Sony X80J vs Hisense U6G – Which is good for you?


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In India, people are mostly confused about whether they should buy the best budget TV or should they buy a mid-range TV of the best brand. This is a grave confusion but it will surely end after you complete reading this article as in this article we have compared Sony X80AJ and Hisense QLED to pick the best TV.

“The format of this Blog is different. All the concentration is given on picture quality & some other features only.”

We have compared the 65-inch model of Sony X80AJ and the 55-inch model of Hisense QLED TV. Their other sizes have exactly the same experience and our opinion is valid on other sizes too.

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3. Panel- Sony X80J vs Hisense U6G

 Hisense QLED has a VA DLED QLED panel whereas Sony X80J or X80AJ has an IPS DLED panel. Hisense has a QLED panel whereas Sony doesn’t. There is a catch here. Sony doesn’t declare that it is a QLED panel. QLED panel comes with a Quantum filter. It is a chef’s wish whether he calls the same drink as ‘lemonade’ or as ‘water mixed with lemon and mint’. Sony calls it Triluminos display present in Sony X80J or X80AJ.

4. Picture Quality- Sony X80J vs Hisense U6G

We tested to see the picture quality of Hisense QLED TV. The same content was played and both the TVs performed equally well. They have almost the same brightness on full screen. Hisense’ declared 700nits brightness is only for 10-25% window. On 100% window, it is 475-500 nits. Sony X80J or X80AJ has the same 480-500 nits brightness (good for Dolby Vision). We played Dolby Vision content on both TVs. Both TVs performed well but the colours in Sony were slightly more lively despite the fact that Hisense is a QLED TV.

Sony is also a sort of QLED TV. It has a filter that purifies colours which shows better colours. The reason is the brand. Sony spends a lot on its picture quality. Sony spends a lot on the detailing of every colour and that is why its colours are the best. Hisense is nowhere bad. It has equally good picture quality. You need to decide which one you like.

5. MEMC- Sony X80J vs Hisense U6G

MEMC is another important aspect. Technically, they both have MEMC. In Hisense, it is software-based whereas in Sony TVs it is chip-based. 80AJ has Motionflow XR100 but 80J has Motionflow XR200 tech. We think this tech is a gimmick and absolutely not worth the hype. This TV performs well without the Motionflow tech. There is no motion blur. Same is for Hisense QLED. There is no motion blur even after turning MEMC off. That is the beauty of these TVs.

6. The Blacks and the Viewing Angles- Sony X80J vs Hisense U6G

Hisense TV comes with full-array local dimming and Sony 80J or 80AJ can’t compete with its blacks. We 100% agree to this. X80J has an IPS panel whereas Hisense has a VA DLED QLED panel. VA panels produce more blacks than any IPS panel but VA panel also has some limitations i.e is viewing angles. Hisense TV has wider viewing angles. The colours on extreme sides are also good as it is a QLED TV but it is not the same as from the front angles.

A slight colour and brightness loss is inevitable. But dropping this TV due to this reason is not a wise idea. Sony shows the same colour and brightness from the front and from extreme sides. That is the beauty of any IPS panel.

Hisense is a clear winner in terms of blacks but Sony’s blacks are also good. You will not feel that there are fewer blacks. Blacks are neither dark grey nor dark blue. Only in a side-by-side comparison, you’ll realize they are not as good as the blacks of a VA panel. This is completely okay as it is an IPS panel. But they are definitely not bad. According to us, they are good blacks.

7. Now the most Important Thing- Sony X80J vs Hisense U6G

If the same content is played in them both, then which TV will perform better? The clear answer is difficult but not impossible. The answer is Sony. Content in Sony is better due to its colour management. The colour optimization of Sony is better than that of Hisense.

You need to decide what you want. Sony shows a natural picture profile without any calibration. Hisense is nowhere bad. In fact, it is close to Sony’s picture profile. Hisense has a very close to natural colour profile. Both TVs have a neck to neck competition.

