Sony X74 TV | 43 inches 4k ultra HD smart android best TV


Sony X74 TV with alexa compatibility | 2021 model | Sony X74 vs Sony X75

Is SONY X74 TV– 43 inches 4k ultra HD smart android TV worth your purchase? Are you a big fan of operating your TV with Alexa or Google Assistant or do you like to operate it manually? Whatever be your choice, this TV suits it well.

SONY X74 OVERVIEW- 43 inches 4k ultra HD smart android best TV

This is Sony X74 2021 model 43-inch TV which we bought and got installed from Sony’s team. We recommend you do the same to avoid causing any voids in the warranty. It comes with medium bezels and it has a plastic frame. The back is made of plastic and is of amazing built quality. Its design gives it a premium look. Footstands are made of sturdy plastic. In the center of the bottom bezel is a physical button to On/Off the TV.

DESIGNMedium Bezel Design, Plastic Body, Plastic Stand
RESOLUTION4K Ultra HD 3840×2160 50Hz Refresh Rate
PANEL8 BIT FRC IPS DLED Panel; Peak HDR Brightness 360 Nits; HDR 10 and HLG Support; Auto Calibration with Calman not possible
FEATURES4K X1 Processor; 4K X-Reality Pro; Live Colour Technology; Motion Flow XR100; Frame Dimming; Dynamic Contrast Enhancer
SOFTWAREAndroid 10 OS;  Built-in Chromecast; Alexa, Google Assistant
RAM & STORAGERAM Unknown & 16 GB Storage; Free 11 GB
AUDIO20W RMS Full Range Open Baffle Speakers with Clear Audio+ and Dolby Audio support
CONNECTIVITY3 HDMI (1ARC), 2 USB, Optical Audio Port, Headphone Jack; LAN port; Bluetooth 4.2; Dual Band WiFi


Accessories- SONY X74 TV| 43 inches 4k ultra HD smart android best TV

Its accessories are- a power cord and a power brick, food stands, and a fully functional remote control with a Google Assistant button and hotkeys- Youtube, Netflix, Youtube Music, and Prime Videos. You can give commands to both Google Assistant and Alexa. Remote control batteries are also given.

Connectivity options- Sony X74 TV | 43 inches 4k ultra HD smart android best TV

It comes with 2 HDMI, 2 USB ports, a headphone jack, and an antenna port on the side panel. On the backside are- HDMI ARC, LAN port, Optical port, 1 audio video port, and 1 power input. The wall mount can also be placed in the given area. The wall mount is not given inbox but the Installation team will provide it.

Some specs- Sony X74 TV | 43 inches 4k ultra HD smart android best TV

It comes with 4K Ultra HD 3840×2160 Resolution and 50Hz Refresh Rate. It has an 8 bit plus an FRC IPS DLED panel. Its brightness as recorded by our meter is 360 Lux i.e. 360 Nits of peak HDR Brightness. This panel supports HDR10 and HLG. Auto Calibration is not possible through the Calman app but we think there is no need for Calibration on this TV as it comes with optimum colours.

Sony has used a 4K X1 picture processor which enhances the picture quality. Live colour technology has been used to make colours more vivid and sharp. 4K X-Reality Pro technology has been used for 4K Upscaling which upscaled FHD and HD content brilliantly (According to Sony). Motion Flow XR100 is used to control motion blur. Frame dimming option is given to provide excellent blacks despite the IPS panel. Dynamic Contrast Enhancer technology has also been used.

SET-UP- Sony X74 TV | 43 inches 4k ultra HD smart android best TV

This is an Android TV that can be easily set up. It will take only a few minutes to set up this TV with an android phone. You get the home screen after the setup. On the home screen are- Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, and other apps. Other apps can be easily downloaded through Google Playstore. It is based on Android 10 with a built-in Chromecast.

Sony has not declared RAM but it comes with 16GB storage with 11 GB free usable storage. After scrolling down on the home screen; suggested content will appear. You get both Google Assistant and Alexa support but not Apple Airplay support.

Our some test on Sony X74:

DIMMING TEST of Sony X74 TV | 43 inches 4k ultra HD smart android best TV

We did the dimming test 2 times because of Motion Flow XR100. The first test was conducted by keeping Motion Flow XR100 is off and the second test was conducted with Motion Flow XR100 on the highest setting. As per our observation, there was not much reduction in blooming or halo.

