everyone with its super impressive picture quality. This is why Sony launched the updated model of Sony X80J model i. e Sony X80K in May 2022. With Sony X80K, Sony promises breathtaking colors that would make everything look very real.

Sony claims that its X80K model shows glorious 4K pictures with real-world-like colors and texture. Scroll down to read about Sony X80K 55 inch review and find out whether it is true or not!

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Sony X80K TV 43''
Sony X80K TV 43”
Sony X80K TV 50''
Sony X80K TV 50”
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Sony X80K Price in India


Sony X80K 2022 model has more slim bezels as compared to Sony X80J 2021 model. Its bezels look smart and premium. Sony X80K has a plastic frame, plastic body, and metal stands. All the connectivity options are on one side of the back. Sony X80K has 4 HDMI ports (1 HDMI 2.1 eARC with ALLM), and 2 USB ports along with all other essential connectivity options.

Sony X80K supports Bluetooth and dual-band wifi. You get microphones beneath branding but these microphones are not far-field microphones. Sony X80K has Android 10 Google OS with built-in Chromecast. It supports Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Airplay. Both Android and Apple users can cast their devices on Sony X80K easily.


After you turn on this TV, You will receive an update in the OS. With the latest OS, you get the latest security batch, which is good. Sony X80K comes with all apps pre-downloaded. Other apps can be downloaded externally from the Play Store.

Its gross storage is 16GB whereas the usable storage is merely 4.4 GB. Around 3GB of the space is occupied by pre-downloaded apps. Remove them to get around 7GB more storage.

Remote Control-

In this Sony X80K 55 inch review, we found that the remote control has been transformed entirely. It is more convenient and smart now. Now you can control all your devices with this remote control.

It has Youtube, Youtube music, Netflix, and Amazon Prime hotkeys with a Google Assistant button. The remote control has a special polyurethane coating and lower buttons which makes it easier for you to clean it.


Sony X80K has 8 bit FRC IPS DLED panel with 525 nits peak HDR brightness. Sony X80J 65 inch model’s peak HDR brightness was 550 nits. The 65 inch model of Sony X80K model has around 550 to 575 nits of peak HDR brightness. Sony X80K model supports HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision.

What is the difference between X80J and X80K models?

The difference between Sony X80J and Sony X80K is of picture quality. We test Sony X80K’s HDR10+ performance on Amazon Prime. Even though it doesn’t support HDR10+, its performance of HDR10+ was amazing due to Sony’s excellent color optimization. The colors pop out of the screen which looks amazing.

Sony X80J had slightly oversaturated colors. But this oversaturation has decreased in Sony X80K model. You fall in love with colors if they are absolutely natural. We saw the details in both light and shadows. Sony X80K’s HDR10+ performance is the best among all other TVs.

sony x80k 55 inch review
Sony X80K | Best 55 Inch TV in India 2022

Colors and other performances- Sony X80K 55 Inch Review

The triluminos pro display that Sony X80K comes with basically means QLED. In triluminos pro, they have enhanced the filter by giving better colors. Sony X80K shows real-life like colors which you can see in our Sony X80K 55 inch review video. They appear like the colors the creator has tried to put in the original content.

There are details even in the shadows. HDR performance and colors look good as Sony has used Live Color Technology. This fancy term implies that colors pop out of the screen. You get good, vibrant and natural colors. You enjoy the content because it appears absolutely natural. That is why Sony X80K is a brilliant TV.


You can’t get the best blacks from an IPS panel, no matter how good that IPS panel is. But Sony has tried to rectify it by giving frame dimming and contrast enhancers. As a result, the blacks are satisfactory. They are not the best, but they are good.


What we liked the most was Object-based HDR. It automatically adjusts the contrast of different colors given in a particular scene. This gives the best of the best HDR performance. Sony TVs do good upscaling of the set-top box content.

No other brands offer such good upscaling of SD channels. The same goes for HD channels. Upscaling of 720p content played via Pendrive is also amazing. 1080p content is amazingly upscaled in Sony X80K TV. Switch off lights and watch this 4K content to enjoy it the most.

Audio Quality-

Sony X80K’s audio quality is average and a good soundbar is a must for a cinematic experience. Otherwise, its audio quality is ok. Its 20W speakers perform well only after 60 to 70 volumes which is not good. However, there is no issue with vocals i.e dialogue pronunciation. You will enjoy the movies but it isn’t cinematic.

Sony X80K TV 55''
Sony X80K TV 55”
Sony X80K TV 65''
Sony X80K TV 65”

Pros & Cons-


  • Its picture quality, colors, and blacks are just fantastic.
  • This TV has amazing picture quality, fantastic colors, and superb viewing angles. There is no color or brightness loss even from the sides.
  • The motion flow XR200 has enhanced multifold from previous years. You will not notice any motion blur. You should use Motion Flow or related technologies only during sports in all TVs. In movies, it becomes more problematic.
  • This TV is absolutely satisfactory. You get an IPS panel, HDMI eARC port and other features in all sizes of this model. However, brightness might be different.
  • It is a good option for people who have bright rooms but the light should not fall on the TV from the front. Then this TV will give a magical performance. You get amazing colors, good picture quality and a cinematic experience from this TV.


  • You get good picture quality but not good gaming features. You only get ALLM from its single HDMI 2.1 eARC port. You can’t use a PlayStation and soundbar together. This is an issue as either you can do gaming, or enjoy good audio quality.
  • Its panel is good but there shouldn’t be any light source in front of the TV. It is a reflective panel like the previous model. This reflection is irritating and it hasn’t been reduced from previous models.

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