8. Software- Sony X80J vs Hisense U6G

They both have Android OS out of the box i.e Googe OS. They both have the same interface. Sony has Android 10 and Hisense has Android 9. Both TVs support Chromecast. Sony supports Apple Airplay 2. Hisense provides this support through a third-party app present on the TV.

9. Storage- Sony X80J vs Hisense U6G

Sony has only 4.4 GB of usable storage (less). Hisense QLED has 11 GB of usable storage. Storage can be increased in both the TVs via USB.

10. Connectivity options- Sony X80J vs Hisense U6G

Hisense has 3 HDMI ports (1 ARC) and other ports. It has Bluetooth 5.0 and dual-band wifi. Sony has 4 HDMI ports (1 HDMI 2.1 eARC @ 60Hz) and other ports. It has Bluetooth 4.2 and dual-band wifi. There is a difference in HDMI ports in both TVs. eARC port in Sony will help you directly decode Dolby atmos in your Dolby Atmos compatible soundbar. This can’t be done in Hisense QLED.

A con in Sony TV is that ALLM is not given in its eARC port which is not good for gamers. ALLM is a part of the HDMI eARC port. Now it is merely good for Dolby atmos but in Hisense, you can’t even get that. Rest connectivity options are the same. Buy anyone in this aspect.

11. Sound- Sony X80J vs Hisense U6G

Sony has 20W audio and Hisense have 24W audio. The winner is Sony due to its immersive audio (awesome). Hisense’ 24W speakers are just okay you will need a soundbar for big rooms. For a good cinematic experience, a soundbar is a must with Sony TV in big rooms say 300sqft. This expenditure is essential.

12. The Final Verdict- Sony X80J vs Hisense U6G

We have discussed picture quality, software, audio quality, and connectivity options. Now is the time for the verdict- We will personally go for Sony X80J or Sony X80AJ. We find it better than Hisense in terms of pictures quality and other aspects too.

13. Extended warranty- Best TV in India 2022

We always recommend you buy an extended warranty. We know Go Warranty and we totally recommend it. You can get it from anywhere.

 SONY X80J or X80AJHisense QLED TV
DesignSlim Bezel Design, Plastic Body, with Metal StandThin Bezel Design, Plastic Body, with Metal Stand
Resolution4K Ultra HD 3840×2160 50Hz Refresh Rate4K Ultra HD 3840×2160 60Hz Refresh Rate with MEMC
Panel8 BIT FRC IPS DLED Panel; Peak HDR Brightness 480 Nits; HDR 10, HLG & Dolby Vision (Bright & Dark)8 BIT FRC VA DLED QLED Panel; Peak HDR Brightness 475-500 Nits; HDR 10, HLG, Dolby Vision
Features4K HDR X1 Processor, X-Reality Pro; Live Color Technology; Triluminos Pro Display; Motionflow XR 200, Object-based HDR; Frame Dimming; Dynamic Contrast EnhancerFull-Array Local Dimming with 32 Zones
SoftwareAndroid 10 Google OS; Built-in Chromecast, Apple AirPlay 2, Google Assistant, Alexa SupportAndroid 9; Built-in Chromecast; Google OS Now
CPU and GPUQuad-Core CPU, Dual Core GPU, Input Lag- UnknownCortex A53; Mali 470 MP3 GPU
RAM and Storage16 GB Storage; FREE 4.4 GB2 GB RAM & 16 GB Storage; FREE 11 GB
Audio20W X-Balanced Speakers with Dolby Atmos Support24W Bottom Firing Speakers Dolby Atmos
Connectivity Options4 HDMI (1eARC), 2 USB, Optical Audio Port, Headphone Jack; Bluetooth 4.2; Dual Band WiFi3 HDMI (1ARC), 2 USB, Optical Audio Port & Headphone Jack; Bluetooth 5.0; Dual Band WiFi
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Disclaimer: Please note that the prices mentioned in the article were recorded on the publishing date. Prices may change with time.


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