HALO TEST of Sony X74 TV | 43 inches 4k ultra HD smart android best TV

The classic windmill was conducted to check the halo. There was a lot of haloes and blooming even when Motion Flow was on.

GREY UNIFORMITY TEST of Sony X74 TV | 43 inches 4k ultra HD smart android best TV

We conducted a grey uniformity test by putting grey screen at 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%. There is no problem with grey uniformity.

THE STRESS TEST of Sony X74 TV | 43 inches 4k ultra HD smart android best TV

We expected a good performance as Sony X74 TV comes with frame dimming. Despite the IPS panel, it produces good blacks which are amazing. Sony X74 performed extremely well and showed fantastic picture quality. Sony has used X Reality Pro technology for upscaling and we tested it with different video formats. This is an IPS panel and an IPS panel must be placed in more Sunlight for better blacks and vivid colours.

We ran this test with this panel in both light and dark places so that we could notice the change in its performance. First, we checked SD channels and News Channel was the best for that. We saw that its upscaling was good but not the best as any 4K TV can’t do the best upscaling of SD channels. We noted the best upscaling of HD channels in Sony X74.

VIEWING ANGLES TEST- Sony X74 TV | 43 inches 4k ultra HD smart android best TV

You will get fantastic colours in front of it because of the best colour optimization. But will you get the same colours on the extreme side? We checked it and the colours were the same on their extreme side. There was only a minor difference in brightness and colour loss. This is a good thing for an IPS panel.

Is a soundbar required with Sony X74 TV- 43 inches 4k ultra HD smart android best TV?

It comes with 20W RMS full range open baffle speakers and clear audio with Dolby audio support. You will not get Dolby Atmos decoding even after connecting a Dolby Atmos soundbar in it. Just because does not eARC Port it doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve Dolby Atmos audio. You have to put a fire stick on HDMI IN input to achieve it. When you open the Netflix app to access it you will get a Dolby Atmos logo in its content.

A soundbar is required only if you want a cinematic experience and if you watch a lot of movies. Otherwise, all these features are good enough.

PROS- Sony X74 TV | 43 inches 4k ultra HD smart android best TV

It comes with fantastic picture quality; especially colours. You will never get these types of colours in Samsung, LG, or any 4k budget range TV. This panel gives you the best colours in this price range. And we can say that it has the best picture quality at this cost. The frame dimming option works well in this TV.  You can expect good blacks from it. You can connect any device to its Bluetooth option which is a very good thing. This option was available on all TV’s but in Sony TV’s it started in this year. So what should we say is it a pro. For sony TV buyers it is pro and also it has good audio quality.

Some cons- Sony X74 TV | 43 inches 4k ultra HD smart android best TV- 2021 MODEL

1. Its most famous Motion Flow XR100 technology doesn’t perform as much as it is advertised. There is a negligible decrease in motion blur.  90% of the time you will prefer to keep it close. During sports and precisely during a cricket match, two balls will appear instead of one. In fast scenes such as a car race or a hero running, will appear with double shadows which is not a pleasing experience. That is why most of the time we tested it by switching off Motion Flow XR100. This is the major con of this TV. Motion Flow XR100 technology is not performing that well.

2. It lacks Dolby vision support. Dolby Vision is a feature of a panel. You cannot get it by plugging in firestick or even after buying the highest Netflix plan if the panel doesn’t support Dolby vision. Its HDR10 support is fantastic. Its Dolby Vision content will be played in HDR. Nevertheless, you will enjoy it due to amazing colour reproduction and colour optimization. HDR10 content will be fantastic due to amazing colour optimization. Every colour looks life-like and you will enjoy the movies.

3. It lacks Apple Airplay. Apple users cannot cast their iPhones or iPads. Skip it if you are an Apple user.

4.  It lacks an HDMI eARC port. You only get an ARC port. The benefits of eARC ports include- a budget range TVs eARC port that supports a 60Hz refresh rate and at most; you can get Dolby atmos directly by connecting a Dolby Atmos soundbar. But that will be virtual Dolby Atmos. Even if you connect 120Hz gaming console, you will only get 60Hz support. There is no difference between 60Hz ARC and 60Hz eARC ports. Think before you decide.

Sony X74 vs Sony X75- 2021 MODEL

Right now it costs ₹58,000. What is the difference between X74 and X75? Both the TVs are exactly the same except there is one difference- X74 has Motionflow XR100 whereas X75 has Motionflow XR200 technology. That is the only difference.

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