Sony WH-CH510: Best Wireless Headphones under 3000?

Sony has a reputation for providing premium products and services to its customers. But it also has a rich catalog of budget electronics such as headphones. And Sony WH-CH510 is one great headphone among those. The headphone delivers fine-quality sound. It has around 35 hours of battery backup and with a fast charging feature, it gives 90 minutes of playback in 10 minutes of charge.

Since you’re dealing with Sony, you know you’ll get the premium feeling product regardless of its price range. They are very lightweight and fit on the ears perfectly. And the biggest plus point of these headphones is their price. The Sony WH-CH510 is one of the best wireless headphones under 3000.

Let’s go and look at the features and specifications of this headphone.

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Sony WH-CH510: Specifications and Features

1. Audio:

The audio quality of this budget headphone is quite good. The sound produced by these headphones is clear and loud. Apparently, there is no ANC in this headphone, so the only way to block out the environmental sound is the ear cup itself. This Sony headphone works well with almost all genres and provides crisp and quality audio playback.

2. Bass:

The Bass enthusiasts wouldn’t go head over heels for this headphone, but it is capable of providing good quality bass to the listener. Provided the budget of this product, and other more noticeable features, there aren’t big negatives to comment about here.

3. Battery:

The battery backup of these headphones is fulfilling. One full charge of these headphones would give you almost 35 hours of playback time, which is something! Also, the fast charging capability of these headphones gets you 90 minutes of uninterrupted listening from a 10-minute charge. And that is a good thing.

4. Microphone:

To say that the microphone of this headset is great would be wicked. The mic works well in a quiet room. But, if you are in a noisy environment, then the other party on the call is bound to get a clear idea of your surroundings. This, according to me, is quite a strong con of this product.

5. Fitting:

The headphones will fit well on your head and ears. But the quality of the cushion isn’t very impressive. The headphone might cause irritation and pain in your ears. Also, the comfort of on-ear headsets varies from person to person. The comfort of these headphones is pretty average. Undoubtedly, it isn’t discouraging, but it is also not much admirable.

6. Body:

The build quality of these headphones has some serious flaws. There is no cushioning on the band. And as we’ve discussed earlier, the quality of the cushion of the ear cups isn’t that impressive as well. Yet, Sony might stand out among the other headsets of this budget since they are even worse. Also, the design helps add some plus points to its profile.

7. Codecs:

These headphones support the SBC and AAC codecs.

8. Noise Isolation:

Without the music playing, you can listen to whatever’s going around, very clearly. And without the music on, the ambient sound decreases, but you can still hear it. And also, the audio playing in the headphones leaks out after a certain level of volume. So people around you can eavesdrop on your conversation, without even wanting to do so.

9. Control:

There are three buttons on the right ear cup:

  1. Volume Up
  2. Volume Down
  3. Power Button

Also, on the right ear cup only, you will see the USB type-C port and a mic.

10. Price:

The price tag is what makes this headphone one of the best Bluetooth headphones under 3000. The Sony WH-CH510 stands in the price range of around ₹2800. And you can get it for an even lower price with discounts and offers. These Sony wireless headphones are undoubtedly one of the best wireless headphones under 3000.

sony wireless headphones

Quick go-through table of specs:

Below I have made a table of spec. You can go through it easily and understand the features. The table below contains the main and prominent features of the Sony WH-CH510.

Battery Backup35 hours
Headphone typeOn-ear headphones
Charging portUSB type-C
Charging Time4 Hours
ControlsOn the ear cups
Build QualityFine
Cushion qualityGood
CodecsSBC, AAC
Noise IsolationAverage
Sound LeakageSounds leak at high volume
Mic PerformanceAcceptable. (Not good in noisy surroundings)
App SupportNo dedicated app
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Pros & Cons:


  1. Fine quality sound. Much better than the competitors.
  2. Good battery life.


  1. Average build quality.
  2. Cushioning on the ear cups is not very comfortable. No Cushioning on the band.
  3. Lacks the virtue of blocking out ambient sound appropriately.
  4. Disappointing microphone quality.

Ending Note:

Everything. Everything else really falls under the shadow when you look at the price of these headphones. These headphones stand at ₹2800. And to get good headphones at this price is simply unbelievable.

There aren’t many major cons of this headphone. And the positive side also stands firm in the comparison. But still, this headphone fails to deliver the ideal performance which is expected from Sony, even if it’s a budget headphone. With this price range, getting wonderful features along with a good brand label is next to impossible.

But if you are willing to a few bucks more, then you can get a much better option than this one.
Nonetheless, this headphone isn’t that bad, if we are to talk about it seriously. The sound is quite good. The Bass seems nice. The connectivity is fine. The battery performance is great. Overall, this headphone is a great option at this price point. And if you’re okay with everything discussed above, you can go ahead and buy it.


















Disclaimer: Please note that the prices mentioned in the article were recorded on the publishing date. Prices may change with time.

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